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  1. Lucky bastard, I have/had 4 cavities in my teeth when I went to check. Still have one temporary filling to fix. My car's fine though!
  2. Yeah, basically. The only countries that has signed the agreement to treat Estonia as a gravesite is Sweden, Estonia and Finland, so technically anyone from the other countries could go there and do an investigation, but the Swedish Navy has a habit of disrupting diving attempts to the wreckage that isn't sanctioned by the Swedish government. Sweden is taking charge of the site in a really aggressive way.
  3. The survivors and relatives of the victims and much of the public opposed it, because it would stop future investigation of the wreckade, and so they stopped the proposal. Source from a Swedish documentary from 2006 https://sverigesradio.se/avsnitt/83904?programid=2519 Between ~37:30 and ~47:00
  4. So there has been some new footage released from the wreckage of MS Estonia that shows the hull steel is bent outwards and that the steel is darkened. They think that this is either ferrous oxide because of the low oxygen environment or it is from pyrotechnics, but they have yet to sample it. Direct adress for the article. https://sverigesradio.se/artikel/swedish-radio-exclusive-new-official-footage-of-hole-in-sunken-estonia-reveals-surprising-discovery
  5. Normally I hold of booze until after 9, but I guess 10am will have to do.
  6. @Guard Dog I'm very sorry to hear about Sunny. Stay strong mate.
  7. Yeah, it seems the world is conspiring to raise electronics prices.
  8. I juuuust got off an online tabletop session with my mates, playing a quick improvised Eberron campaign, and it wasn't bad. I didn't like the virtual dice rolling though, I got no real exitement over the die-rolls since it's all computerized and feels disconnected. Still though, managed to drink half a bottle of rum along with it and had good fun.
  9. I'm going to try this against the hornets that decided to build a nest in my roof. I'd prefer to spray some Citronella oil to burn coffee grounds.
  10. I think it's more like Satan, you acknowledge his existence and then pray he doesn't acknowledge yours.
  11. Really? I completely missed that, but then again I wasn't really interested in the end. Anyway, good. Epic deserves all the **** it can get
  12. They could've managed something atleast, but really, it just felt neutered, inoffensive. I was secretly hoping to see Gat or any old face on a rooftop blowing them all up.
  13. To say that I feel dissapointed is an understatement.
  14. If I could get a new US Gov't bought and paid for fresh-ish M4 over an AK from when Soviet invaded, I'd like the gun after the fall of Soviet more. Especially if I can have an ACOG and an ANPEQ that works well with the newly gifted NV goggles! The second one standing from the right has an AK with an chineese airgun buttstock. As seen on Ian's Krinkov on Forgotten Weapons He must be pretty pleased with what looks like a neat NV scope
  15. I did not know that, I'm glad to hear it
  16. I need a rewrite of Good Omens, and another TV series of it.
  17. I still remember my bronchoscopy, I was told to remain calm while I occasionally felt like I was drowning, that was fun.
  18. Disregarding politics and science topics which do garner alot of responses, when it comes to gaming the companies rarely release anything worthwhile to discuss, they're so tightlipped with information that you would have to think they're afeared of their lives.
  19. There's already a great amount of debates here wether we are going to accept any refugees at all, meanwhile the foreign minister intends to keep sending 120 million USD to afghanistan, because "she's sure that the Taliban won't get that money" I feel especially bad for all the women down there..
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