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  1. Hey everyone, I'm sorry you are still running into this issue. Unfortunately I'm not expecting any patches to fix this as the team has moved on to other projects, but if you send me a copy of your save file to support@obsidian.net and let me know of the issue there, I should be able to at least fix your positioning in the game so you can continue your playthrough. I hope this helps and sorry for the longstanding issue.
  2. Hello and sorry for the trouble you are having with Pillars of Eternity on the Xbox. I see that you reached out to our support site which is the best place if you run into any troubles. Last I can see in the email thread, our support specialist was hoping to get some more information about the issue from you if you are still running into the loading issue. If not, no worries! Thanks @Amentepfor helping them reach out to us at support
  3. Hello Wax, There should already be a Font Scaling slider labeled as "Text Size" implemented into the game that the programmers added after release. This should be in the game settings in the UI tab at the top of the screen. The first option in this menu should be the "Text Size" slider that should allow you to adjust the font. If you are not finding this slider for some reason, I would double check to make sure you have the latest version of the game installed as this feature was added in an update and will not be on the disc version of the game without getting updates. If your ve
  4. Hello Danjo, I'm sorry you're running into this issue while trying to start your adventure. I downloaded your files and tested it out on my end and everything seemed to be working OK. There were a bunch of errors that I noticed in the output_log.txt file, so I sent that and some of the others to one of the programmers who worked on Deadfire to see if they can find what the cause might be. In the meantime, I traveled to Port Maje and created an updated save that I was wondering if you'd be able to try out. If you could message me at support@obsidian.net, so we can start a thread th
  5. It looks like there is a setting where the modular widgets were showing up on threads with 3 or more pages by default. There doesn't seem to be an off option, but I was able to increase the page limit to the max of 100 pages, so as long as you all don't post so much to hit that limit, you should only see those widgets on the Home page at this point I hope this helps!
  6. Hey everyone! We increased the post width. Is this better or worse than the narrower size from before? All feedback whether we act on it or not is amazing, so thanks for contributing
  7. Hey Lexx, Thank you for the feedback! Unfortunately the theme we were using for the Invision forums was no longer being updated by the creator of the theme. As a result, we've had to edit Invision's default theme which has made things a bit bigger. We are still working on making tweaks here and there to get the aesthetic as good as we can so you may notice small changes over time. As for the content on the side, if that's gone, by default it doesn't expand the main content in the center as the layout is modular, but I'll bring this up with the team to see if streamlining the design is
  8. Before posting: Please do a quick search of our forums to make sure what you have found has not already been reported. If it has, please add your information to that thread. If it has not already been reported, please make a new thread to share what you have found. It is important that you search for reported issues FIRST before making a new thread, as this helps us keep better track of what is being reported and how many players are being affected. Description: Describe the issue that is occurring. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: List the steps of how to ma
  9. Hello everyone! Today we released hotfix patch 0.2.2 for all players. This patch includes the following change: TOP COMMUNITY ISSUES Fixed an issue introduced in 0.2.1 that caused some saves to fail to load for some players. We want to thank you all for your patience while we worked on a fix for this issue, and we want you to know that we are working hard to find fixes for the other issues you have been reporting. To stay current with the commonly reported issues and to follow their status, please visit our Grounded Issue Tracker Trello Board, or you ca
  10. Hello everyone, I'm sorry you are all running into this issue with the UI while trying to play Pillars. Would any of you happen to have a save file you could send to us at support@obsidian.net so we can have a programmer take a look into this? I'd be super appreciative if you did Thank you for letting us know about this map issue and sorry again for all the trouble it has been causing your games.
  11. Update 0.2.0 has arrived! Included in the update are the following changes and fixes we've made to the game. NEW FEATURES Bird! - Includes new crafting materials and recipes from bird feathers. Perk system with 13 unique perks to discover! New BURG.L Quest types: Artificer (crafting quests) and Chipsleuth (quests asking you to locate BURG.L chips). Added Fence buildings (Sprig and Acorn). Added Table buildings (Grass and Clover). Added Water Flea ambient insect to flooded biome. CHANGES / TUNING COMBAT Buffed damage on the Spider Fa
  12. Hello Tom! I know there are some issues with things not respawning due to the freezing time issue, so I'm not sure if that is the case in your game. There is also the issue of tier 2 weeds not respawning properly. Clay, Dandelions, Grass, and Quartzite should all respawn after 72 hours pass and then sleeping at a lean-to, but the Quartzite at the mite cave will not respawn. Sorry for a lack of presence on the forums as we are very short handed and are trying to get more help here soon. If you have any issues to report or feedback to provide, please let us know at support@obsidian.
