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  1. I am getting a "The game crashed" error when attempting to exit The Kraken's Eye in Port Maje. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt Ripley (2da14823-8eb8-45cc-8102-09e5ec697b55) (LAX-123ABCDEFGHI) quicksave.savegame DxDiag.txt
  2. Just thought I would mention this because I'm seeing it mentioned on Reddit and Twitter: probably need to cap the number of free actions a character gets each round.
  3. Glad to see dexterity is a little more attractive in turn-based mode. Is this the final change for dexterity or are you still monitoring for balance purposes?
  4. Just a general question really... I have noted several minor bugs in PoE1 related to things like using mouse scroll in the character sheet and save files sometimes disappearing. Will Obsidian ever offer patches for PoE1 again?
  5. I have no idea if this is the correct place to post this, but I noticed a typo in a line from interacting with Ishi, Maia's pet. Pic attached. Text: "Ishiza takes a tentative hope closer and **** his head up at you." That should be "tentative hop closer".
  6. Something just occurred to me... I have the sentient sword Modwyr equpped to my Watcher... is there any chance the sword is doing this and not Xoti? I need to test in game. EDIT: That was it! It was Modwyr, not Xoti. I'm a dumb. Thanks for everyone who tried to help.
  7. She's currently sitting at level 2 rep. Below is the outcome of her companion quest, which I interpreted as the good path. She still seems to be reaching near orgasmic levels of moaning when killing things and generally being an edgelord in combat.
  8. I progressed to the point of Xoti's companion quest where her callouts change and I find them incredibly cringy. Do they ever change back? If yes, when?
  9. Description: crashing when exiting Meryel the Mad's camp Steps to Reproduce: enter her camp, kill her and her guards, exit the camp DxDiag.txt Error files
  10. Just downloaded the beta v3.04. 1.4GB?! That is a lot for some bug fixes...
  11. You have not played many games, friend.
  12. I just completed The Man Who Waits questline. At the end, you speak with the Head Warden to tell him what has happened downstairs. Option 1 is "Are you the animancer who's been buying relics from Imatl?" That's the first issue: I have already completed this side quest. Upon click that option, the Head Master says, "There is a large and rather notorious black market for uncatalogued Engwithan relics. I stay far away from it." Option 1 is then changed to "I found records that Azo may be running some questionable experiments." I just straight up murdered Azo and told the Head Master
  13. The conversation where he first discusses the Godhammer with you, where I got the "It brought the Saint's War to an end... knocked a god from his perch." quote, was pretty bad. Seemed like every line of dialogue was cut up.
  14. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1a63wpnxdqw2003/8955597e47454ebbaa885ceb86075c23%2013200117%20GooseandFox.savegame?dl=0
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