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  1. What do you mean crunch? Having a lot of work to do in a short period of time with deadlines? Why does everyone get all upset about Game developers doing that? Accountants have to do that at period end every month. That's just the nature of work isn't it? Some periods are busier than others.
  2. I need to not post when i'm drunk. Oh goddddddddd.
  3. Sorry for bringing this back from the dead but... it's pretty embarrasing reading old posts from myself. What absolute rubbish I was spouting.
  4. Ey up mate. Yeah Deadfire is a massive improvement over PoE in many ways. I'm not the biggest fan of Xoti, i don't hate the character or anything I just find her annoying. Tekehu is my boy, the smarmy arrogant wonderful bastard.
  5. Neverwinter Nights tried to please to many people and ended up frustrating everbody.
  6. I've been away from this forum for about 7 months and hey ho this topic is still going strong! I think I said ages ago, no kickstarter and no barely clothed women on the advertising material is probably the main problem.
  7. Star Trek The Motion Picture is objectively boring... but it is still my favourite Star Trek film! Boring in a good way. Dunno what point I was making.
  8. Even though I quite like the PoE games, the writing is incredibly turgid compared to the Baldur's Gate games.
  9. Is Rick Moranis doing any VO?
  10. Shadowrun Dragonfall? Can't remember how long it is.
  11. I'm not entirely sure what it even means, I shall go look it up...! ....'assert or confess openly.'
  12. Lager tastes better than craft beer. I mean good pilsners not carlsberg or... what's the american equivalent...? Miller lite? They are awful.
  13. Cba posting but the demons souls and dark souls menu themes are awesome. Most of demons souls music is fantastic actually.
  14. The game is good . I dont think 20 quid is so bad, compared to the 50 or 60 quid games that come out these days. The music is okay but not on the level of the first 2 games.
  15. Budget too high. Expectations too high. The game is fine but has many flaws and has a lot of design by committee thinking in it.
  16. What is the point in Skyrim in Eora? Just jumping on the bandwagon of another popular game? Also, Skyrim isn't even that good. It's an OK game with great marketing and mass market appeal I guess? We are all RPG enthusiasts I would assume on this forum, so it would make sense that we'd rather that wasn't the direction they took. Come on Boeroer, surely you get what he meant?!?!?
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