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  1. Better AI (clarification below) I don't know what other players would think of this, but there were some parts, especially in White March, where kobolds, for example, would try to kill you with bows from really, really far away and somebody else would be blocking your part, or the kobolds would be unreachable, unless you cross quite the space to get to them. My point is, I really liked this real monster-like behavior. Kobolds should be dumb, but they should probably be smart enough to try to do hit-and-run attacks, for example. So, I really realize it's going to be a lot of work, and the game would become a lot harder than it is now, but if Obsidian could maybe implement this kind of AI behavior, it would be awesome. Another example would be when enemies would charge you, and you would position your tank around a door, blocking their path, while killing them with your range heroes or mages. This always kind of felt like I was kind of exploiting a weak part of the system... If my tank were to block the door and the enemy was smart enough, of course they would try to remove the tank, but maybe they will also switch to bows / crossbows and target more range heroes / mages instead...? I don't know. There could be a lot of options here... But that would also kind of justify why I would want a plate mail on my mage, for instance. Also, maybe the enemies' casters could use more spells? I think they threw a pretty good amount of spells in PoE but I haven't really seen an enemy caster use slicken, for example. Many people here share the opinion that it's an awesome spell. Why would the enemy casters not use it then? More terrain obstacles (clarification below) I kind of touched on the topic above but having more obstacles (again, some places had this is White March. I don't know whether it was intentional or not) would be great and would make you use a lot more tactics, in my opinion. Trying to gain higher ground, so that you can further attack the enemy with your archers, for example, would be so epic. I don't really remember a game where this properly implemented. Ice that melts or snow which slows you down and you can't quite go throw it very fast. Whether / Terrain effects (clarification below) One of the things which really bugged me about the end of White March 1 (no spoilers) was when you stood on top of something which should be very, very hot, but nobody of the group really reacted to it. Maybe that kind of behavior could at least fry your legs and that could slow your speed? The rain could maybe make you miss more with ranged weapons or maybe even melee weapons. I could totally see myself having a harder time to aim if my hands are slippery. This, for example, could be combined with the 2 suggestions above which would make for quite the epic battle, even if its a fight against weaker enemies. EX) Kobolds in watch towers with roofs or under rock which protect from the rain and who shoot at your party, while you're out and it's raining heavily. The cold could also maybe reduce your reflexes (saving throws) or do other nasty stuff. Just some random ideas. Armor / Weapon management (clarification below) I remember my weapon in BG1 breaking quite a lot and it was quite annoying... but it was somewhat realistic, if I have to be fair. I can totally see armor and weapons break or wear off. Like armor could maybe become rusty if you wear it for too long and you always go cross rivers, go down the sewers or it rains on them. Or maybe you could reforge a weapon into another stronger version? Like they did with Andúril (the sword) from Lord of the Rings. Poison / sicknesses / etc (clarification below) One of the things which I really didn't like about IE games in general was poison... but it was kind of cool at the same time. I don't really think it would work with the current vitality / endurance system, but maybe it could at least (Option to) turn off the combat log and turn on a descriptive log (clarification below) The combat log is really very convenient. I completely agree... I sometimes check it when I'm unsure of something, and it was of great help but... I don't know about the others... but it would be so darn cool if I couldn't tell how much damage I was dealing and whether it was immune to something, unless I fight the same monster numerous time. That would make the bestiary, checking books on monsters ingame or asking NPC about a particular monster ingame a lot more meaningful, in my opinion. For example, a simple message like "your weapons don't seem to have an effect" instead of "the monster is immune to normal weapons" could either mean that my current normal weapons or not doing any damage or that my slashing weapon isn't doing any damage. If it's the first time I'm facing that particular monster, I would have to switch between weapons and actually see what really is working and what is not. Etc... Looking forward to PoE2! I'll certainly play it, however you make it
  2. Some suggestions I thought of recently: 1. Some kind of dispel magic and more ways to protect oneself from one. Currently you can pretty much rely on your saving throws, Arcane Reflection or Suppress Affliction. 2. I know that you can quickly check what terms like "blinded," "dazed" and so on mean, but I think that actually writing it in a more detailed manner as well would be even better. For example, "blinded" (–25 Accuracy –20 Deflection –20 Reflex –2 Move Speed –4 Perception) becomes -29 accuracy, -20 deflection, -28 reflex, -12 interrupt, -2 move. Or "Miasma of Dull-Mindedness" (-6 Perception, -6 Intellect, -6 Resolve) becomes -18 Interrupt -6 Accuracy -12 Reflex, -30% spell duration, -24 will, -18 concentration, -6 deflection. When I first saw this spell, I actually thought it wasn't very good, cause I didn't calculate the net stats... 3. More spells :D . Wizards, for example, have very few spells which can decrease fortitude. 4. More "secret" places. Personally, quests such as the "Rogue Stone" and "Restore Kangaxx's Body" from BG2 were some of my favorites. 5. Even longer quests and more twists. Like you could make me go around 4-5 maps to complete one :D I thought the quest about Raedric was something in that direction. 6. More consequences of your actions. 7. More origin / background / class-specific conversations. And maybe you could separate the background from your faction. 8. Learning or searching for crafting / enchanting recipes.
  3. Hello First of all, great game! Thanks you guys at Obsidian! I've been wondering for a while now but is there a way to adjust the font size and its type? I actually want to make it somewhat smaller :D I dunno why but it feels kind of hard to read when it's too big (1366x768 resolution). The combat log is very easy to read for me, for instance. Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello. I'm living in Japan and it's February 16, 18PM right now here, so I was wondering about what time will I actually be able to play the new expansion. If somebody has any information, please let me know. Really looking forward to the game. Cheers!
  5. It's probably never going to happen, but I would really like for Obsidian to make a sequel through another kickstarter, only this time without actually taking any of the backers' opinions into account. That way they can do what they do best - deliver us one of the best games out there. I can't tell you how many times I've replayed KotOR2, for example. The dark setting, story and all the gameplay improvements over the original were just right on spot for me. Of course, everyone has his own tastes, but if it's possible I would really like to see an Obsidian game without any sort of limitations. Not having a publisher can sure be a plus but trying to satisfy some always whining backers must be a small kind of hell (I don't really mean to offense anyone) on its own. Anyway, I'll write my feedback about PoE sometime later and someone of the OE staff here may read it, but I would like you to just view it as it is - my personal opinion. You people know how to make a great game. I don't. The rest is up to you.
  6. Also forgot to ask about creatures' DR. Spectres, for example, have DR10 (Burn:5, Freeze:10), so ... what does this mean if the above one is correct. Or maybe it isn't? Waiting for an answer. Thank you.
  7. Hello. Sorry for the somewhat noob question but could someone explain to me how DR exactly works? For example, I have a Plate Mail with DR12, but inside the brackets it's written (Slash:15, Pierce:15, Shock:6). So, the actual DR for slash and pierce is 15, but since 15+15+6=36, 36/3=12, it is treated as a DR12 level armor overall? Also, does that mean that for example Pallegina's Fine Breastplate DR10 (Pierce:13, Burn:9, Freeze:9) doesn't protect against slash at all? One more thing. Let's say that the armor has a "Fine" enchantment. Is the +2 bonus DR included in the description or not? As far as I can tell after putting it on and looking at the stats, the answer is "yes"? And finally, do robes which have DR5 protect against everything? Thank you in advance.
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