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  1. Hey! I resemble that remark But that article reminds me of why I like Shadowrun. Magic isn't exactly rare and anyone can potentially get it and even though it remains pretty powerful it doesn't automatically mean a rise in station or anything like that.
  2. This time it wasn't that bad At first I laughed at the suggestion but then I too became curious and it turns out there are already rules for this.
  3. Not really a Wrathfinder Path of the Videogame question but something on the Discord made me curious since Lich can't e-sex up the pixels. Can a lich or mythic lich polymorph themselves back into a flesh and blood creature?
  4. I'm not into open world games either. Some of my favorite games are make your own fun sandboxes but for some reason open world games just don't do it for me.
  5. Rewatched Horns on Amazon Prime. I dunno what it is about that movie but I really like it.
  6. That happens in ME3 though but yeah, it's beyond dumb
  7. Not on Earth as they have no money but elsewhere maybe
  8. Transporter accident as opposed to the normal Riker shenanigans
  9. I have the same problem with the Bethesda "Stallout" games. New Vegas was the only one that I managed to get anywhere in thanks to Obs and I still didn't get very far.
  10. I doubt it because I don't think they'd be as secretive if they were moving it from a partially owned studio to a fully owned studio. Of course, I could be wrong, that's why they call me Often Wrong Soong.
  11. I know that name but not from a history book or anything but from the civil war episode of Psych
  12. Forgot to mention that I actually really enjoyed Dune up til the end. I knew it was just half of the book but it was still really frustrating end and my wife who knows nothing about Dune felt the same way.
  13. The series peaked with ME2. That's the only game of the 4 that I still consider replaying from time to time.
  14. I wish gold dragon wasn't a last minute path because having all spells be holy and upping the dice is super awesome
  15. I saw Dune on my couch in the living room as it was meant to be seen.
  16. I was really surprised that there weren't more force spells or a force ascendant element. I'm not familiar with Pathfinder since this is only the second game I've played but the DnD games usually feature more missile and force spells.
  17. I actually thought about not using hellfire ray on my angel run but there isn't a good functional replacement so I just ignored the RP aspect
  18. He's good... well, he's healthy. Good is another matter. He has to take a steroid twice a day for 6 months but that's all for longish term stuff as thankfully no asthma. In other health related news, my uncle who fell and was about to be sent to hospice is coming home today after a miraculous recovery. Now we just have to see if he falls back into a bottle or decides to do something with his second chance.
  19. Sorry majestic. I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer back in 01. **** cancer.
  20. I've largely avoided metamagic but then I thought (or said since no one can be sure. I was there and I don't know) to myself, self, because that's what I call myself, I said (or thought) maybe you should try using metamagic to boost your lower level spells since it supposedly doesn't break the game anymore. Only to find out that it breaks the game in a different way.
  21. Looks like that was it. Bolstered scorching rays with zippy magic wrecked my front line even though it says it's supposed to only affect enemies. Is zippy magic supposed to work with healing spells or is something else causing this? I keep hurting myself when trying to heal others as a dhampir oracle. Even funnier is when I try to heal myself because I take damage and then so does someone close by but then a third person is healed by it. This happened to me before but since I wasn't a dhampir I didn't care. I also don't think I had zippy magic on that run as I was an Angel.
  22. Just killed half my party because my spells started doing splash damage. Not sure what's causing it.
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