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  1. I have a confession to make... I love reading journals while playing rpgs, especially when it's in some character's voice, as if it was a real journal. Some people might not like it but for me it adds to immersion into the game universe, with the people in it demonstrating ability to think and feel. I certainly hope PE continues that tradition, though with some fixes to make information searching and objectives finding easier. One thing I really hope the devs don't do is turn it into a simple to-do list to be checked off.
  2. ion.sh


    ...which stands for the national novel writing month for those who don't know. nanowrimo.org I was just curious if there's anyone participating around here.
  3. I'd say no to any detailed spreadsheet like info. They're running a business with investors and what not, and I don't care about the details as long as they make good games... I mean we tell investors to get off game dev's backs time to time, due to creative freedom issues. It's not right to do something similar just because a project was funded through kickstarter. A pie chart or something with rough percentage might be interesting to look at though.
  4. Totally for XP for inactive NPC. For a story heavy game like this I'll want to swap out characters at will, without having to worry about sticking around to level unused characters. It'll detract from the experience with no real reason.
  5. Maybe the gun usage mechanism would be treated somewhat like magic. You pre-load it (potentially with customized munition?), use it once during battle and then it's done until you have certain amount of time-out period. Either way I'm pretty excited about aspect of seeing guns along with all the swords and magic, and I'm pretty sure the devs are having fun figuring out how to implement it as well.
  6. I agree with anubite. And to be honest I think the devs have a ton of work to do to get a quality original IP game up from scratch, even with Unity and IE. I'd rather them focus on the game itself with modding concerns being somewhat secondary (though I have my fingers crossed the mod support will be more built-in to the game design itself) Even if the devs have time and resources to focus on mods I don't think there will be multiplayer support for it though.
  7. Yeah the statue really caught my eye the first time I saw the sketch too. I really do hope the devs build it up into something awesome, rather than just a background design.
  8. Depends on what you mean by a game. Are you talking about the game as a virtual world/sandbox or are you talking about a specific story within the game? I personally don't think a game can be too big, but I do feel that a story might drag on for too long or get repetitious.
  9. IE style gaming, right? With all the choices and exploration it should go ~60 to 80 hours easy. And add to that potential expansions and (hopefully) mods from users can more than double that... At least I think it's a reasonable assumption.
  10. agreed on all points, I think this is a brilliant point that should be addressed by future rpg makers. Not quite sure if the project eternity devs will have the time/resources to implement it though. I could imagine there being a game revolving just around the mechanism you described.
  11. Yeah, I guess devs could do an interview addressing design concerns that went into the decision sometime. Let people pick their brains
  12. I think the project eternity will be using the Unity framework as its basis. Just a little curious, why Unity? Does anyone have a link to an article or an interview where the devs specifically discussed the reasoning behind their decision? I'm always interested in new game development technologies, and it would be interesting to hear what kind of reasoning went into deciding on Unity for project eternity.
  13. I never persistently tried for an evil character, for some reason it never really appealed to me. Random massacre due to miscasting dangerous spells, on the other hand.... My BG2 character was probably the most bipolar one ever.
  14. The potential eavesdropping ability piqued my interest. How about this? Player development of the thief archetype as an informant, not just of physical conversations but of things people try to keep hidden in their mind. Being able to eavesdrop on inner thoughts of npcs in the game world would be so cool. Might be more of a magic user things though, depending on how they treat prevalence of non-physical abilities in the world.
  15. Considering the role souls and transmigration seem to play in the world lore right now, if there are liches or lich-like beings in the game they might be heavily integrated into the world at some level, rather than some monster you bump into while exploring tombs and other out-of-reach places... But if you have beings capable of binding and manipulating their own souls to the extent it confers some form of immortality on them it's somewhat unlikely that it'll be an option open to players from character creation. I'm really interested in how the lich archetype will play out in the project
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