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  1. Sounds like the type of game I'd love to play co-op. Alas. Then again Parkitect got it as an update, so hopefully it's well received enough to make co-op builders increasingly more of a thing.
  2. I thought that 1/3 at the end there meant that the new release date was the 1st of March. I suck at Twitter. That said, I've been playing the game in earnest, finally. Only just past the big FUBAR and into the open world content proper for the first time. No technical issues really. Playing a pure stealth character more or less and not sure how I feel about it. Part of it is because I'm already stealth-inclined generally, but the other was that I ended up deciding that the gamepad was better for the game generally but at the same time it necessitated making shooting not the major focus of
  3. I bought the USB version of a CH F-16 Fighterstick purely to play Privateer so hey. Design as old as the game itself. Sure, without the nostalgia factor there are probably better buys out there. No twist axis back then, definitely, though I dunno how common it is on modern sticks. Meanwhile I've had a Cougar HOTAS for 20 years but have barely used it - too complex for the games I play - obviously it's waiting for Star Citizen.
  4. For motherboards, B550 offers all most people need. You'd need to run multiple PCI-E 4.0 SSDs to even start getting benefit from an X570 board. Since I was shopping not so long ago, these are my recommendations, so the notes are clearly biased towards the things I find important. Note I've excluded boards with the potentially faulty Intel I225-V LAN chip because even though more recently manufactured boards may have the fixed chip, I wouldn't want to gamble on it. P.S. Bolded the options I liked best. Budget: Asrock B550M Pro4 (no USB-C front-panel header, also lacks BIOS Flashback, so yo
  5. Not sure if that's a PC or a a part of your truck engine.
  6. I'm fine without the butt shots as long as they don't then shift the camera to her uncanny valley face.
  7. Time for us to have "motherGPUs" which bolt onto the case, then the CPU and other functions can live on a daughterboard that plugs into the GPU.
  8. Turns out the solution to this was to set my central monitor in Radeon Software to "Preferred Display". Don't know what that has to do with anything but all is fine now. This was after updating to the 1.40 Open Beta that was released today, but the patch by itself didn't fix anything. There's also an annoying bug in the beta where headlights and dashboard illumination are borked. Oh, and framerate report - there were actually some annoying slowdowns at max everything, but bumping AA down a notch from Ultra to High fixed that.
  9. It'll be on EA Play basic in a year or so. Now whether they'll finally enable EA Play on Game Pass PC in a year remains to be seen...
  10. So then, the first game I christened the new PC with was Age of Empires 2, a game I first played on a Pentium 3. Obviously that didn't let the system stretch its legs, so I tried some other things. Euro Truck Sim 2 in Eyefinity mode unfortunately exhibited some graphical corruption, so that put the kibosh on that plan. This got me a bit worried, but no such symptoms appear in single-display mode, or when I fired up the Hitman 2 benchmark, so I'm putting it down to a possible driver issue - if it persists once the Iberia expansion releases I'll be pretty annoyed though. Anyway, to ensure t
  11. Time for an update, it's been over five years since the last one. Core: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Noctua U14S MSI B550 Gaming Edge Wifi 4x8GB Crucial Ballistix 3600MT/s CL16 Sapphire RX 6800 Nitro+ Fractal Design Define 7 White, no window 750W Bitfenix Whisper M Storage: 1TB WD Black SN750 2TB Crucial MX500 960GB Sandisk Ultra II 256GB Crucial m4 Pioneer BDC-207DBK Blu-ray combo Peripherals: Topping VX1 DAC/amp Monitor Audio Bronze 2 bookshelf speakers Philips Fidelio X2 headphones Logitech MX Master mouse Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate, Cherry MX Brown keys
  12. The card arrived, so the build is now properly functional. Still have to move the old SSDs and optical drive over, but it's effectively done, having slowly accumulated these parts since October. God, modern video cards dwarf absolutely everything. Makes this full-sized ATX board look like microATX, and the case interior looks tiny. All including the RGB is completely irrelevant though, because... Yes it's staying in the dining room for now while I install Windows, make sure everything works correctly, and transfer the old bits.
