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  1. It looks like I'm stuck in chapter 4 until the next patch
  2. I dunno, I got a new 32 metric inch monitor and I wanted to see the game on it but I just couldn't get into it.
  3. @GromnirI just checked my completed quests and that one completed fine for me. I think I did it yesterday or the day before but I've been sick and the days are running together. And below is where I'm at currently in the game
  4. Found out that my uncle (only one left on my mom's side) isn't doing so great and is likely heading to a hospice. He fell or something and went to the hospital last week and they're saying he had a stroke some time ago but nobody noticed because he's perma-drunk and always slurring. Still curious as to what else happened since he was talking and feeding himself just a couple of days ago and now he's in a vegetative state.
  5. She had to order holo-Geordie to his death to get her bridge officer thing but it was kinda dumb because really all it let her do was take a shift in the captain's chair. She already had rank in the chain of command and had been in charge before... not to mention a seat on the bridge next to the captain since the first episode. Anyway, I was more referring to when the writers have to make her either absent or dumb because story.
  6. They probably didn't think anyone would care but I guess it's like pronouns changing in different descriptions. They probably could implement a system that automagically inserts the right class or whatever but didn't feel it was worth the investment and that's if it occurred to them at all.
  7. Troi is the first person that popped into my mind too as she is almost always out of commission or just stupidly silent when her abilities would be most helpful.
  8. Packers good, Cowboys bad.
  9. Depends how quickly you play these types of games. If you go slow and take your time or play turn based then you may be fine picking it up now because I'm most of the way through Act 3 and haven't had any real issues but otherwise I'd hold off for at least a month or so. The new patch fixed my auto-cast issue so I'm back at it
  10. ...aaaand the cards just killed it for me. Hard pass.
  11. ^Thanks! Picked up Away Team and hopefully I'll get around to playing it some time this year.
  12. Getting an annoying issue now where my MC's default spell or SLA keeps getting cleared and he charges into combat to stab people with a knife.
  13. Something something 19 years later. I dunno exactly what it was going to be other than terrible
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