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  1. Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Beneath the Stolen Lands. I successfully created a party and cleared 15 floors, discovering 1 piece of lore and gathering a small pile of loot. There was supposed to be a main/non-random boss on the 15th floor of the standalone version of the dungeon, but he apparently did not spawn. I'm going to try the shorter version from one of my old saves. One of the merchants, the Honest Guy, strongly reminds me of Patches from Dark Souls. Tried Tales of Berseria. Well, mistakes were made - camera speed seems way off, which is most inconvenient for a 3rd-person action-adve
  2. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... has been released on PC. Judging by Steam reviews, the port is quite bad (animations are bound to FPS and FPS are unstable, the controls are unrebindable). A pity, but it was to be expected.
  3. I continue my attempts at digital drawing with relative success. Corel Painter Essential 4, the only software that recognizes my tablet (and does not assume it to be just an additional mouse) and has reasonable size of its specific file format. The character is Kainé from NieR: Gestalt.
  4. I've started Varnhold's Lot and realized that I don't remember most of character building. Any advice on Rogue builds (who is also the face of the party, thus needs Persuasion)? I've also installed 3 mods, one of them is Cleaner, which hopefully will allow me to reduce the size of save files if and when I replay the main campaign. By the way, how is it (save file size) for the Wrath of the Righteous? Anyhow better or the same?
  5. Completed Hardland. It was mostly an enjoyable experience, though I've got stuck a couple of times (got unstuck by looking up info on the forums). I managed to reach 3 endings (out of 13) and they seemed not too terrible.
  6. Hardland. An open-world action-adventure. Seems nice so far. The combat is simple, AI is weird, the depth of field effect is strong. Somehow reminds of Dark Souls and Gothic. I've reached Snow Peak and met Queen Ingrid. Still not enough Great Hearts to gain access to the Root Hall (in the previous "area"). I guess, I shouldn't have eaten them (eating hearts allows to level up).
  7. Completed Haven. It is an action-adventure game, yet it is tagged as an RPG*. The main characters are predetermined, from the build (all stats, abilities and equipment are the same for both characters; progression is tied to the main story) to appearance to names. Dialogue options are similar and lead to the same outcomes, though some of them increase a hidden parameter called "Confidence". Exploration is bound to the main story. In other words, it is not an RPG in any shape or form. The story follows two people who fled from an oppressive regime to be together as they explore their new
  8. Replayed Dead Space. It works well on Win10, it is atmospheric, and it has a (relatively) unique combat mechanic. Though, the horror part started only by Chapter 11 (story-wise). Almost all necromorphs dropped ammo for my equipped weapons, there were plenty of healing supplies (Normal difficulty), the map was very helpful and reliable. Completed Soma. I guess, it was not a bad game, just not as good as The Talos Principle as a puzzle or Dead Space as a horror. Edit. The thing with JRPGs for me is the lack of role-play, which is supposed to be present in a role-playing game
  9. The Pathless. Completed the game. Mechanically, it is an open-world action-adventure with very light puzzle-platforming elements and boss battles. Thematically, it is two not-quite-reasonable people shouting at each other and talking to/shooting at magical animals (also the MC was climbing towers and collecting glowing emblems). The graphics and sound were stylish and fitting. The controls, while not customizable, were reasonably comfortable. In other words, the game is pretty and easy in terms of narrative and gameplay, but not anyhow ground-breaking.
  10. I wouldn't complain, if the checks were static, instead of chance-based, so I would be able to pass them from the start or level up and return or unable completely. As it was, most checks were possible to pass with enough persistence. Building the PC in a specific manner with some certainty that the build is viable is RPG (also, roleplay); RNG is not (unless it's combat and DE did not have a combat system).
  11. Disco Elysium. Completed the game (caught the killer, kept the job). Really nice adventure game. Really not nice RNG. While failed skill checks were well-written, they still were failures, and reloading because of RNG was not exactly fun. I can't really call it an RPG, despite it being advertised as one. I guess, the main theme is that you can get up no matter how hard the world tries to bring you down? Or that there are giant stick insects?