  13. It's a gaming card with a green PCB, imagine that!
  14. So this project made a liar out of me, said I wasn't going to do the build just yet, but I was going to start out today just updating the BIOS as preparation. Ended up going all the way to a bootable system just for my peace of mind. Overall it's one of the stranger things I've done, plonked in my old 8800GT with one non-working fan on the Accelero S1 cooler that's on it. Had to cable tie the fan wire out of the way and plug it into the motherboard, but it turns out that was the broken fan so no matter. Reckon this'll be a bottleneck? Slight hitch in that I
  15. I did find it strange that the same store restocked the entire Sapphire range at the same time, yet only put a $10 difference between the Pulse and the Nitro. I probably would not have bitten on the Pulse at that price, just like I turned down a Powercolor Red Dragon for the same price last week. That said, overclocking probably isn't going to be a thing for me with this system, at least not for now. Possibly the opposite actually, I'm strongly considering operating the CPU in permanent Eco mode. I'm resisting the heavy airflow trend and sticking the thing in a Define 7 with just the stoc
  16. On Thursday I ordered a 5800X from Overclockers UK, and impressively it arrived today, with a public holiday in between as well. It's more than I had planned to spend on a CPU, but 5600X stock has completely dried up, and OCUK don't ship that overseas anyway (nor anything above the 5800X either). I could justify it because OCUK does not charge the 10% tax on behalf of the Australian government, and therefore the price ends up being a rather good $610AUD. This compares quite well to the MSRP of the 5600X which is $469, and the local 5800X at $699 (with street prices trending at $749). So w
  17. Trying the new civs in the forthcoming AoE2 expansion arriving later today (there's early access to the civs for purchasing now). I think something's gone slightly awry with my unit scaling however... Pictured are the old paladins from the year 2000, alongside the Burgundians' unique unit, the Coustillier. Similarly, the Burgundian castle sports brand new architecture: No doubt one of my mods are to blame, but amusing nonetheless.
  18. I want it to be Vernon Roche and instead of magic signs, you'd select from various profanities to use during battle.
  19. More co-op filler. - No Man's Sky. Loaded into the starting planet. Froze to death while trying to figure out the UI. Got bored walking several minutes to do tutorial fetch quest. Moving on... - Monster Hunter World. Absolutely worthless in co-op because you can't do the story in co-op mode unless you've already done each mission solo. Moving on... - Forza Horizon 3. Irritatingly makes you do an hour or two of solo content before allowing you to go into multiplayer. But it's cute, in a sort of uncanny valley Australia sort of way. Probably worth a few more sessions. One out
  20. Holiday time means local co-op time, and this year's titles were two EA games, courtesy of EA Play on Game Pass. Buy Game Pass (TM) today! Ahem. First up was Unravel 2. Gorgeous and adorable little platformer with fun physics, albeit fairly short, and at the end of it I couldn't make heads or tails of what it was meant to be about. I'm sure it was supposed to be something deep and meaningful about the human condition or something but in the end we just ended up scratching our heads. There are a bunch of challenge levels as "extra" content, but we didn't end up doing any past the first cou
  21. Go for two separate cables instead, it'll be more stable that way. Having multiple connectors for video cards per cable is sort of a compromise for people who run multiple video cards, which isn't something that really happens much these days.
  22. The Dell S2721DGF with relatively frequent discount codes can drop to about 300 quid. Same panel as the LG 27GL850 (LG make the panel), but easier to find discounts on the Dell.
  23. Solid, balanced build. If you have some things to think about: - The case doesn't have a USB-C port. If that would be something useful to you, look to (looking at other mesh type cases) the Corsair 4000D, Phanteks P500A, Fractal Design Meshify S2 (or the newer Meshify 2, but expensive), or be quiet! Pure Base 500DX. - I think the Cooler Master 212 line, while long having been the budget king, is starting to show its age. Of other products in this price range, consider the Arctic Freezer 34 (cheapest), be quiet! Pure Rock 2 (quietest) or Arctic Freezer 34 eSports Duo (best performance
  24. X570 has more PCI lanes, but that only matters if you want to run more than one PCI-E NVMe SSD, when a typical PC these days runs none. Generally speaking they just have more of what you already get, more fast USB ports, more SATA (if they choose to configure it to maximise that) ...and also more noise because they have an extra fan cooling the motherboard. Choosing a motherboard is largely down to picking one that has the features you need. Number of slots/ports (be it PCI-E, USB, M.2, SATA, whatever), Wi-Fi/Bluetooth inclusions, Gigabit Ethernet vs 2.5Gbit Ethernet, the quality of the o
  25. Given the whole console farce, suddenly I find myself rather more amenable to the concept of limited time exclusivity.
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