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  1. Caught John Wick 3 finally. Strangely unsatisfying by the end of it. It has some good moments, and it's interesting how they flesh out more of the underworld as such. But it didn't really have the emotional payoff or story depth, and by the end of it, the action sequences were feeling a bit tiring. That, and once again a semi-cliff hanger ending to it all.
  2. Queering Psychology - What is socialization?
  3. Now, I know they're running a lengthy "double xp" thing before the big September expansion.. But jeez, my new Jedi Knight just hit level 50 before finishing Act 1....
  4. The Milky Ways Black Hole just flared, growing 75 times as bright for a few hours
  5. Well as I recall, the producers had talked about how they plan to actually try to cast specific ethnicities for the different regions in the world. Since the books highlighted the different aspects so much, they want to try to do the same thing in the series. Not just have that generic mix.
  6. I actually sat down and watched that Blood and Treasures. Entertaining, in that slightly escapist, pulpy adventure way. A bit of tension, a bit of action, a few smiles, a dash of cliche romance. A lot of good supporting actors working it along. And apparently its now been given a second season, which I'll be curious as to see just what they do with it then.
  7. As in that mini pilot episode that was shot purely to keep the licence? In part, it was terrible, but actually, I really liked Billy Zane's role in it. It was basically that opening prologue of Eye of the World with Ishamael's almost monologue to the newly insane Lews Therin. But Zane manages to inhabit that role with that..slightly over the top zest that you expect from Ishamael.
  8. Did get my first eight toon's all up to 60 now. Only have the Sith Inquisitor at 70, but then again, he was the only one who'd gone through all the Alliance stuff. Need to poke at the post-Alliance story stuff now with him. Anyway, on the Star Forge server I have: On the Republic Side - Ehtiar - a 60 Jedi Knight Sentinel Khalayla - a 65 Jedi Sage Dhar - a 62 Gunslinger Drakhus - a 61 Commando And on the Imperial Side - Drayke - a 70 Sith Assassin Khaelehn - a 64 Sith Juggernaut Nyxus - a 60th Operative Khayul - a 61 Mercenary
  9. So who is actually still playing on the Star Forge server these days? I've got about 15 toons currently there. Although about 6 of them are new ones I've started up in the last month as I try to remember how to play it all. I found my republic side toons are still in a guild, and I've become the guild leader..but every other person in that guild hasn't been online in over 2 years now.
  10. Getting back into TOR after a break for a couple of years. A bit of back and forth trying to remember how to play my classes. Creating a couple of new characters to mess around with and see how it's changed. I have to admit, crafting seems much more useless now, especially for a solo player. At the lower scale you're levelling up so fast there's no time to really craft mods, enhancements, etc because you'll already be above them and onto the next stage of gear. At higher levels, you're getting better gear handed out as rewards then you can craft, or the recipes that are better require you to grind Ops or spend silly money on the trade network to get the materials. And seeing people put stuff on the Trading Network for 20+million credits still makes me blink. I grind through heroics and barely make a single million.
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