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  1. It honestly doesn't look that it'll actually end that well..
  2. That I honestly would be surprised about. You using Windows 10 you still can't call a file con, aux, prn, lst and more.
  3. Oh yeah, I've got some 50 metres of coax cables around my house that we used to have for networking, not to mention tonnes of old IDE drives and whatnot, I know I've got an ISA riser aswell
  4. I think that might actually exacerbate the problem, I don't think the chair is high enough, or the desk deep enough to fit a chair, my wrists barely fit on the desk while the keyboard can't go further in because it's resting on the foot of the display that is shoved to the windowsill. Atleast I had time to get up and walk ten laps around the gatehouse, that's atleast 200 metres. That has to count for a daily walk, right? Not to mention that I can't see the drivers
  5. We used to have one here, but they removed it in favour of low wooden desks that are 5 cms above knee height. So yeah, I'm looking down at the screen, eye height is about 25cms higher...
  6. Work. Rusty legs on a link that ****ed me up, was going to pull out the support legs when they suddenly got stuck, and then I had a massive bruise on the upper arm. Bruise is long gone, but I've got some massive pains. The neck got messed up from misjudging the distance when reversing some trailer or such. Steel and concrete stops against steel and I get an unexpected headbang session, do that over a few years time. I think.
  7. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-07-11-capcoms-anti-tamper-measures-might-be-causing-resident-evil-villages-poor-pc-performance I'll be trying this when I get home to see if it's true, I might actually pick it up again.
  8. On a whole 'nother less pleasant note. I've got a herniated disc in my neck and a strained muscle in my right arm, my physical therapist told me to not sit by a computer or do too much heavy labour with my right arm, which is exactly what all my current work details entail. I'm stuck behind a desk for 4 ****ing weeks, and I haven't had a proper break for more than 30 seconds the past few hours. I couldn't get put on sick leave tho', noooo... -.-
  9. I decided that instead of taking money from my friend for my old computer parts, I traded it for some fishing gear. So I went fishing, caught 3 "common roaches", and 8 perch, it could've been a couple more but I didn't hook 'em proper so they tore off. They weren't the biggest really, only 3 of them that was worth keeping, but as I remembered not having a proper fillet knife I tossed them back in. Still, was a real nice morning!
  10. I was glad to never participate in the local Vampire LARP, every other weekend people were designing new characters for themselves, usually from getting caught in some kind of plot that usually ended in their demise.
  11. I will freely admit that Saabs look better generally speaking compared to Volvo, I prefer the looks of Volvo though. To be fair, Volvo made tanks up until 1999 when they sold to Ford. =(
  12. I'm going to go off on a bit of a tangent here, but I'm seriously considering building one, if one were to play by the old rules of Volvos model numbering series/cylinders/doors, I want to put the Volvo 850 turbo engine in and registering it as a Volvo 954
  13. So a station wagon then. I wholehearedly recommend the Volvo 145/245/745 or 940. If you're worried about having trouble reaching the rear door, I can point you to a Volvo Duett, the doors hinge to the sides Volvo has the solution. Volvo is life.
  14. Not so much the town strip as down a straight road right by work There's a red light and speed limit is 80 right after the lights, so that's what we set the limit to. Is there a special reason why you don't want a sedan?
  15. My friend brought his Skoda diesel to service around the time of the hubbub about manufacturers cheating the exhaust tests, and was quite dismayed to find that once he got his car back it was all of a sudden slower than my standard Volvo, which he could beat easily before.
  16. Oh, just you wait... You think you hate it when Windows 10 updates and **** goes wonky? Then imagine your car recieving an update and starting to think that, no, I'm not a Crosstrek, I'm a BRZ and the dashboard going from MPH to KMH Or when it bluescreens! =P
  17. I can tell you with 100% certainty that it doesn't react to fog. -.-
  18. The thing is that they don't until it's really dark, sure the lights turn on in tunnels and the like, but not in twilight/early night, especially up here. And, if it's a dark or grey car they will blend into the surroundings. 36 mpg sounds low, did you get the conversion right? If I really take care my old Volvo 940 does 30mpg, and that's a 250hp 2.3L turbo. How many litres/10km?
  19. My personal peeve with newer cars would be the DRL lights come dusk/night. The vast majority of people tend to forget to turn on the proper lights.
  20. I just never found a real need of them, I just squinted like Clint Eastwood instead. Not at all because I didn't realize there were sunglasses that don't hook behind the ears. If I could find a pair that doesn't rest on the nose aswell and just hovers infront of my eyes, I'd buy that. How do you even do stuff? I get bent out of shape when the temperature goes above 20C, at 30C I get fatigued from walking between the front door and my car... Now at 10pm the temperature is about 23C outside, and it's expected to hold there, so no real rest for me tonight. I hope you do get some nice rains soon. But not too much, no need for floods!
  21. We've had almost 30C the past two days, and I'm low key dying ... On another note, bought sunglasses today. First sunglasses in my life, they're kinda nice actually, got a pair that doesn't hook behind the ears
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