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  1. You can have some from us, on the west coast of Sweden we've had alot of rain so far this month, map; we're past the point of having a "mild winter" aswell, we've now officially skipped winter and gone from Autumn to spring.
  2. Thank you very much! I confess that I'm unbelievably hyped about it, for some reason I have this weird tingling sensation in my body, I think it's called "hope"? I have to get the licence before summer, which means that my 3 month vacation gets cancelled, and passed on to the next division of the company, and I'm cure they will be VERY happy to have to distribute 58 days of vacation time! This is excellent news though, since Cyberpunk got delayed, and the boss didn't want to cancel the already planned vacation time, hehehe! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  3. Sooooo, got a text message from my boss yesterday, and a phonecall from his underling today, the bosses are putting me in queue for a plain "C" truck drivers licence! I drive during working hours and study the theory on my spare time, so I get paid while learning. I have to stay signed for the company for 3 years, but **** it, I can live with that
  4. Oh, I wasn't as much saying that you should do it yourself as that he wouldn't need to do more than use a repair kit himself. As I said, it seems overkill for a standard motor. It is a good idea to fix other things that will be easier to do once the engine is out though yeah, those engines have some troubles I've heard.
  5. I'd agree with him if you were driving a WRC Subaru or similar, a turbo charged sports version, but from what I know you've got a plain naturally aspirated version, if so then it should be able to handle your needs more than enough, I've got two of those sleeves in my car from when I bought it (Before me, only repaired in Volvo shops; Two stripped plugs and the oil pan plug aswell), and I'm running a turbo that's been upped from 0.3 to 0.8 Bar/11.5Psi boost, and I've redlined it frequently enough, and they still hold in place. Granted that I might be lucky in this one case. His variant will definetly be stronger and more secure, that I'm sure of, the question would be if you actually need it. I personally would go for the cheaper variant first, but I've got 3 extra heads on my own, and access to dozens more so I might be a bit overly brazen here. They are absolutely right about the "good" years though, atleast when it comes to a DIY person. Modern cars with fiddly fickle ****ing frustrating functions are the bane of my will to drive cars... I want a knob or switch that I can just feel what setting it is in without having my eyes leave the road.
  6. I would probably throw a fit hearing the prices they take, I know what the dealer wants for new spare parts for my '98 Volvo... I spent two hours doing the service on my own car, changed oil, coolant, almost all the seals. Parts, oil and coolant cost me 350$. ... just for my own drunken amusement I checked the prices for a flight to San Fransisco. It'd be cheaper to fly there and fix it, then go back, hahaha! I really dislike "professional" mechanics, it's insane how much they overcharge.
  7. 3000$?! That sounds like a real con-job to me. What model is it? As far as I know the sparkplugs are all held in place the same way, with screw threads. There are ready-made kits for that as far as I know, he doesn't have to bore anything, it's a job you can do by hand. Sure, it'll be a headache with the boxer engine design, but I bet your husband can do that in less than an hour per stripped plug. If he decides to do it, make sure he knows to start the engine without the currently rethreaded holes plug in it so that the engine can blow the metal bits out of the plug hole. If you have a turbo-charged car, don't do that - you'll have to unmount the turbo or you'll ruin it. Might be easier to just manually crank the engine a bit and fish out the aluminium bits in whatever fashion he wants. Then again, that price might not be much in 'Murica, I really don't know how that'd compare to here. Checked what a universal kit would cost over here, and it's around 12$ for a low quality one...
  8. No, Swedes - the drivers are a mix of eastern europeans though. I respect the Poles more, the ones at work are generally more serious than the others. Atleast the guys I went of on was a Swede, the others might've been Poles for all I know.
  9. I think I have an effect on people I'm angry at. Foreign drivers at work are scared of me, because of the yelling I do when I get pissed off, but I chaulked it up to the fact they were afraid to lose their jobs or that they'd have to pay repairs out of their own pocket. Turns out it's something else. On friday the crapenters working on my sis's house right next to mine, borrowed some electricity by unplugging my timer for the engine heater, and that night it was -7C and my car ofcourse was caked in ice and I gave them a royal dressing-down that most of the neighbours told me they heard. On the afternoon the workers left just in about the time that they'd heard my car approaching, didn't think much of it, it was friday afterall. This morning it turns out they'd left their little hut connected to the same extention-cord I use for my engine heater, so the fuse had blown, and I reacted... appropriately. Today they left one hour before I got home. XD
  10. I accidentally discovered CTRL+ALT+arrow keys at work, that amused me for weeks, teasing the coworkers until no end =D
  11. The most time I spent at a wedding (as an adult) was my sisters one, 15 minutes drive to pick up the the marriage officiant, 10 minutes of ceremony, then I drove the officiant to her next stop and went home.
  12. Well done MedicineDan, it's impressive It's chaos at work, we've got a record number of people calling in "sick", probably because of being scared of the Corona virus. xD
  13. Heh, yeah, after much searching I found a tiny bag with a tiny screw, but no mounting fixture. I managed to get one from a friends old motherboard though, so I've finally installed it! Good thing to, because I couldn't find any loose ones to buy.. It was a huge headache to install it though, the screw wasn't magnetized and I couldn't for the life of me get it on the mounting point - I had to get a piece of scotch-tape to fix it to the end of the screwdriver before I could finally get it into place. Worth it though, damn it's fast!
  14. Decided that, after like... 6 months wait, it was time to install the M.2 disk I bought. Can't find the mounting screws.
  15. Well, he's looking for a job, so he might've been unemployed. I know from 10 years of experience at being unemployed that unemployment does give you alot of free time to kill. And somehow I managed to get a job with tonnes of free time to kill aswell. FML.
  16. Better everything from what I've read; more energy at greater range, better aerodynamics, less deflection from soft cover because of more kinetic energy and heavier projectile. Well, weight would be the exception, though the round is slightly lighter than 7.62Nato
  17. I love cold weather, snow and ice is everything nice in my world. Sweden has had a pretty piss poor January though;
  18. Well, there's basically nothing to produce today, especially compared to christmas. It's dead here. I've been sitting on my ass, not drinking enough coffee, for 4h and worked a total of 15 minutes. I did kill a bit of time speaking to a driver here for 45 minutes. Without interruptions. ._.
  19. The water heater at my workplace broke, so they've turned off the water... I've got to ration coffee, and it's doing terrible things to my temper ;_;
  20. I'm a bit annoyed by them to be honest, I never find their DLCs interesting at all, I just want more of Artyoms story. I'd have wanted extra areas and such instead, hell even an epilogue expansion or something like that.
  21. I don't know if anyone actually posted this here, but I read it in some article a while ago;
  22. Yes, it's true that much of it is PR but PC gamers has proven themselves to be incapabale of staying away before; And considering the amount of people that plays/played fortnite, a decent amount of the market already has an Epic account and most likely wouldn't care about trying to boycott the store.
  23. The DLC's is the only thing I really dislike about Call of the Wild, not so much the new areas, but the weapon packs and such really stray into pay to win territory. You get the guns immediately and don't have to unlock them with ingame money and experience, and some of the weapons straddle classes so you have a free multipurpose gun instead of several different ones. If you want something more quick paced, you should go for Generation Zero, same engine, a massive map and robots to kill, while they don't tug as hard in your wallet.
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