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  1. There's no need to run. Stay a while and watch Sailor Moon with us, Bartimaeus is like 8 episodes from being done. (Also, haven't read or seen Slayers )
  2. Yes, Ami usually doesn't play video games. She even says she's never played a fighting game before, which makes this doubly worse. The writers clearly had no idea what they were writing about. Competitive fighting game playing is also really different from the casual fun you'd have in an arcade. Really, really different. While it of course depends on the game, it's often the two players just trying to hit each other with safe moves that can't be hard countered (mostly it is make a mistake and lose). If the game has combos that can be broken, then you won't see combos in high level play. O
  3. I'm going to do something that I find rather distasteful, but honestly, I see no other way around that. I have had it with this particular user and the entire branch he's working at for a long while now. I've just received an e-mail demanding billing support (not asking for, demanding) because there are apparently one hundred unrated orders and "ain't nobody got time to check that", therefore we should do their work for them. For fun I've done a cursory glance at a solid sample size and noticed that some of them were confirmed as zero (i.e. someone manually checked the order and confirmed
  4. I wonder if that has anything to do with the manga only having 10 issues instead of the 13 or 14 that Naoko Takeuchi usually did. Maybe they thought they'd be getting more episodes, because it's strange that only Minako got an episode where she is the clear focus that also deals with her ongoing problems of being a school girl, wanting to be an idol and having to save the world. Ami spending time with the professor who found a comet wasn't a very good focus piece (and not a great episode either - not bad, just not great). It's also possible that the writers didn't really know what to do w
  5. I'm hard pressed to come up with any anime I've watched that could compare to Sailor Moon, and certainly not when it comes to the combination of art style, tone and tropes. Not very surprising either. When it came out it was something new born out of old genres. There's been plenty of super sentai anime and magical girl stuff, but a combination of the two that transcended the limitations of either genre and that doesn't happen too often. In the end, even though really popular entertainment is often overrated, in this particular case there's a reason why many fans attribute liking anime at all
  6. What do you mean you're not rooting for Dracula?
  7. Sure thing, I wasn't entirely serious when I posted that, outside of actually liking the small bits from McD's more than their regular sized fries. That Steven's bits would be really terrible in real life is something else. Most of his food would probably be. Yeah, fittingly, IC's speed was the most... insane. He even blew through SuperS as if it wasn't terrible and sucks out all your motivation to watch. I never thought I would have this much fun revisiting Sailor Moon, even with SuperS factored in. Not trying to rain on your parade here, but Ami's First Love is also a special t
  8. It by far and large is. We don't have to tell him about SuperS, that might put him off. edit: Wouldn't eat wedges on their own. Or fries for that matter. Or anything that's only potatoes. Except baked potatoes with a nice sauce. Hmmm. We used to make those in my parent's wood stove when we were kids. There are also streetfood stands in winter time offering these. Usually. Not this year. Meh.
  9. This topic sure is going places. Sure he's got a point. Still, whenever I'm at McD's or anything like it, the little fry bits that are at the bottom of the paper bag are always my favorite. They're crunchy but usually not burnt black. I just realized that you only have like the video game con episode with Ami's horrible custome, Minako's focus episode and the last nice interaction episode before the storyline kicks off left. It'll be over really soon. I'm not sure how, but we really need to rope someone else into watching Sailor Moon. Any takers? edit: Fun fact, I ne
  10. The Bits are at least greasy and crunchy and a fun experience to much. So... yeah.
  11. For me that's mushrooms. People love the things, but I absolutely hate biting down on them. It's disgusting. The taste would be fine in most cases - there are some mushrooms that are better than others, of course, but it's the experience of eating them that turns me off. Ugh. Like potatoes in all variants though, even if they're just boiled in salt water and have some butter on top. Sigh. Now I'm hungry. No, that's a lie, I was hungry for a while now and it's just gotten worse. Still better than regular fries. Don't kill potatoes, fry them at least in wedge sized
  12. Turn on english subtitles. Get them from the internet if whatever you watch doesn't come with any. It's a twofer deal, you learn more of English's at times truly inane spelling and you get more easily used to the accents when you know what it's supposed to mean.
  13. Steven's onto something there though, isn't he? "The Bits" are clearly better than fries.
  14. Feeling a little shaken right now. In the past two weeks we've lost as many colleagues at work. One to COVID-19, and one to an aortic dissection. Both in their mid 30ies and otherwise perfectly healthy, and some of the nicest and most competent colleagues I've had the pleasure of working with.
  15. Watched a bit more of the first Madoka "film". The animation and sound quality are really much better - or that is because this has a bluray source and the anime I watched on Netflix. The scenes are obviously more detailed - see the pictures I posted before - but maybe the quality issue is also from using a streaming service. The material itself works just as well as it did the first time around. While you could say that the initial watch is full of surprises, a second watch doesn't fall short. The emotional impact doesn't rely on surprise at all, if anything, knowing what is going to happen m
  16. To be honest actually reading the manga, or at least parts of it so far was a major wakeup call. More than watching Crystal was. I don't think I've ever run into a deeper gulf between what seems to have been the creator intention, her statements (some which were probably made in anger while utterly stressed out) and the fanbase misunderstanding and misrepresenting everything while being incredibly militant about it. Plus an immense amount of people taking these fan statements at face value and perpetuating them even into professional reviews. In almost every review of the first Crystal se
  17. I have rewatched that episode and more or less made my peace with the scene. It is funny, until it suddenly isn't any more - specifically when Makoto changes her expression after a while, because then it turns from everyone is embarrassed to be stuck in this situation to Makoto looking like something embarrassing is underneath Ami's skirt. Which feels weird to me, within the context of the girls transforming next to each other like they usually do. Makoto's embarrassment here is for the benefit of the audience, not because it's something that makes sense for her in this scene, if that makes se
  18. One of the more beatiful things Sailor Stars does is to clear up what's going on with the two. I mean, beyond adding some subtext in the storyline episodes at the end that I immediately disregarded because Sailor Moon doesn't need homosexual subtext, and never needed it right from the start with Kunzite and Zoisite or Haruka and Michiru. There are parts of the fandom who spun an entire relationship between Ami and Makoto out of Ami asking Makoto to dance with her (and the scene in the first season where Ami fell over and Makoto stared under her skirt for a while). But seriously, if anythi
  19. Gothic emo lyrics and glam rockish sound. Consider me sold.
  20. I can imagine Sailor V being a better read than the Sailor Moon manga, if only simply because it features wacky Minako hijinks. When it comes to weekly releases that's one part nostalgia for me, because that's the only thing we had for a while. It conjures up memories of a time when we'd gather the family to watch a TV show in the evening, then talk about it in school, and one part having external pacing. I specifically mentioned not doing anything new until I'm done with everything I started (which as for right now is NGE, Steven Universe, more Sailor Moon, JoJo's bizarre adventure, Card
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