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  1. I'll most likely start SuperS not this coming week, but rather the next. Won't have much time to watch anything this upcoming week (and actually, I might not be on here as much either), but it'll be better after that.
  2. At the rate he's going, he might finish the entire show before I even start SuperS...goodness gracious. I had a month or two headstart at least on the lot of you, but I'm going to be the last to finish by far, .
  3. Well, let's not get crazy here, . The road to becoming Neo-Queen Serenity is a long one...it's a thousand years into the future, as a matter of fact. Flunking some grades in the 20th century did slow down her ascension by a few hundred years, but she still eventually got there, and that's what matters.
  4. Well, of course I did - it goes without saying that being turned into a giant tennis ball was obviously a highly traumatic yet meaningful experience critical to the growth of Usagi's character. Indeed, her turning into a giant tennis ball was really symbolic of the fact that she lacked her own agency early on in the show, not really having a clue what she was doing or was supposed to be doing and instead being entirely subject to the fortunes of deadly situations that were completely out of her control, while the greater players and shadowy puppet masters made her and the other Sailor Guardian
  5. That's definitely true in regards to "most anything isn't good". Sailor Moon has my "preferred" version of time travel, which is the 'dumb'-but-less-annoying single timeline kind (...as far as I can tell anyways). The main plot of Sailor Moon barely registers in my brain, though, so they probably could've had a hundred different timelines and it wouldn't have really mattered too much as long as the characters didn't get messed up. I'm looking 'forward' to experiencing SuperS in the near future to see just bad it is, though! Crappy story incoming (although the ending's not all bad): A
  6. Alternative/multiple timelines is one of my huge pet peeves in fictional universes. Whenever that happens, it's basically an "oh, so nothing of what I've [read/watched/played] mattered in the slightest even in-universe, and might as well just not have happened? alright, okay, yeah, cool, sayonara" kind of moment. And on a similar note, if you're gonna have time travel, it's gotta be the really dumb immutable, one timeline kind - even though singular timelines with time travel make absolutely no sense because the circumstances that would make one travel back in time to change something in the p
  7. Well, isn't that convenient? In regards to the "the original show was on the edge of a knife": it really is crazy how some stuff happens totally as a product of lucky happenstance - or the opposite, completely fails because of it. Pour one out for all the millions of great ideas, whether in entertainment or science or anything else, that people have had that didn't turn out because of some absolute random garbage happening that made it fail or be not even given a chance to happen at all. Sailor Moon made it for the most part, but was effectively the weird amalgamation of ideas, compromise
  8. How have you changed as a person as a result of watching Sailor Moon Crystal, @majestic? Any new grand insights on life to share with the rest of us? I've belatedly realized that majestic actually mentioned Star Wars in his previous post by way of the "Abeloth", so that wasn't what you meant. Whoops! In my defense, I have no clue what any of the Star Wars or Marvel-related crap you guys are/were talking about is, so my brain probably just ignored it.
  9. Actually...yes: I literally read that sentiment in the same thread multiple times, . And that's the Intel fan subreddit!
  10. 290W for an 8-core 125W TDP CPU seems...not ideal. Guess that's why it has to shut itself down every 25 seconds for 5-10 so it can not go into a nuclear meltdown. Although if you're running a crappy 5 second benchmark like userbenchmark, then I'm sure the results will indeed look great, . (e): Intel subreddit is calling it "Bulldozer Lake" and the "11700FX". Ouch.
  11. I think KaineParker was suggesting that SMC is actually part of the Star Wars EU, but I might've misinterpreted.
  12. Yeah, I've got the Ami special, but I've yet to watch it. There're two other specials as well called "Make Up! Sailor Guardians" and "Sailor Moon SuperS Special" (not the movie) that I've yet to check out too. Thank goodness Crystal is almost finally over - will you start a re-watch of it so that you can better appreciate it right after?
  13. lmao - in that case, I would also note that The Queen's Gambit really simply isn't as interesting as something like...I don't know, Breaking Bad or Dark, because it's a 7-episode miniseries where a lot of the show's time is spent on people who are unreasonably good at Chess, which fundamentally is just not all that interesting to me (especially because the show doesn't really meaningfully show the games themselves, but instead rather spends the most time on the emotions of the people playing - I started finding it repetitive and uninteresting after the first few times). But whatever, this show
  14. The Queen's Gambit. I'm through six episodes now, and have almost quit several times, but now that there's only one episode left, I suppose I might as well finish it. The first two episodes were the high points of what I've seen - a better mix of unpredictable darkness and some fun, sillier character stuff. Since then, it's just become an increasingly macabre misery where this predictable sea of mistakes is dominating everything that happens on-screen with nothing even approaching fun to balance it out. It's just too much: I figured this series would be dark, but I didn't expect utter bleaknes
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