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  1. It was a joke. Culture is culture. People will do abhorrent/stupid stuff with no problem if their culture permits/glorifies it. See bullfighting in Spain and Portugal, blackface in the Netherlands, gun fetishism in the US.
  2. Countries that had very low wages more recently are dubious examples. To take an example I'm more familiar with, Purchasing power in Portugal increased immensely following the end of the dictatorship in 1974, but it still increased relatively little given how very low purchasing power was to begin with. To take an extreme hypothetical if you begin with making 5 bucks a month and after a year you are making 20 bucks a month, your purchasing power increased 300%, but your purchasing power is still horrible. So people from the Baltic states have had excellent purchasing power inc
  3. Swedes treat whales very well. For myself, I can say that I, unfortunately, do not own any whales, but my single income family makes about the same money as my parent's double income family. The caveat is that I am Portuguese, and Portugal is a country with very low wages, although my parents had quite high wages by Portuguese standards. As for real wages and purchase power that is a global problem that nowadays affects pretty much every single developed country in the world. Social welfare policies are one of the methods to alleviate the problem. If you want to read more abou
  4. Actually Norway appears to be saving money hand over fist. Also, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Germany if you want other examples. Actually, while some countries are better managed than others, the entirety of Western Europe has robust social welfare policies. Most of them do not have oil
  5. Supply side economics, Reaganomics and the Laffer curve are not based on empirical evidence. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kansas_experiment https://www.dissentmagazine.org/online_articles/the-black-comedy-of-arthur-laffer
  6. The problem isn't so much the spending, I guess, but the tax cuts. Decades of them.
  7. I suspect that a significant percentage of current public debt in US came from bailing out big companies, tax cuts, especially corporate ones, and projects with low return on investment like the border wall. The first two go by and large into dividends to shareholders, which means it is money that will never reach the broad economy, thus not affecting growth or wealth creation significantly. Infrastructure projects help a bit more, but the border wall was a good example of a project where the money doesn't go back into society, like schools, roads, hospitals, or pretty much whatever. As in eve
  8. They really got a bum rap. I mean they did some terrible stuff with A Song of Ice and Fire, but it wasn't any worse than what Martin has put out. I mean the first book was middling, the second book was better, and then the third book was atrociously written. Everything I have read about the subsequent is that they have gotten worse and more bloated. I'd argue they were faithful to the original work. Worse and worse as it goes along is an apt description of both the series and the books. Also, the first season was certainly better than the first book.
  9. As far as I know, that discrepancy between the housing prices' growth and real wage growth is the same across the vast majority of the developed world, especially in larger cities. I'd be surprised if the situation isn't by and large the same in Australia. It sure is throughout western Europe, at least. While the specifics of the phenomenon vary by region(here in Sweden dubious lending practices have had an effect, back in Portugal foreign speculators and very low wages did not help) the main cause for the phenomenon appears to be ever widening income inequality and eternally low interest rate
  10. https://www.sacurrent.com/the-daily/archives/2021/03/17/tussauds-waxworks-in-san-antonio-removes-trump-figure-because-people-keep-punching-it
  11. I did not know Wittgenstein was the philosopher of philosophy hipsters. Aristotle was indeed always wrong.
  12. Actually the ecological impact of a new human roaming around for years is much bigger than that of a condom, so those kids are stupid.
  13. Just name the telescope Star Citizen and declare the Kickstarter project complete.
  14. I have it on good authority Beforeigners is more accurate. Time travel is a huge social issue in Norway.
  15. The inflection point was actually the economic crisis. It, with a little help from the refugee crisis, basically allowed right wingers everywhere to lean on foreigner scaremongering. "your life is in the crapper and it's their fault, vote for us"
  16. There's a clear case to be made regarding Hungary, I'd say. While it is not fascist in the strictest sense of the word, Orbán seems to be making an active and successful effort in making Hungary less democratic. I've seen his government called "soft fascism."
  17. While India is not a fascist country, Modi's actions since elected are worrying for the state of democracy in India. It wouldn't be out of line to call him India's Orbán.
  18. I'm Portuguese and I have always started counting with my index finger.
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