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  1. MindCircle - The Bridge Tunnel that connects Denmark with Sweden
  2. Because we were just that damned good at it. Mad dogs and Englishmen, wot?
  3. History Department Recruiter: "You there! Do you like historical fiction? Period dramas? Historically themed films, tv shows, and video games?" Prospective Student: "Yes!" History Department Recruiter: "Would you like not to?"
  4. To add further thoughts for the discussion from a random internet quote..
  5. Since the film came out 34 years ago today...
  6. "Don't worry I got a good look at the bomb." "So you can disarm it?" "Uh.. No. However, I can make a shaped charge that will blow it." "..... Wait. Your plan is to... blow up the nuclear bomb?" "If I do it right, we'll get a run of the mill explosion. Not the whole, you know, mushroom cloud thing."
  7. I quite enjoy the female Agent's maniacal giggle when you stab people. There's something immensely entertaining about it.
  8. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/333477547410494387/
  9. Trump really can't seem to help himself.. The Guardian - Trump causes alarm making off-the-cuff comments that Beirut blast was an 'attack'
  10. I did have a joke about trickle down economics. But 99% of you will never get it.
  11. America: You drive for four hours. You are still in the same part of the country. UK: You drive for two hours. The local accent has changed twice. Bread rolls have a new name.
  12. Putting that perspective across...
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