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  1. Well Belgrade is a city that has been leveled to the ground in more than a couple of wars, so architecturally it's a hodgepodge of different styles. Also with the Bosnian war more than a million Serbians were chased out of Croatia/Bosnia, so Belgrade had a very large influx of people in a short time which called for a lot of cheap buildings to be made.
  2. Those are what we have here too, but no 5900x and 5950x
  3. Yeeeeah, I can't say I remember good things from Mike from his days with Bioware so I'm not holding my breath for that studio.
  4. Left to buy a pack of cigarettes, huh... edit: Here you go Malcador, for the 7k.
  5. Started monkeying around with the save game files for Pathfinder Kingmaker, tried to edit a decision I made on an earlier quest (early enough for me to not want to backtrack). I tried to make 2 save files, both having different quest outcomes (yay for spamming saves), then doing a compare to see which lines in the code were different and it worked, but it wouldn't load as some other file in the container needed editing and I couldn't be assed to figure out witch. So I guess I will be without an advisor until I progress the quest, which sucks as I wanted to spam the advisor level upgrades until
  6. It's getting better and better in that it's getting worse and worse.
  7. Well I haven't been here as far back as you guys, for the better as I doubt I would have had anything of value to add back then (I'm unsure if I still do), but I mostly joined for the discussion on the "spiritual successor" of the Infinity Engine games and trying to talk some sense in to people regarding it. Nowadays I don't go outside of the Obsidian Community section, but then again I don't play games nearly as much as I used to. As for why am I still here...Why not, there are a lot of interesting people around here with their own opinions and it's nice to hear a different opinion.
  8. Pharaoh was mine. But that was a long while ago, I'm genuinely curios to see how I fell about them today.
  9. Damn, can't believe they made a game like that. Looking forward to kicking up some dusty nostalgia.
  10. https://i.imgur.com/2cg6z1i.mp4
  11. I can't decide if this is for the US politic thread or here.
  12. I can assure you that is not it. There is nowhere near that amount of camaraderie in Europe. I think that it's the mystery of it, Witcher 3 had no small amount of success and that together with the small amount of information they gave about the game in the previous years created a hype that fed upon it self. I think them not managing expectation is going to bite them in the ass.
  13. Yeah, no... That is a way to make more money. It's pretty much just greed that pushes you to do that stuff. There are plenty of youtubers with integrity who don't do most, if any, of that stuff. They chose to go down that route, just like most gaming companies, for an example, chose to make games that will entice the most amount of people to buy it and those companies get much deserved criticism. Both do it because it's easier and I couldn't care less for either.
  14. That really doesn't excuse him in the least.
  15. I guess Jensen squared happens.
  16. I made peace with not going for a new PC this year.
  17. Battery claims are true it seems and the performance seems to be better on the native apps, the only downside for users is that the 3rd party app support is still in progress (some apps are emulated while others don't work).
  18. @LadyCrimson Once you get used to the Magic remote it's great, your going to start to try doing the movements with regular remotes.
  19. I just skip through the episode to see where the story is going. Morbid curiosity maybe.
  20. The jury is still out on if it's a remake or continuation. The last part was supposed to come out in Japans theaters this year in June, but has since been delayed till January. Here is the quote that circling the web (I copied this from Quora, but it's pretty similar to what I read before) "Anno didn’t like any of Yuko Miyamura’s line reads. So he said to her Miyamura, imagine that a man broke into your house at night, and while you’re asleep he masturbates over you. He could rape you, but he chooses to do this instead. He doesn’t touch you, but you’re somehow aware this happened. How
  21. A sequel to the Keanu Reeves Constantine is coming out it seems. I think I'm one of the few people who liked the movie.
  22. Yup, that's Evangelion, but on following watchthroughs I personally liked it more. Shinji is the original emo kid that is going through puberty. The only thing I never understood was why at the end Asuka says "how disgusting", the most popular theory her becoming aware of what Shinji did while she was in the hospital. Now you have to watch the Rebuild of Evangelion for further mind****ery.
  23. I mean if Obama got a Peace Prize...
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