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  1. It also means it's going to be at least 10 years late
  2. Yeah I saw a thing about people upset they made her "ugly" then the fan art one she had a big dumb smile on her face. It made no sense to me... she's not ugly she's rugged... most warriors are rugged not glamorous
  3. Maybe Sawyers game? I'm really curious what he's working on. Non combat, with a small team... maybe similar to Disco Elysium
  4. I'm fine with gameplay if it's what we will actually see when it comes out.i just think it's too early for accurate game play
  5. I've pretty much mastered the start of this game... I've played like 100 hours and haven't gotten halfway. So yeah... very experienced in the early game haha
  6. I have turned it on easy but then it was no fun at all. I'm going to persevere... maybe
  7. Gave me something to think about... maybe I'll try pathfinder kingmaker again. Which I have a completely different set of issues with... mainly that I'm awful and the leveling system is very daunting.
  8. Hmm.. honestly you saying they don't have much personality makes me not want to play... it's why I have had a hard time getting into the game in the first place. I kind of feel nothing towards any of the characters/story in general. I hear a lot about how good the story and writing is but if the characters aren't good... what is the good part of the story?
  9. I don't know what control-j means.... but in my mind j stands for jog... is there a jogging function?!? Also I think I've chosen the worst companions. I forget there names but I'm using the 2 from the friendly inn or whatever, imoenen or whatever and then garrick(I'll ditch him eventually) and the wizard girl I saved... in any discussion none of those companions are mentioned. As a first playthrough I feel like the first 3 people are must haves story wise.... Am I doomed?
  10. The stealing is pretty bad in TOW. Npcs are not at all suspicious of you, even if you are in a warehouse that was locked... the guard inside will just say "I'm watching you" and then not watch you at all. I still like the game but stealing is just way too easy.
  11. Trying to play baldurs gate again. The character movement is so slow it drives me a little crazy. Gives me time to do chores as they move from one end of the map to the other end. Is everyone except fightersand rangers supposed to feel useless early on?
  12. I doubt we get anything on avowed. I'm fine with them not showing gameplay until they are farther on. It's always misleading. If it was soon to be released I'd prefer gameplay... but I doubt that's the case so I'd rather some sort of plot reveal. Probably won't get either
  13. I would personally prefer a little darker tone. the things that are happening are dark but the feel isn't. That's just a personal preference. I doubt it will change much. I still really enjoy it. Two really depends on if they expand halcyon or tell a whole new story. I think it would be interesting to explore a galaxy that went in a different direction. One where the board holds less control. I also think war makes a good setting. So maybe separate holding companies warring with each other. It would also be interesting if one of these colonies set up somewhe
  14. Fair enough. Especially if you've done the principi already, makes sense to go with someone else. My whole personal theory against rauatai was 1) too big of a threat and 2) relied on man's creation of weapons and technology over faith in the gods I was tempted to go with the queen but she just annoys me too much personally. I think it makes sense though. They are the smallest threat and are very God fearing. Principi I figured gave me the most personal influence and since I'm Woedicas faithful follower, that power would be hers.
  15. Which faction will you side with in deadfire? I did the same thing (except I used all the companions). I decided to side with Principi (the lady... I forget her name) because I figured I wouldn't want to strengthen any rivals to Aedyr
  16. Ah okay... so it's still coming. So few updates I was worried they just disappeared. I imagine that greed system is giving them fits
  17. Anyone Know if black geyser will ever be released?
  18. For me it's those elder scrolls cat people... I would definitely not trust cat people at all
  19. I was going to bring that up but I couldn't remember if it was true or not... I played for a very short time so I couldn't be sure. As someone above said. If you are undefined character voiceless is better. If you are a predefined character then voiced is probably better. Personally I hope for undefined... though with the title "avowed" I'm less than certain that will be the case
  20. You want them to voice the protagonist and also have multiple options for voices? That is definitely not going to happen. If it's voiced, you will only get 1 male and 1 female. It would cost so much money(and time) to have a bunch of voice actors do all the dialog.
  21. I absolutely can't get into cyberpunk sadly. I'm sure the story is good. I just really loath when games give you 100 missions on the map instantly... it feels like a ubisoft game, and I have never finished a ubisoft game. It's almost to the point where you can't explore because you are bound to run into a quest. One of those quests makes you drive someone to a hospital. While driving, a bunch of school kids cross the road... the game forces you to stop and then I pretty much gave up on the game. not that I wanted to run them over(I did want to) but it just made me feel like the gam
  22. Same. It was also my fault because I bought a game and had a Mac. The game works for Mac but not their version. Basically could have stopped after "it's my fault because I had a mac"
  23. Kind of playing colony ship... kind of playing trails of cold steel. I can't seem to do anything in colony ship. Has a disclaimer that it's hard... and it is. Cold steel is just kind of boring. I like the series but it is rather predictable. And the game loop is very repetitive. I am having a hell of a time getting into any video games lately
  24. I also loved this game... even though it made no sense to me. Also there was a ninja turtles game that was top down(until you entered the sewers) that I played so much as a kid... replayed it as an adult, beat the first level, then realized I never got that far as a kid.... though to be fair even as a group of 5 adults we only got to the third level once
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