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  1. I genuinely came here to engage people in a conversation about it. Im not a troll. I always hated exclusivity and titles bonded to one particular medium. Hence I have so many systems in my house as I love these games and cant see myself playing them on emulators. Its simply not the same experience. that is a reason I advocate for more exposure for this type of game on other formats that perhaps will warrant more games like this in the future. I know that Sony allows for cross play. Why not grab the bull by the horns and make this game widespread. Wont hurt nooone and make few pennys more to invest more into a sequel.
  2. I just think especially nowadays when everything changed and advanced so much it just requires a little bit of thinking outside the box. Less pigeon holeing people or specific type of games and more of a : lets do it , make it work and see what happens. It might be even interesting idea to bring the game back to Kickstarter just to to see if people would pay for a console port. also the way these big companies like Sony are courting now small devs etc , who knows maybe if someone would pitch the idea to them they would pay for it....there are many possibilites now. I just think that segregating things is not very good. I think now especially when new systems have power and connectivity neccessry to be on on par to open pc platfrom its an excellent opportunity to expand and bring something new to people who maybe 6 or 7 yeara ago would not even think aboutn it twice. Many of mu friends just like me have wives and families now and are into gaming still but they dont want to buy into PCs anymore. That is past them. They prefer console stramlined experience. Cnsidering that average age of gamer in USA for example is 34 or 35 we can assume that these people would dive into a game that reminds them of games of yesteryear which they used to play in the past. Just my thoughts.
  3. I disagree. You speak like you can predict the future and deem it so. Time are changing and have changed. All mediums have converged and all in the process of doing so. Console people understand mouse and keyboard they are not retards you know. Sure you have some who wont but fools will always be fools no matter what. What unites us all is love of videogames . If I have a choice of picking pc version of a game or console I will take console almost everytime. Its the ease of use. also if not for consoles, videogame business would be "out of business long time ago" . PC gaming is and was 95 percent pirated. To make those massive games costs money. you could never recoup that through pc sales. PC people scoff at console games or gamers but if not for them and that side for last 20 years there would be no pc games or such a rapid advance of cheap technology. There simply would not be enough revenue returns. I believe there is a market for it. Many people are simply put off by building pcs . They dont get it. Its sounds and looks cumbersome . they just want to plug and play. Why do you want to not to include them into this ? when a port would be super cheap and accessible to many many more. That would make more revenue for the makers as they can self publish and create even a better bigger game in the future ? Fail to see your logic in dismissing it like that.
  4. I have nothing against console users and I think you made a reasoned and reasonable plea for console support. If the PS4 supports mouse and keyboard then maybe there wouldn't be as many hurdles to overcome with a port, but given the shoestring budget the developers are working with, there's absolutely no way a port could be achieved until after release and then there would have to be evidence that there's enough PS4 gamers interested in a keyboard and mouse driven RPG, else the GUI and control scheme would have to be completely re-worked and who knows how much time and money that would take. My guess. If there's any "console" upcoming that this game might work on, it's the Steam Box, but even that is a tough call. Well I hope it will come into fruition. times are changing and have changed I hope someone will see the light and decides that its a good idea. I appreciate your comment and your civilised reply.
  5. you have made 2 posts in your life here and of them is the one above. just shows your level of intelligence. if everybody had a closed mind drone mentality where we would be in this world....
  6. The problem with that is that because of the limitations of the medium, serious compromises would have to be made that aren't necessary for keyboard + mouse. It's not just the control scheme, but the amount input you are required to deliver playing. Plus the game would have to be ported to consoles, which would also require deals with Microsoft and Sony. While I might be wrong, I do believe that the target audience for this type of Role-playing game is also mostly PC gamer. Besides PC's have the lovely advantage of mod support. Again you speak of the past. Nowadays mods are regular future of console world. Refer you again to Warframe and Warthunder where devs specifically say that Sony allows all , no problem. In fact they encouraged to mod their games and keep them organic just like PC gaming. I really just want to fire up my console put disk in it or go to my online store press button ...boom game is loaded. done deal. I suspect many prefer this way as well. its just hassle free. I will never forget how long it took me to get Alpha Protocol working. Drove me nuts. Xbox 360 was unplayable as pad control scheme made for in game security unlocking simply didnt work.
