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  1. I don't blame her for going, I've been to Russia myself, I blame her for getting caught with weed in a place where it is illegal. I think it's highly likely she's been allowed to get away with it until she wasn't but that's all part of why you need to mind yourself when you travel.
  2. I'll be honest here, I don't really care all that much about this. I'm glad Griner is free but I think they're all idiots for being idiots abroad, especially in Russia of all places.
  3. I'm not familiar with the source material but I'll see if I can find some reviews from 40k fans
  4. I doubt it. It sound like Hurl has term life insurance which typically just ends at after the term is up. Whole life insurance can be borrowed against, have money withdrawn from it, and you definitely get a payout at the end because it ends when you die. I'm not an expert though so while this is generally accurate there may be many exceptions and types of coverage that I don't know anything about.
  5. I have too much life insurance because when I die I want there to be questions asked if I was somehow killed for the money, because there's no way I die of old age... and so more than just my enemies will celebrate my death.
  6. Microsoft signs 10-year ‘Call of Duty’ deal with Nintendo I did get a chuckle about Sony whining about exclusives
  7. Some alpha first impressions https://www.wargamer.com/warhammer-40k-rogue-trader/alpha-impressions https://www.thegamer.com/warhammer-40000-40k-rogue-trader-first-impressions/
  8. I know a write a lot of negative stuff about the game but I did actually enjoy my time in it. I'm just disappointed by all the things that could have been.
  9. https://www.vice.com/en/article/g5v9xy/the-freight-rail-labor-dispute-was-never-about-sick-days Some insight into the rail labor issues. I have a friend who used to work on trains who quit(after surviving two rounds of cuts) because it was more a lifestyle than a job and he wanted to see his kids grow up.
  10. It's crazy that this came out 2 years ago now and it's only now getting to the state that still wouldn't have lived up to the release hype. Also, multiplayer has been nixed but I never cared about that to begin with.
  11. 2 dogs and it scared them at first but now they don't care because they know it will go around them. I might worry a little if I got a new puppy but these dogs are potty trained better than me so no issue there.
  12. Got a robot mop/vacuum combo and it never made it under the tree. Kaylon 1 has been online for a week and is crushing it. So nice to not have to worry about the floor on the main level.
  13. Judge orders sanctions in response to Lake, Finchem election suit Supreme Court Seems Ready to Back Web Designer Opposed to Same-Sex Marriage Two electric substations were damaged by gunfire on Saturday, leaving tens of thousands of customers in the dark. The cost of the damage is probably in the millions, one official said.
  14. I only get beta access with my purchase level and I'm not even sure I'll bother unless I get too curious. I want to play early but I don't want to actually test anything and I don't expect a very polished alpha.. or beta... or even release.
  15. That's good because driving was a mess at launch. I'd walk everywhere to avoid driving. Motorbikeles weren't as bad so I would use them occasionally
  16. CGI cocaine bear? They couldn't get a real bear hooked on coke for the movie? -0/10 literally unwatchable
  17. Ukraine war: The surrender hotline for Russian soldiers PS finally heard from my wife's cousin again. He's still kicking though even angrier than usual thanks to all the blackouts and given the chance would beat Putin to death with his bare hands. Those are his words, not mine. I think it'd be better to beat Putin with bear hands... or paws, as it were.
  18. I always forget BG3 exists. Is it still in alpha beta yearly access? I gave it a shot a while back but it did less than nothing for me.
  19. I had the same experience but I wonder if part of it is that it was the first game that I ever played that had a lot of these things in them. I wonder if it just all came together at the right time for me.
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIn38lfvTEo Won't embed but I'm leaving it anyway
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