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  1. Oh, I'm ridiculous? So I should expect a game that's released in March 2015 to be completely unplayable in August 2016? That's garbage.
  2. Seriously, is there like one 13 year old kid assigned to the 3.03 patch? No indication of where things stand, when it'll be done, and the game is completely unplayable without it. I started playing a game that was already a year old several months ago, and the bug that prevents NPC from going hostile began about a month in. Since then, they've said it would be fixed with the next patch. OBSIDIAN! READ THESE FORUMS, AND ANSWER THIS POST! WHEN WILL THIS STINKING PATCH BE FINISHED? THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS!
  4. I really have. And i know games have bugs; I expect that. But I've just run into a lot more on this game than maybe any other pc title i've ever played. And big ones too, bugs that aren't incidental. Frustrated. But the fact that i'm here whining about it shows I like the game. Just wish i could, you know, play it
  5. this game is full of bugs. more than i've ever encountered. maybe i've just been unlucky. idk
  6. someone has to know this. come on. How long does the beta usually take?
  7. Sorry if this is a noob question, but. . .I'm a noob. About how long before 3.03 is live and for everyone? i.e., done with beta? There's a bug it's supposed to be fixing that makes the game unplayable for me. Just curious. Thanks
  8. Um, this basically ruins the game. All scripted combat is broken. Come on guys, is there gonna be a fix for this?
  9. It's been happening for awhile. My save may be, but I'm really hoping there's a work-around that doesn't require me going back through half the game.
  10. In several quests, when the NPC says something in obvious anticipation of attacking, they then don't. I'm on a Two Story Job now, for instance, and I go into the hideout, tell the guys to give me the letter, they tell me it was a mistake to come there, but instead of attacking, like they're clearly supposed to, they just sit there. It's happened on several quests now. I can usually manually click on each guy, kill him, and move forward with the quest, but that's not so much fun. Random encounters with mobs still work (in dungeons, etc.), but quest mobs won't attack me. Can anyone help
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