  7. Jesus . I actually thought I can have a normal convo here not some PC elitist crap chat on the level of 5 year old child mentality. Only one person actually spoke sense here and that is @Nerix . I too like PC gaming and have a PC. But I dont like using it tbh even though its a reasonably powerful thing. Only games I play on it are the ones that have not been out on ps3 or 360. I really only bought into it and built it cause of Larian Studios games and Bioware games as they play better on PC. Slating consoles is foolish childish behaviour. There are some great games there which were never released on PC like Demons Souls or Dragons Dogma, and many many more etc. I dont really care if I can play in 1080p or 2660x1440 with crazy detail. If a game is great its great no matter the resolution. I also have every system since zx spectum in my house and kept all my old consles which are connected through Xrgb Mini Freimeister to my LCD tv. I just love games but I dont like the hassle of pc gaming. I like the quick and easy way of playing on consoles much better. Hence I think I would much prefer to fire up my ps4 and play on it than anything else. and since already some games on Ps4 support keyboard and mouse why not just do it ? Saying it costs more money is also not true. PS4 has a pc like architecture and Sony allows anything on it now. No more hassle anymore to get approval. Anybody who thinks otherwise i point you to many interviews with indie teams and specifically Warframe and Warthuner devel;opers. Bemused that its not been considered that is all. I think Obsidian is missing a chance here. Considering uniformity of console platforms and penetration of their user base.
  8. I was wondering have you considered ps4 version of this? The system is powerful , it's easy to port games annd it supports mouse and keyboard use natively . Warthunder does it and also uses the same servers for pc and ps4 gamers . Finally convergance of mediums is happening and consoles gamers and pc gamers are playing together / against each other . I think it would be great to make it on ps4. It would widened the audiemce for the game and make more money.
  9. Thank you !!! Obsidian!!! I only play Bioware games and Your games ...I dont have that much time for gaming. But I contributed to you Kick-starter campaign and im proud of it.... give me another cracking story and I will be happy !!!!! Best Wishes to the Whole Team !!!! now get back to work....lol...
  10. Thats known as the "bait and switch". Lol.... You are right ...but hey sometimes little deception is neccesarry ....to get new message across ..lol... I don't mind ...if the end result is good ....
  11. it drives me nuts that people say use this from that game or i want it like this ...not my cup of tea... What is wrong with doing things new?!!!... New system etc ...Innovation and progress not borrowing.... It drives me mad some comments on this thread ...Deus Ex mechanics, Icwind ****ing Dale etc... Might as well just repeat them all ... Obsidian is doing something new in old format to make relevant ... they should be allowed and celebrated ...!!!! not encouraged to do copy and paste .... Well, they lured with promises of old and copy, to be honest. But that shouldn't be read as you're wrong. I think Obsidian should try to innovate and improve on mechanics. But please, be reminded that they still promised a game in the style of yore, so to speak. It's not only the graphics we're talking about. They, themselves, are referencing "Icewind ****ing Dale", so it's only natural people are focussing much of their time on trying to get their most beloved features from that game into this one, as they, when they read the kickstarter, were told that this here game would be in the likes of the old ones. I, for one, would love to have a game which is still quite similar to BG1/2, but still distinctive enough to not be an exact clone. And I'm also pretty sure that Obsidian is not going to get influenced by the ideas around here, if they don't think it would make sense. They're not going to be bullied into a game they don't want to create. Uphf.....lol I was worried that I might be the only one wanting something new ..... You know what I always kind off half wished that they will lure us with promises of old and than do something New and forget the promises .... And that New will be so good that everyone will forget deception and immerse themselves into new experiemce .... I just love New ....innovation ...modern ..etc .... I just love innovation and I'm not scared of new ....so should be Obsidian ....but ofcourse you are right about all this and I agree with you .... I just don't want these pardon for expression idiots writing about deus ex mechanics , etc ...to copy and paste .....it drives me nuts ....
  12. it drives me nuts that people say use this from that game or i want it like this ...not my cup of tea... What is wrong with doing things new?!!!... New system etc ...Innovation and progress not borrowing.... It drives me mad some comments on this thread ...Deus Ex mechanics, Icwind ****ing Dale etc... Might as well just repeat them all ... Obsidian is doing something new in old format to make relevant ... they should be allowed and celebrated ...!!!! not encouraged to do copy and paste ....
  13. JOSH !!! PLEASE dont listen to these people etc... What they want etc... not my cup of tea... They will be the first to say that it sucks or you should have stuck to your original vision... PLEASE stick to your initial concept and your gut feel...You can be trusted with that, . Dont dilute it too much .... Make it Story driven etc how you want it to be... No point repeating the mechanics from other games etc... Its good to bring something new... I for one dont want B Gate 1 or 2 or I Dale or anything else just repeated with shiny graphics...makes zero sense.. I want something new breathed into the old concept etc to make it modern and relevant.... Anybody who wants repeats from other games please go and replay those games but dont bring your your old thinking here... I want something new ....story ,mechanics , interface , magic etc .... Progress and open mind PLEASE people....
  14. 4 mln or 4.5 mln stretch goal... full voice overs like dragon age.... it enhances the game and makes it more immersive It helps getting into the world...
  15. I would like full voiceovers for characters like in Dragon Age... not co -op ...it nonsense... Lets enhance single player experience...not multiplayer.... If anyone wants that i suggest go play MMO ...there are plenty where you can co-op with your buddies... but not here...
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