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  1. Mittlerweile gibts auch den Mod als Steamworkshop Mod. Einmal die Verbesserung der Übersetzung und dazu das passende Enhanced UI mod in Deutsch. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1754631767&searchtext= https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1765771483&searchtext= Über Feedback, Bewertungen, etc würde ich mich freuen.
  2. Auf Nexusmods ist nun auch eine aktuelle Version für Patch 5.0.40 verfügbar. Vielen Dank auch an haeshh für einige Updates und Xaratas fürs updaten auf Nexusmods. Ein Update fürs UI Enhancement Mod sollte bald auch noch folgen.
  3. I fear some of the stuff are in the assets and you need a unity tool to extract them. Its not that easy to replace that stuff.
  4. Ok, ignore this. I tried to reproduce it again and now I can not... Maybe I just selected always the normal mode. ------------ It seems the turn based mode replaces texts of the character creation on the fly like: "Increased Recovery Time for Wizard Spells not of the Conjuration School." (gui id 2857) to "Increased Initiative for Wizard Spells not of the Conjuration School." I can not find such text in the stringtables so I guess "Recovery Time" is replaced by "Initiative" on the fly. However if you play other languages (e.g. german) the text will not be replaced.
  5. The texts for the "free DLCs" info box have some strange issues. The first text about the critical role pack is always not translated. Translated text is available in the game files but not used. Now the strange part. - Change the game language to another language. (e.g. german) and quit the game. - Start the game again and you will see that the critical role pack text is not translated but the rest is. - Change the language to another language e.g. italien. - Check the text for the Free DLCs and you will notice, that the critical role pack is not translated but the rest the text still in german.
  6. The first update (approx 250MB) included the laxh and laxi folders. The later update 1.3 GB had them not included and that the issue. I guess it was an accident that those files were already pushed to live.
  7. Jo. Danke erstmal für eure Arbeit - das Spielen macht deutlich mehr Spaß, wenn man sich nicht andauernd über die Übersetzung wundert. 2. Es gibt einen String "waffen" (einzelnes Wort, kleingeschreiben, der an diversen Stellen im Spiel auftritt, z.B. bei "5% eingehender Treffer in Leichter Treffer umgewandelt von waffen". In diesem Bsp. ist vllt. auch die Wortreihenfolge nicht ideal, vor allem aber sollte "waffen" groß geschrieben werden. Im Spiel ist es mir mehrfach aufgefallen (von waffen, mit waffen u.ä.).Datei [...]\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\localized\de_patch\text\game\gui.stringtable <ID>3049</ID> <DefaultText>{0}waffen</DefaultText> Eine Änderung hier korrigiert zwar das o.g. Beispiel, führt aber zu einem Fehler bei Zusammensetzungen, die im Englischen aus zwei Wörtern bestehen. Bsp.: "Überziehen: +2 Durchschlagskraft mit KriegsbogenWaffen...". (wobei die "Kriegsbogenwaffe" auch eine interessante Wortschöpfung darstellt) ;-) Keine Ahnung, ob es dafür eine einfache Lösung gibt. Falls ich mehr finde, melde ich mich wieder - wenn ich mich schon extra deswegen registriert habe ;-) Ok, danke für die gemeldeten Fehler. Das mit den Waffen ist in der Tat ein Problem, was mir aber bekannt ist. Es werden hier zwei Texte immer zusammengefügt oder nur der zweite Teil wird angezeigt. Egal wie rum man es ändert, es wird in einer Variante falsch sein. "Nahkampfwaffen -> NahkampfWaffen -> Nahkampf Waffen" wären z. B. die Varianten. Im englischen hat man das Problem nicht, das müßte Obsidian beheben, indem man z. B. für Waffen einen eigenen Textstring einführt, falls man das Wort nicht zusammensetzt. Aber da habe ich wenig Hoffnung, das dies passieren wird.
