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  1. Not to play an internet doctor, but if the calf is swollen go see a doctor it could be a blood clot.
  2. And I heard nothing but praises for them... If it's any consolation I used D-Link and TP-Link and had them die in 2-3 years too (I did screw with the D-Link and installed third party firmware on it). I also got an Asus for my family and what I like about them is that they don't gate their firmware updates for different hardware revisions, ie. each hardware revision gets it's own firmware update. I got screwed with TP-Link and got a v2 version of it's router when there was already v4 or v5 out there.
  3. The last time he played for us was also not very pleasant for him, but the coach has been changed since...
  4. There were some updates, but nothing really substantial. What kind of updates are you expecting? We pretty much know how the game looks and plays, the only thing left is the release date which will be late 2021, but more then likely 2022.
  5. Jokic declined to play for his country in the Olympic games... Kind of sucks considering he would have been part of one of the greatest lineups we had in a long while. The only thing that really bothered me is his excuse not to play. He should have manned up and said he didn't want to play and left it at that.
  6. I made my peace with the direction MS is taking Windows after 7 came out, so I am not really concerned with anything after.
  7. Wonder if bees conduct electricity.
  8. It was a good story line. Hopefully this is the season that kicks it off for them and the next ones only get better.
  9. @Malcador Do you find the game to be scary at all? The whole time I was playing it I was under the impression that they wanted it to be a horror game...
  10. My god was that stream painful and boring to watch. They had so little trailers they decided to fill it with Q&As. That was such a bad idea...
  11. The Kominsky Method Short, to the point and overall very good. Really liked this show.
  12. Finished Subnautica BZ. This is pretty much more of the original, although I feel they simplified it by a fair margin. All in all, still a good game. Also Titan>Seatruck.
  13. Yeah, as far as I know the US tanks hold up well when compared to others and, as Zoraptor said, when doing tank stuff.
  14. The funny thing is that when similar protests happened in Serbia in 2020 and people stormed the Capitol and the police dispersed them (no one killed or seriously injured), the US was fast to object the government oppression of peoples right to protest. When it happens in the US, then it's terrorism and insurrection. Sweet, sweet irony...
  15. Damn, so weird seeing the US lag behind in military tech.
  16. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/may/28/eu-pledges-funding-belarus-transition-democracy Hahaha, so this is the EU democracy... Anyways I think they miscalculated on the correct number, as I'm pretty sure they get more from Russia annually.
  17. Got them all. I know why they did it and what the point is, it's just that the sub was cooler to pilot and cooler design. You felt powerful in the sub, while the truck is just dinky.
  18. Playing Subnautica BZ, having fun as it's as engaging as the first part. I don't know how to feel about the land part yet. Also I miss the sub, the seatruck just ain't the same.
  19. Any country that relied on the covax program, a bunch made other arrangements.
  20. Much less vertical gameplay in Days Gone and much less urban locations, the big selling point for it are the Hordes, the gameplay around them and the voice acting. It's a different experience to Dying Light for sure.
  21. Very slow burn, takes some time for the story to kick off, so if you give it a go arm yourself with patience. Otherwise a very good game for the fans of the genre.
  22. There would have been no need for relocation had Stalin not executed most of his military leadership.
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