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  1. I dig everything about that picture except for the Scotch.
  2. I'm just finding it a lot more fun and a lot less frustrating
  3. Almost done with season 2 of Umbrella Academy and so far it's way better than season 1.
  4. I thought that was going to be a Last Jedi reference after the first sentence
  5. King Arthur: Knight's Tale Neocore still making King Arthur games. This one is still a ways off from funding but I enjoyed the other games of theirs that I've played
  6. Anchovy paste on Columbus dry salami I don't know why but now I can't stop. Send help and maybe some sardines and crackers.
  7. Sisko went with the Prophets but he can return at any time. Tomorrow or yesterday.
  8. I really, really hope the rumors of Avery Brooks coming back to play the Sisko aren't true. Maybe, and that's a real big maybe, if they bring back some of the DS9 writers and do something like they pitched in the documentary it could work but I don't want these new Trek "writers" anywhere near my Sisko. Yes, I personally own DS9 and all things related. Or at least I own this one box set. Same difference really.
  9. NJP is generally the best route but since it's commander's discretion I've seen some really lopsided outcomes. We had a corporal and a gunny both get busted for the exact same thing, drunk driving, and the CO gave them vastly different punishments. I know it ended the gunny's chance at promotion but not much else happened to him while the corporal didn't just get the book thrown at him, he was beaten with it.
  10. I miss Round Table. I loved that place as a kid but they closed all the ones near us and I think the only one left in AZ is in Yuma. The closest to me now is probably in Vegas Go baseballs! See, I'm on topic
  11. I don't think that movie is about a general
  12. Senior Narrative Designer Cara Ellison is no longer with Hardsuit Labs https://www.pcgamer.com/bloodlines-2-senior-narrative-designer-cara-ellison-has-left-the-project/
  13. I love my Traeger grill but it's just like you said, those pellets go fast.
  14. Yeah, when we go store bought the we generally get Rao's.
  15. Made wings on Sunday Smoked them for a long time then cranked up the heat to make the skin crispy
  16. Kingmaker has come a long way from launch but I still see complaints about bugs. I haven't had anything beyond an occasional crash to desktop but I play Obsidian games so my bug tolerance is fairly high.
  17. This one really bugs me as well as one of my favorite things to do is really get into building my character but levelling up in this game feels so unsatisfying with the lack of options
  18. Yeah, I hate weekly releases now. I just wait until it's all out for every show that still does it or tries to bring it back.
  19. I used to love franchise mode but now all I play is career/story mode. I don't touch the ultimate team/money grind stuff. May still give Axis a look though
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