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  1. It felt like I was watching it real-time then.
  2. I think the sunset was posted in realtime.
  3. They aren't but it would get them something 'new' to market and sell if they hired a new creator to rework the works.
  4. I think the examples I've mentioned have all been reprinted for specialty markets in their original forms by the way; just the mass market versions being edited. The thing is I kind of get it. The Bantam Doc Savage reprints were a hit in the 60s and probably wouldn't have been if they'd continued to reflect the attitudes of the 1930s with outdated racial reference. I can see the Stratemeyer Syndicate thinking the same things with Nancy Drew. Both were really corporate owned characters, so you could argue the 'owner' was technically doing the editing. This reminds me of something
  5. It's already been done before. The 60s/70s/80s reprints of pulp stories for Doc Savage, The Shadow, The Avenger, etc. were all edited to remove outdated terminology; typically reference to non-white races that were considered offensive being changed to neutral racial descriptors. EDIT: Oh, and several NANCY DREW novels were completely re-written (sometimes keeping only the name) beginning in the 1960s to remove elements that would be considered offensive.
  6. I actually watched Sailor Moon (DIC dub so only series 1. Iirc) in syndication back in what was it - 1995? Could be fun to revisit but I dunno if I'll be able to swing it.
  7. They didn't need the Beastie Boys just something to jam the signal with by broadcasting. It could have been "Heading out to Eden" and still worked as I understand it. Don't have a way to watch Sailor Moon, so can't join in.
  8. The fact that Kirk & co defeated the "invincible swarm of mining ships" with a jury-rigged ship of pre-Nero technology proved it wasn't undefeatable, and Krall would have been keenly aware of that he wouldn't be able to sustain a fight with the Federation in the long term with just the mining ships. It'd be inevitable that someone would find their weakness. ObTopic: I got nothing, sorry, I'll get me coat.
  9. The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones - Anthony, Act 3 Scene ii, Julius Ceasar I do sometimes wonder what the tipping point between whether a historical figure was "good" or "bad" is. In the case of Mr. Webb of NASA, contextually, is it important to note that the DSM-II had Homosexuality as a mental illness until 1973, and WHO had it classified as a disease until 1990? Or not? Was he an egregious bigot even for his time, or was he someone who, using the 'scientific' information he had at hand believed that the LGBTQ+ community was a security r
  10. There's a reason why the limit approaches, but never reaches zero. (But then much of mathematics is logical constructs, to explain number behavior, I'm not sure you can single 0 out)
  11. Some people do that. Some people like to be in their 20s when their peers are in their 80s.
  12. Forgot leap year birthdays. She'd be 12.
  13. TNG: The Outcast I didn't like the episode when it first aired. Time didn't improve it.
  14. I'd be interested in the source on this; Hershey's claims their milk is from local PA farms within 100 miles of the factory. And I think their chocolate is generally terribly (I can tolerate some of their dark chocolate). I've always heard the US chocolate tastes bad because they skimp on some of the ingredients that would make the chocolate taste better (fat and cocoa) while maximizing sugar.
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