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  1. Humanity is slamming that button hard though, so it'll fix itself soonish
  2. Also ättestupet right next to the walking path is too much of a temptation
  3. Well, I was told to keep working and stuff like that, so either she didn't understand the words coming out of my mouth or she's under pressure from the government to not put anyone on sickleave under any circumstances. Jogging is really not an option, like ever, I can skate, ice or inlines, or skii but I've never actually jogged or ran my entire life Walking is definetly not for me though, that one is most definetly off the table.
  4. @RaitheI'm sorry to hear about your father. I tried doing the exercises I got from my physical therapist yesterday and they're a massive pain in the arse. I'm supposed to lift my arms straight out to the side to about the height of my shoulder with some rubber band and it's impossible to do, it's just way to much pain. The only thing I can actually do without much problem is rowing and walking, rowing aint so bad, but I can't for the life of me stand walking, way to much **** that starts to pop into my head that I don't want there when I'm trying to keep walking.
  5. Beyond the anouncement itself I've not ready any good news, so..
  6. My dissapointment is immesurable, and my day is ruined. If I want to throw money at something I don't believe in I'll donate money to a church or Star Citizen
  7. I just punish people that are foolish enough to ask how I feel. I tell them exactly how I'm doing, though they keep asking me all the time anyway
  8. This monday is off to a wonderfully monday start, and I'm butting heads with other people who tell me the usual obvious stuff so that it seems they are doing work. -.-
  9. You're not alone, I doubt it will be anything in it worthy of the name.
  10. I'm way too attached to my car, I don't have a name for her, but I've spent a total of atleast 4000€ on repairs.. And 4000€ on upgrades. So far, there's more to do, soo much more!
  11. I hadn't heard of them before, thanks for the recommendation!
  12. Bloody hell, my sympathies, kidney stones are something I'm massively worried about. Oof, yeah, that sucks, I've had that happen with my car aswell, I had a headgasket leak but didn't notice it until I had stopped at a supermarket on my way home from work. I went in and bought a couple of things, and when I came out to start the engine it turned over for a quarter second or something and just jammed. Hydrolock. Popped the hood, the expansion tank was completely empty. I refilled it and went home and had my father come by the next day to help check, the tank was empty again... I cooked the engine and warped the engine head, so I had to get it milled, thankfully the engine block is cast iron so it had given basically zero ****s.
  13. The region I live in opened up vaccines to everyone above 18 at the same time, meaning everyone between 18 and 40 is trying to get a time for vaccination. Everythings booked up for two weeks.
  14. They are annoying ****y little ****s because they can't be killed.
  15. Sounds like you've never gone through little lamplight...
  16. I know I've posted this before, but I really like it, 'kay?
  17. There's video of the Coelacanth. The article is from the Institute of Creation Research which in itself lends it zero credibility. And a herd of sauropods would definetly have been found by now, even in the jungles of congo.
  18. Oh, never heard of that, but it must be hard to compete with the dropbears!
  19. Yeah, no, yet again - you'd need hundreds to keep a population, we'd have found credible evidence if there were hundreds of dinosaurs there.
  20. Hundreds That's the number of creatures there'd have to be to keep up a viable population, and what are they to eat? There's not that much fish in loch ness.
  21. I'm living in a house were the foundations were laid in the 18th century. I have yet to experience any credible evidence of anything supernatural. Except the craftmanship of the people that built the house that is, it's kind of amazing. If you discount that the house is not built for someone that is even close to over 170cms height.
  22. He does sort of talk about those things in his video, not specifically about IDE, but there are companies out there that run old hardware and such, and will need that support. I know that the sorting machine that we have at work uses a parallel port since it was "modernized" before USB. I know that the ECU for my fathers car uses a serial port and it's from around 2012. I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea, but they do. Also; https://www.startech.com/en-se/cards-adapters/pex2ide
  23. I sure hope their drivers are morning people...
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