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  1. I hadn't even considered balance vs BG series or other IE games - PoE stands on it's own IMHO. But since I did play and enjoy BG I& II, my thoughts: PoE is far better balanced. BG swung between extremes too much - while also giving much less choice to playing how you wanted to play. Translating a 2.5 ed PnP ruleset into cRPG is likely to blame. PoE on the other hand brings the extremes in much further, and many more play styles are viable. This is to be expected, and they've done a great job - from a balance point of view PoE is IMHO more fun as a result.
  2. If there's an exploit, and it's no fun to exploit it, why would anyone use it? The devs don't need to do anything because player freedom to make their own fun ensures it remains fun. Likewise if someone *has* to use an over or under-powered character for their own fun, they can do so as well. Taking the choice away from the player doesn't fit in with the spirit of PoE where we can set up games to be the most fun for ourselves.
  3. Quite the opposite. No well-designed game should have to nanny players. Freedom of player choice is preferable in my books.
  4. Context is enough. There are many shared acronyms all over the place. Since PoE is a recently released game and the content is fairly easy to attribute uniquely to the game it's never caused any confusion in the many places I've used it.
  5. I found it added tension and increased my enjoyment of the scenario. I'm glad it wasn't used any more though.
  6. Thank goodness the aim doesn't appear to be chasing mass sales One of the very nice things about Kickstarter is that it allows fans who are in a minority to put their money where their mouth is and allow the devs to make a game that isn't necessarily appealing to the mass market. But I agree that it should be a good match for tablets as well, just make sure to aim for PC first
  7. But are they fun to play? That's the question really - since PoE isn't a competitive multiplayer game, the only issue is whether they are unfun if played in the way they are expected to be. You can always find ways to game the system, and some choices will always be easier than others, which is one of the reasons you can change the difficulty level yourself so you can set it to what's fun for you. Personally, I have one cipher and one chanter in my party, and the game is really fun. Different party members have different strengths and weaknesses and that adds to my enjoyment. If every
  8. I could have agreed with this sentiment if the secrets in the game at least tried to stick with a certain formula of logic. As it stands now most of the secrets are arbitrarily placed in hallways or in randomly placed cupboards. You'd expect to find a secret in a vault room, a puzzle or as a secret compartment in a suspiciously looking wall. "You'd expect.." Aha but maybe they wouldn't be such good secrets if they're where you expect them to be
  9. I think it's great as is. Makes sense to me that if you're taking extra care then you move more slowly. As for 'right' way to play the game, that's nonsense: The right way to play it is whatever's fun for you - for me my characters move at their normal speed most of the time and only slow down to search if they're looking for something in particular or being wary of traps.
  10. I disagree - having the DR that is used by default makes sense to me. Listing exceptions keeps it much cleaner because otherwise you'd have long, cluttered lists for every damage time.
  11. It tells you in the character generation screen: Might: Intimidating displays and acts of brute force Constitution: Withstand pain or endure physically taxing situation Dexterity: Slight of hand and fast reactions Perception: catch a lie, comment on appears or notice background details Intelligence: deduction, realisation and problem solving Resolve: Intimidation, leadership and convincing performance
  12. Thank you for the fix. Also, really appreciated the brief description of the cause
  13. I very much like the way they've done combat xp. Nothing is perfect in any kind of model, let alone a cRPG, but even just having the flavour of some good ideas elevates the game above many of its compatriots. Bestiary progression/xp is a really nice touch - if I want to farm for items or because that's what my character would do, then I can. It aids (not instantly makes perfect in all scenarios) balancing too. So at the end of the day it makes the game more fun for me.
  14. I think you can alter the character who's stats are used by dragging them to the team leader position (left most portrait). So I used NPCs with different stats for different conversations - you can always hire one with the preferred stats for the conversations.
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