  12. I've played it. While it was technically possible to murder everything (I haven't tried), combat was not necessary to progress*. The game was really similar to Dishonored. *
  13. My only complaints would be the dialogue wheel and the voiced PC (the intonation icons were somehow useful). Also, if I'm not mistaken, it is the only game that allows to see a city changing through several years. And there was something oddly satisfying in slaughtering bigots without forming alliances in order to do so; just you, your party and a pile of corpses-to-become. PoEII and Tyranny allowed it (to reach the ending with you party only, that is), but they did not include attempting to destroy a large organization built on institutionalized discrimination (PoE1 did have Thaos, though).
  14. I suppose, there are relevant to me video game-related news here, mostly about independent cRPGs, and generally decent discussions. If I'm not mistaken, I registered after backing PoEII, which became one of my favourite RPGs.
  15. Nioh. The PC helmet. The spirit-cat being cat. Somehow I was much less annoyed with Assassin's Creed portrayal of historical figures, most of them being killable might have contributed to it. In the context, "peace" seemed to mean "war" without any self-awareness. The best trainer for swordsmen. I defeated him with 52 HP left. One of the largest bosses. The second-to-final boss, Yamata-no-Oroc
  16. Nioh. Completed the main game, 1 Twilight mission, 1 DLC mission, several side quests. The game offered a decent variety of skills and weapons, but the story was completely linear and unengaging, just as the structure of main missions, while side quests provided different types of objectives and victory conditions. The KB&M controls were customizable and generally comfortable, but there were no on-screen prompts for keyboards. The graphics and art style were detailed and consistent, FPS drops were relatively rare. The bosses were numerous and quite diverse, though most would kill the PC
  17. Nioh. It seems to be an action game with light RPG elements. The controls are rebindable and quite comfortable, though, on-screen prompts refer to controller buttons. The graphics and sound (OST, VA) are good, but most lines that are supposed to be in Japanese are a bit too authentic (the VA is in Japanese with English subtitles, which I rarely read during gameplay, because everything kills me in 2 hits). The story starts with the protagonist who is a privateer in the 16th century England. He is locked in the Tower of London and his bird-fish-spirit friend comes to rescue. She (they?) sho
  18. Trials of Mana. I've completed the demo. It was 2-hour-long and included prologues for the playable characters and the 1st chapter. The controls were rebindable and comfortable and it was possible to use mouse for camera movement. Graphically, the game was fine - animations were a bit stiff, most side characters looked exactly the same, but the cartoon-like style fit the narrative and was easy to read. The story, while generic, at least manages to explain why any of the PC would bother with the main quest at all. I chose Hawkeye, the thief, whose goal was to remove a curse from his friend an
  19. Considering that I don't know what exactly you are looking for in games, here are 2 lists. For RPGs and action-RPGs: For action and adventure: ---- Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Successfully claimed Gravehal Keep (Dead Kel DLC).
  20. Haven't noticed any FPS drops there. There were only 1 graphical bug (shadow effects on characters in one of the dungeons) and 1 side-quest-related bug (the NPC became impossible to interact with).
  21. That's disappointing, to put it mildly. Why a piece of hardware would need a social network account in order to function, I cannot understand (I really don't like the possible answer). ---- Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. I've completed the Teeth of Naros DLC (the final boss even managed to kill me once when I tried to tank all his attacks to see if I could) and hit the level cap, 40. I had hoped to get all abilities from 2 trees, but it is not going to happen, it seems. One DLC left to play, then I may replay the main story only on Hard with a pure Might build, it should prevent m
  22. The locations are large and the main storyline is fairly generic ("Get an army, stop the BBEG"), but characters and side quests provide context and complexity to it. ---- Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. Completed the game. I remember the final boss being tougher in the original game, but I also could have been underleveled in that playthrough. In general, there is too much "content" and it would have been more enjoyable, if I skipped most of it. Started the first DLC, "Teeth of Naros".
  23. Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. I reached Alabastra, the last large area of the main game. It looks nice (aurora borealis and walls of ice), the pacing is good and for some reason (a skill or an item or a Twist of Fate I did not notice) coins drop when hit opponents. So far so good.
  24. Repurchased The Outer Worlds on GOG, the 50% discount seemed reasonable enough, though I strongly dislike the concept of Season Passes in general (which I did not purchase, because it was not discounted). I was going to replay TOW either way and it seem to be a good reason to do so.
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