  8. The Beta branch was not updated to match the live version yet. But my live version reads. .23 and not .24
  9. Ok, we found a workaround. You need to add a manifest.json file, if you dont have the expansions and can not load a save game, with the following content. E. g. : { "ProductPackage": "LAX1" } or: { "ProductPackage": "LAX2" } The files need to be placed in: ...Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\lax1_exported ...Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\lax2_exported
  10. Hello SChin, i have a similar problem. i have none of the payment DLCs, only the free ones. I used a translation correction mod which seems to have make the game "think" i have both DLCs installed (but i don't) and now, after the latest patch, the game no more acts like i have them. Unfortunately, i can not use my savegames anymore because it says i'm missing a DLC. But i never had it. Anything i can do? I use the Steam version of the game. Additional Information: The german translation correction installs the text file from all expansions as an addition language set. This worked fine in the past.
  11. Thank you SonyXP. Have you tried verifying your game files? It surprises me that those strings would suddenly be missing. We are working on a mod related bug that may also be the culprit to the mod bug you mentioned. I could track down the culprit of my issues. Seems like it was indeed a mod causing those issues starting with patch (worked with tho). It is the following mod, which adresses some false german translations but is necessary for another very popular mod called "Enhanced User Interface": https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/5 As soon as I change the game's language to english, all strings are loaded correctly. So it seems, the aforementioned and linked mod interfers a bit too much within the language files and breaks something in conjunction with your latest patch branch. Maybe this information is useful for others (german speakers) using the same mod constellation and patch level You could try the version from https://github.com/AurelioSilver/pillarsofeternity-2-german-patch should be work better, but the german mod is not yet 100% compatible with the 2.1.0 version
  12. Without your translated files its hard to say why its missing. Does the ID count match? Do you have duplicated ids etc... Do you use the latest string files. Comapre them with the englisch text files.
  13. You always can delete the output_log.txt file. But it shouldn't be that large. Seems some errors are causing this?
  14. Check this: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105026-beta-patch-notes-for-version-201/?p=2087308 Not sure if they still need files.
  15. Other language have this issue too. The translation is there but not used.
  16. Danke! Beim Zeilenumbruch können wir nichts tun, denke ich. In den Sätzen selber ist kein Zeilenumbruch zu sehen.
  17. Ok, in 2.0 the news are now translated, however this pointed me to another issue. - Our translation mod just creates a new language "de" -> "de_patch". But because Obsidian does not know "de_patch", the rss news feed is delivered in english. - If we do a "proper" mod with the override folder we have two issues. Either we create for each DLC a separate translation mod or we need to put all text from all DLCs into one large .stringtable file. E.g all gui.stringtable IDs from each DLC into one large gui.stringtable file. - If we use the override folder, we can not use this mod with the "Magran's Fires" mode because mods will be disabled. See: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/104408-magrans-fires-block-all-mods-even-localization-fixes/
  18. I know that not all strings are not in translated in 2.0. However this issue happened also in previous versions. The text was translated in the stringtable files but not used. And also the news are translated in the text files but the english version is used.
  19. The text of the installed DLCs is not translated on the main menu. The text is translated in the gui.stringtable file but seems not to be used. E.G. IDs 4829 till 4832. Some of the text seems also to be in the news.stringtable file but this file is also not used. The new text is still in englisch
  20. conversations/00_prototype/00_cv_himuihi.stringtable <ID>210</ID> <DefaultText>"Ekera, we have considered... many alternatives to koīki." Humuihi grins at the prospect.</DefaultText> The name "Humuihi" should be "Himuihi". I guess this is wrong in all languages.
  21. the files in laxa_exported , etc are just adding new entries there aren't present inside the item.stringtable in exported folder, so just refer to the item.stringtable override like always But this means I have to merge the files into one big item.stringtable
  22. You don't need to use any different folders to mod expansion content. You can think of the expansion "lax*_exported" folders as being themselves much like mods of the base game Mabye I'm missing something here. I want to create a translation mod which uses the override folder and which you can enable and disable with the mod manager. So I have to create a folder structure like this: override\[mymod]\localized\de\text\game\items.stringtable The items.stringtable is the file from the exported folder. But there is also a items.stringtable file in the laxa_exported folder. So how do I put both files into the folder: override\[mymod]\localized\de\text\game\ without overwriting the file?
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