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  1. That thumbnail looks like Rowan Atkinson with a whig.
  2. Drump sure got all the tough people
  3. "SA has some investments in Iran including one of our major cell phone providers. A company called MTN and I did a brief 2 week project there...also Iran has some really beautiful women like most ME countries I have worked in " Adultery and sex outside marriage are both punishable by death in Persia I hope you were able to control yourself during your visit
  4. "2. Discuss the significance of the Aryan invasions." lol
  5. Johnson makes Drump look like Benjamin Disraeli.
  6. "Who thought life time appointments were a good idea in the first place??? That's normally only seen in feudal systems. " that's where the 2nd amendment people come in
  7. That's a lot of ****hole countries
  8. But didn't Sisko like... become one of those wormhole spirits at the end?
  9. why isn't Sparta/Slavia Praha the only half-decent team
  10. Humanity won't even make it til the end of the century, why plan so far ahead
  11. the pee pee tape comes next week
  12. I never got to reading those follow up books where the little baby becomes a badass and kills dragons.
  13. Saw one of those "sex scenes". Makes BioWare dry humping look like Stanley Kubrick.
  14. We should trade Poland to Putin for free vaccines
  15. Dragonlance would suit Larian better.
  16. Is that another 150GB game? I draw the line at 50GB.
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