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  1. Went to the dentist today, my mouth feels rough as usual, but not as rough as the wallet is going to.
  2. I've lose count on how many times I've seen that movie honestly. I think I've ruined the VHS tape I had of it, and then watched it even more once I had a digital copy of it.
  3. I had a lovely conversation with my coworkers today about places we'd like to go, we were speaking about Italy. Me; "I'd have liked to see Pompeii" Them; "Pom-what?" Me; "Good talk, I'm going home now, bye!"
  4. Oh, damn, seem like you've got some artifacting in the top right corner there
  5. Atleast I don't get that at home, it's just at work that I have to deal with dark boogers and phlegm. A company is constructing a new waste storage/recycling facility behind my current workplace, and we've had troubles with dust as soon as it was dry, so my boss ordered some testing equipment brought along to check the values and consult the authorities about what values are acceptable. Even he was stunned at how high tolerance they have for dust and pollutants at the workplace, because it has to literally become three times as bad as it is right now before they'll take action, and we're already having coughing and sneezing fits.
  6. It's a broom at work, but it is possible an angrey tomte/nisse followed me there. Vicious bastards probably wants my coffee or tobacco, he should be thankful for the porridge! Unfortunately I'm a pretty good swimmer, so I'm going to have to give the sandpaper or gaffatape a go. Problem is that my employer didn't get us a new broom until the old ones handle was literally down to two feet long and I couldn't use it as a remote control anymore, tape would be a possiblity though. Or if I could just get the skin on my palms to develop any kind of calluses. I'm pretty impressed that my palms still has babyskin practically speaking. I unfortunately also need it to be a wooden broomhandle since the plastic ones usually have a pretty thick handle, so it wouldn't work as a remote anymore unless I change out the pushbuttons for the gates.
  7. I touched a broomstick and immediately got a splinter. I need to buy some dark rum today, since my mother helpfully emptied the half of a bottle plantation 20 I still had left. Oh, and the entire bottle of Ron Barcello Onyx that she bought me to replace the one that she drank previously. I need a locking cork...
  8. Ah, I was curious how well it'd fare in a smaller chassis, mine is so oversized that the card looked normal in it. But it was so pretty!
  9. How's the airflow/temps when pushin' it?
  10. I had a concrete building between us and metal blaring from speakers, so I was fine worse for him though
  11. He did need 2 hours and 45 minutes, but he did eventually manage, and he didn't break anything - I call that a massive success. It was his last stop for the day aswell, and he was 3 hours early so he still managed to go home 15 minutes early! CinemaSins is good, but they've got nothing on the exitement of seeing a driver reversing
  12. I've been watching a driver trying to reverse a link and trailer into the gate for 1 hour and 37 minutes now, I'm still waiting for him to figure out he can just drop the trailer and then park it, reconnect the link and then park it... Edit; He's still going at it, gotta admire his tenacity!
  13. The peddlers secret language; https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Månsing It's a bit dissapointing that there's no english version, but there are a few words in that list that I use alot, fika, skinn-paj(leather coat), tjacka(Buy, also is used with another word to describe someone that uses heroin and sells her body), lacka +ur(Getting angry at someone9, sno(Steal), stålar(money), "spänn" is typically the word I use instead of "kronor"/SEK.
  14. The origin of the word fika isn't as much slang as it is from a secret language peddlers used that later became a slang word.
  15. I met a couple of other people that I first got to know on the 'net, but I didn't have a drivers licence and regular work up until recently so it's mainly been because of a lack of money that I haven't met more. I missed out on a couple of guild meetups in the UK because I couldn't pay the plane tickets. I resemble that remark I'm on my 5th so far in 2.5 hours, I'll remember to bring some grinds next time so I don't drink you out of your house! I'm sure that everyone could hear me speak too at times It was awesome, and I'm looking forward to the next time!
  16. I was going to post about what I did last weekend yesterday, but I was completely knackered after work so I fell asleep. Aaaanyway, @Pidesco invited me to fika on Saturday and so I met him and his lovely family! I had a great time chatting for a few hours about everything between heaven and earth, though in my exitement to go meet him I actually forgot to bring my GPU. So on sunday we met a second time and this time I handed over my massive GPU, which ofcourse led to some more discussions and some fika Eventually we agreed to meet up again, and this time to remember to take a picture to commemorate the meeting! So thank you to Pidesco for a couple of awesome eve's!
  17. I can't blame you there, there has been some really ludicrously long initialisms that has been proposed that people can't keep track of. LGBT+ or LGBTQI+ usually works though.
  18. Having a good nights sleep on it, I'm thinking the same
  19. More that I missed something, If you look to the right of the first picture in my op, there's a "k" there that was supposed to be between the pictures. People were faster in reacting to it than me editing
  20. Haha, yeah, it's a katydid, I honestly saved him for later because he's going to be used to prank my uncle that is literally terrified of them. I'm trying to decide if I'm to put him in his mailbox in a little plastic bag, or if I'm going to recruit my aunt to play him a massive prank
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