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  1. Thanks guys for all the ideas. Probably I will do two runs (don’t know how I will have time to this ), one solo and one party. The solo I am thinking in a rogue caster MC, maybe assassin/evoker ? And the party I want to go with an Unbroken MC, don’t know if a crusader full tank or a combine with a class that brings more versatility to the party.
  2. Hello guys how are you doing? I hope everyone is ok. I played a lot some time ago, but for bigger reasons I had to stop and couldn’t complete any run. Now I’m back and I want to finish the game. I always consider first to try a solo run, but I don’t know if it’s the best choice for a first run. My idea was to restart with my Druid/Troubador Lich King, but in a party I think he would be boring. any suggestions for a class build that could be versatile and fun in a party? Not a glass cannon, but someone who can dish some damage and resist by myself at the most fights?
  3. One simple question: if I choose devoted with Greatswords for example, and later I got another weapon that boosts my spells PL (Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff for example), my spells will have ACC penalty?
  4. Yes, one of the fights that I am struggling is right when you levar make, a desert with xaurips and a drake. When I can stealth and positioning myself, it’s ok, but when I fail the interaction and the fight starts with me surrounded, oh boy, I barely can do nothing
  5. Thanks for the great explanation. When playing a Crusader, I hadn’t problema. But my last party had an Unbroken/Priest as tank, and even with the correct gear, sometimes he was being ignored, and I hadn’t time to do nothing because the enemies overwhelmed my squishy casters. I will practice a little more…
  6. After try some party runs, I am still having issues with tanking. I can’t see the point in a system where there’s no aggro, no taunts, sometimes the enemies just target some of the weaker of my group and there’s nothing I can do. Another thing that I can’t understand is the terrible engagement system. Sometimes if I try to reposition myself, I trigger a disengagement attack. If one of my backline caster is being attacked, I can’t do nothing to escape. Sometimes my tank is engaged with one enemy, and the same enemy is attacking another melee from my group.
  7. I am trying a SC Ancient. One thing I noticed, I really need to use empower frequently. I don’t know how it will be in later levels, but until now the decay dots are strong, and the sporelings can hold the enemies until the dots kills them.
  8. After some days away, I am starting my Shifter SC solo try. MIG 15 CON 9 DEX 15 PER 21 INT 20 RES 10
  9. Looks fun, but I am not much a stealth guy, I rather a direct approach. If I MC the Druid, I would go with one these options, Stalker (plant / beast theme) or Chanter (could go with a decay Druid as well, like the Necromancer vibe, or elemental spells from Druid combined with invocations with elemental visual)
  10. I will begin my solo attempt with a SC Druid this weekend. Still trying to decide between Shifter and Ancient. About the stats, I am thinking in max PER and INT - I need hit and make my Dots last longer , high MIG and leave medium DEX, CON and RES any other suggestions?
  11. Sorry, I don’t know what happened I am talking about get the Brilliant stuff from the gods dialogues
  12. I think about shifter or ancient. Shifter can have moderate insta-heals if shift and unshift (does this word exists?), and Ancient can have the summons to help specially in those early levels.
  13. Hello I am interested in try one of these builds, but don’t know if would be solo viable. I don’t mind play on Potd, veteran is fine for me. These are my ideas: Nazpalca/Berserker (or Furyshaper) Tactician/Fury Monk(don’t know what) / Fury Berserker(or Furyshaper)/ Fury Thanks
  14. Talking about Tactician, what would be better, Battlemage or Psyblade? And about Psyblade, a devoted with Willbreaker and Hammerous Thoughts could be a good idea?
  15. Thanks for the replies. I played a Tactician/Fury a time ago, and he was fun. I don’t even know why I abandoned him Edit: I remember, I saw someone talking in another post that I wouldn’t be able to solo with him.
  16. Hello guys, here I am again asking some ideas. I am planning a solo Wildrhymer but I don’t want the Skald/Stalker combination. My idea is try a ranged build, using the AC and summons and buffing them with chants. I am thinking in Troubador/Arcane Archer, maybe using the Spearcaster. What are your advices?
  17. Talking about wizard MC, what do you think about a Loremaster more melee oriented? Maybe Bellower/BM? I just dont want be a full caster.
  18. After a long time starting and restarting the game, I will try solo with the first build I planned: The Death Knight from World of Warcraft . Classes: Troubador/Shifter Troubador was an obvious choice, the life steal from Come Come Soft Winds and the skeletons are perfect for the build, and another invocations also fits well with the idea. I first played used Berath priest, but the Lich King uses frost spells too. Bloodmage was my second option, but they don’t have the decay spells that I wanted. The Druid have both the frost and Decay spells. And the shifter gets the most useful free spells for this build (Thanks @Waldemilson) Race : Pale Elf for the RP Stats (with Berath Blassings and The White that Ends) MIG 15 CON 12 DEX 15 PER 22 INT 17 RES 9 Weapons: Greatsword, Battleaxe Abilities (I will update while I play and test) Start: Touch of Rot, Come Come Soft Winds of Death, If their bones (summon skeleton) Level 2: Winter Wind Level 3: Hel-Hyraf (not much sure about this yet, probably Thrice would be a better choice but doesn’t fit the theme of the build) Level 4: At the sound of his voice and Blizzard Level 5: Taste of the hunt
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