  13. Thank you for playing Grounded! Grounded is currently in Game Preview/Early Access, and as such, unfortunately has a few… bugs, pardon the pun. The team is working hard to update the game often and below are some workarounds that may be helpful. To help make sure we share the most up-to-date information with you regarding current known issues in Grounded, we will utilize our Grounded Issue Tracker. Feel free to bookmark this page as it provides us with more opportunities to share the current status on known issues and when specific fixes have been applied. We appreciate all of these
  14. Hey Kristen, Sorry for any confusion with the release time. We traditionally release games at 10:00AM PT which would be 13:00PM ET for you. At this point it should be live in about 15 minutes Sorry again for any trouble the timing may have caused and I hope you enjoy your time in the backyard!
  15. Hey everyone, Unfortunately for Deadfire, Nvidia and Versus Evil were unable to come to an agreement that would allow for Deadfire or any other Versus Evil titles to be on the GeForce Now platform. I reached out to Versus Evil and they said that for the moment, they don't have plans for games on GeForce Now, but it's possible that it could happen in the future if they can come to an agreement. I hope this helps clarify the future of Deadfire on GeForce Now and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this can happen.
  16. Hello again everyone, We are still looking into this issue but are having a bit of trouble getting a reproduction case so that the programmers can see what is causing the issue. From what I've seen in other threads online, some players have been able to bypass this by tapping the assigned input commands quickly. It's not a fix, but I'm hoping it'll help some of you so you can continue your adventure while we try to sort this out. If anyone is also able to get a video of what is happening here, that would be amazing as well. Thanks again for letting us know about this issue and for
  17. Hey everyone, The team is still looking into this issue, but are unable to reproduce the issue on their PlayStations. If any of you are able to obtain one of your affected save files and send them to us at support@obsidian.net, that would be extremely helpful. If needed, instructions on how to transfer the save data to a USB device so it can be put onto a computer can be found here. We would need two files that would look like these (but possibly different numbers: "TheOuterWorlds0006" and "TheOuterWorlds0006.bin" Thank you all for your help and patience with this issue.
  18. Hey Everyone, Sorry for this issue with the leveling system. What platform are you all using to play The Outer Worlds? From what I've been able to see so far it seems like it's mostly an Xbox One issue but I want to be sure to help us narrow this down. Unfortunately the delay on this has been that we have yet to get a reproduction in-house to be able to see what is happening to the game in the background so we can fix it, but we are still looking into this. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience this has been causing.
  19. Hello Querido, I'm sorry for the trouble the controls have been giving you during your playthrough. I'm not sure if the team was planning on changing any of the options to rebind keys more than can already be done, as last I heard the ones they prevent from changing would likely break the game. Regardless, I can at least bring this up by putting a report for this in our system for the team to review. I hope you've been able to play The Outer Worlds in the meantime and hope that you've enjoyed it so far. Thank you for reaching out to us about this and sorry for the inconvenienc
  20. Hey everyone, Sorry for the delay, but I was curious if the last patch ended up fixing the crashing issues. Though the main focus was to fix the end of the game crash, it should have resolved much of the mid game crashes as well. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience all the crashes caused.
  21. Hey everyone, Sorry about this PS4 save issue. The team is looking into this and are trying to pinpoint the cause so they can know what exactly needs to be fixed so you don't have to keep going back to older saves. Would you folks be able to tell me if you installed The Outer Worlds using a CD or if you digitally downloaded the game? Thank you, and sorry for the mega inconvenience this is causing.
  22. Hello VooJoo, It seems like there may be other folks having this issue as well. The dev team has been made aware of this issue and will be looking into it. If you discover anything else about this, please continue to post about it here so that the devs will see it during their investigation. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing your playthrough.
  23. Hello SeventhObject, It seems like there may be other folks having this issue as well. The dev team has been made aware of this issue and will be looking into it. If you discover anything else about this, please continue to post about it here so that the devs will see it during their investigation. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing your playthrough.
  24. Hello Gnume, Thank you for reporting this. The dev team has been made aware of this and are looking into a resolution to get this fixed. If you discover anything else, please continue to post about it on the forums. Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience this caused your playthrough.
  25. Hello Grooner, Thank you for the feedback about active UI elements. I totally understand the concern regarding any image burning that may occur when playing a game with constant UI. I put in a request for the devs to consider for their post release patches. If you think of anything else, please feel free to continue posting about them in the forums. Thanks again and I hope you are enjoying The Outer Worlds!
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