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  1. Realized that I've started associating full size pickup trucks with ****, obvious work trucks generally excluded.
  2. No, I've never heard of the director but it sounds like he did an amazing job. I just have no interest at all.
  3. I knew I've heard of Parasite before but couldn't place where I mean I still have no desire to watch it but congrats to the film and everyone behind it. They really cleaned up tonight
  4. ^ and Q moved on to Voyager after that Pickerd is my number 2 but he's not number 2
  5. I can't believe they're about to hit the second stretch goal of the weekend. I thought they wouldn't have gotten the first one until Monday or so. I hope the backers vote the ratfolk over the cat and fox people.
  6. Right, I don't know why the customer gets so much blame for a crap product. "Hey guys, we tried to implement things we thought you'd like but we failed and thus are shifting the blame of our bad product to our consumer." I've been seeing that a lot in recent years and not just in video games.
  7. I mostly expect this from the red scare generations but nobody is calling for full blown socialism It's like when you say you you swing Libertarian and someone always suggests you mean full anarcho-capitalism PS I know this is a repeat convo
  8. The mythic paths don't seem to mesh well with the type of character I tend to make but maybe when they each get expanded upon then maybe. Will probably end up picking for purely mechanical reasons. The campaign is moving faster than I expected it to
  9. I've had more than a couple interviews early in my career where I was just grilled on keyboard shortcuts. I thought it was a weird thing but then I've also had them ask me completely random questions that weren't job related as well. I'm guessing they saw/read/heard of some of the off the wall questions that Google was asking and they decided to do the same.
  10. I don't the Republicans would have agreed to anything to be honest. He's too vital to their reelections and they're also mostly afraid of his wrath. I do think that the house should have gone harder for witnesses and evidence even I'm also sure it would have also been disregarded. Didn't Chafee run against Hillary in the primary last time around? IIRC he was kind of a wet noodle
  11. It's the dude from Too Many Zooz
  12. Picard - I think my wife is pretty much done with the show and TNG Picard is her favorite Trek captain of all time. When she asked me how I felt I had to be honest and went on like a 20 minute rant. We're going to try to still watch it but as something stupid that you turn your brain off and drink to.
  13. Finally got around to making some smokey cokes. The tastiest and most expensive whiskey and coke I've ever had. I usually take my bourbon neat or with a large chunk of ice but only if I can drink it before it melts or else I have to keep adding more bourbon so it doesn't get too diluted
  14. I think the first letter could also be an R, B, or P but I agree with the rest. Di (h or b) nt Pi (h or b) nt Ri (h or b) nt Bi (h or b) nt Not sure if that is an L, H, D, or B in the middle but I'm leaning H or B because it looks like there is a little hump but I could be way off on that Do any of those ring any bells for anyone familiar with Pathfinder? I'm assuming not but since work is slow I'll probably spend half the day on this
  15. Spacies, Forcers, SFers, I can't believe we are sticking with these dumb ugly pajama costumes, Macho Moon Men - The Randy Savages, Forgotten Towels, Section 42, Skroobs, Los Spoopies
  16. If they're out to avoid any controversy this time around then they've already failed spectacularly on their very first attempt. At work today people were already dipping into conspiracy theories. Made my day funner but I also lost about 2 IQ points that I probably can't afford to lose. Pretty sure I'm in the red now.
  17. That's more of a jump than I expected 370k - 475k Currently at around 381k Also Winter Witch prestige class should be in now
  18. She has travel insurance and it doesn't really cover any diagnostics unless she gets admitted to the hospital as it's meant for emergencies. She went to urgent care for her back pain and they really scared her with what they thought is the likely issue and they recommended that she go to an ER to get a MRI which would likely be out of pocket unless she got admitted.
  19. I expected a sex flight I did not get a sex flight
  20. Mother-in-law hurt her back and now wants to go back to Europaland where she's sure she can get good healthcare from the doctors she trusts without us going broke trying to pay for it. So now we're scrambling to purchase a ticket for her, canceling/trying to get a refund or at least credit for my father-in-law's ticket to come here in June, and get a babysitter in place until my son is old enough to go to his daycare in May. $$$
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