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  1. For those of you who are interested in a bit of insight into the 30-series supply, here's a webpage from proshop, a company that sells to scandinavia, germany, poland and austria https://www.proshop.se/RTX-30series-overview
  2. Now, I'm on the way to 0.2333% of the Swedish stock
  3. Yeah, you're right. And in this case we supposedly have infinity cache that we can't account for and a dismal memory bandwidth instead.
  4. Rumors say the news went out to everyone at the same time, us, gaming journalists and employees.
  5. Black friday and the christmas bull**** is coming up so I have to, Jason Schreier QQs about "crunch" all the time, he should try working as a postal worker during this period. From December onwards, I'm working 7 days a week and 10-12 hours, and it's not going to be enough.
  6. Synthetics mean absolutely nothing. The Vega 7 did extremely well in synthetics for instance, but was mediocre in real gaming.
  7. Yeah, my boss is going to kill me, I had 15 days vacation time from Nov 16 to dec 4th. This is getting ****ing annoying. They should just ditch the new consoles and release for the old consoles and pc and focus their efforts. Or just delay the game indefinetly, shut down their PR campaign and start it again a week before release.
  8. I might've spent way too much time in the Cyberpunk reddit
  9. Mmmm... knäckebröd Mmm.... Knäckebröd with some caviar and eggs..
  10. Since we are going with speculatory things https://www.igorslab.de/en/amd-radeon-rx-6000-the-actual-power-consumption-of-navi21xt-and-navi21xl-the-memory-and-the-availability-of-board-partner-card-exclusive/ Navi 21XT ~320W Get those Sweatbands ready boyos, red or green, it's gonna get toasty.
  11. I'm going to have a blast looking at the userbenchmarks site to see what hoops they are going to jump through to invalidate AMD being single thread king.
  12. I honestly do. If vegetarians want to eat cow patties or veggiedongs, they're free to, just don't call it hamburgers or sausages when they don't contain meat, just as subway "bread" is cake.
  13. "Two days later" LadyC; ... I may or may not have bought a litter of kitties Damn, and you managed to kill it. With nuclear fire even. Nice
  14. Y'all ever heard of a reverse exorcism? It's when the devil tells the priest to exit the childs body.
  15. Ofcourse, was just hopping on the bandwagon for a bit. If the AMD Radeon releases to impressive enough ray tracing benchmarks, and I still haven't recieved the 3080, then I'd probably consider switching. Redesigning their gpu for an incompatible node in 8 months sounds impressive. I'd wager that if they got any wafers from TSMC at all, the redesign would take atleast a year.
  16. I might have to cancel my theoretical order of a hypothetical 3080 then
  17. ****, I will miss him. Loved hearing from him when he popped on the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, and his talks were amazing.
  18. Haha, yeah! I was quickly there with antiseptics and waterproof bandaids before I got back to work. I was quite distracted by the pain from the elbows and didn't notice the like 8cm gash in the hip until a little bit after I came home and had sat for a while by the computer. Went to stand up and noticed that the pants were rather sticky! I had a tetanus shot from when I broke my finger though, and some chlorhexidine cleaning later it looks mostly fine now except some mild bruising. We'll see if it's better tomorrow Thank you! He probably had a Radeon 295x!
  19. Managed to take a tumble of the work tractor today, caught myself in the fall on both of my elbows, the right one got a small gash but is swollen like all hell, the left one still hasn't stopped bleeding but it's quite small.
  20. Got called in to work extra. Instead of starting at 11.45 to 21, I'm workin 10 to 21. (In 9½ hours.) Now I'm not going to get any proper sleep, I'm going to be worried about oversleeping. Edit; Also, I remembered that I forgot my pizza and soda in the car. *Looks at thermometer* So that'll be ice and cold. /bow
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