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  1. The Orlan throws his head back in a bellow of laughter. The alarmingly copious stream of blood is split into numerous tiny streams by his scraggly bears and deposed as raindrops into his surroundings as he moves. Captain Thundernipples: "Bleeding?! I'm not bleeding! You're bleeding!" > What are you talking about? I'm not bleeding. > Would you please stop soiling the woodwork? We just scrubbed the deck. > [draw weapon] Well, you're certainly not bleeding as much as you're about to, that much is true. > Please, sir, sit down for a moment, you're clearly disorientated. I'll
  2. Pallegina: "Captain...!" You turn to Aloth, who's obviously quite uncomfortable in getting caught up in the argument, and unsure as to whether or not following your order is really the best course of action. The wizard sits sprawled on the floor in front of the onerous door, appearing to have made little progress on it, although perhaps a little more hands-on management will produce results more expediently. Before you get the chance to test the theory, however, the ship again lurches to the side forcefully, causing you to momentarily lose your footing. You feel a sharp pain at the back of
  3. You hurriedly make your way to the main deck, just in time to feel the first drops of rain fall -- specifically feel, as it's only when Aloth emerges from below and rekindles his magical light that you're able to see the wispy driblets hitting your face almost vertically in the sharp wind. The crew is busily taking down the last remaining sail and tightening all ropes and straps. All loose objects, such as the crates and barrels among which you lucked on the sandwich earlier, have either been moved below decks or secured in place. The lanterns of the pirates buzz about like fireflies, all but
  4. Edér: "Your faith in your fellow kith never ceases to amaze me, boss." He pauses with his mouth still slightly open, closing it sharply after a brief moment. "Although I guess that's worked to the benefit of us sorry buggers. Were I in your shoes, I'd have seen me off with a firm 'Thanks, but no thanks', probably." Pallegina: The Godlike groans and brings her hands up to massage her temples forcefully as she speaks. "Captain, whatever accord you think you have build with that... man, the fact of the matter is that you are on the verge of abandoning your ship." She locks eyes with you. "Man
  5. Surely Aloth must be close to the solution by now, and by the gods, you're going to twiddle your thumbs in his support until they catch fire if you have to. The wizard is currently engaged in what is either a very involved somatic component or a single-player game of Patty Cake. You return to the grave task of ignoring the world around you and hoping it ignores you in turn. As long minutes wear by, you conclude that you definitely weren't imagining it earlier: There is a sinister chill in the air, and the ship around you rocks and creaks erratically as if shivering. The sounds of thunder r
  6. You crowd in front of Aloth to shield him from prying eyes. The pirates who had earlier been tending to the cannons have finished their work, but are still busily making a show of having something to do. One picks up a stray cannonball and turns it in his hands appraisingly. Another opens the breech of the nearest cannon, closes it, opens it again, then closes it once more. Third fiddles with the cannon's wheels as if discovering them for the first time. All the while they maintain nigh-unbroken eye contact with you. You nod and smile. They nod and smile in return. There is absolutely nothing
  7. Aloth: "Well, there are no glyphs visible on this side, so that makes determining the exact nature of the seal difficult. However, if I were to systematically map its responses to various stimuli, I should, given sufficient time, be able to reverse engineer the spell and devise a counter..." Aloth appears quite excited over the prospect of unveiling the secrets of the door. He produces from the folds of his robes what looks like a tuning fork, which he brings near the upper hinges of the door. A sharp poke from his finger causes a spark to briefly flicker between the prongs, to no visible
  8. You leave the pirates to whatever the hell it is they're up to. Edér: "I don't think anyone's home, boss." Pallegina: "I don't think <%IF(%PCSex==male;he;she)> cares." > Aloth, any ideas? > [break thought the door discreetly] > [bREAK THROUGH WITH MAXIMUM EFFORT] > [leave the door alone]
  9. You tug at the handle, finding it not to bulge. In fact, it doesn't even rattle. Despite the door sitting in its frame visibly loosely, you can't with all your might move it an inch. You have Aloth shine a light first through the window and then the gaps between the door and the frame, only to have it vanish into the utter darkness beyond. Clearly, the door is sealed by some magical means. Risking a more forceful approach, you bring your fist down squarely on the centre of the seemingly fragile contraption. Whatever spell holds the door in place seems to absorb even the sound of the impact alm
  10. You tap on the nearest crystal, causing it to flicker momentarily. Upon closer examination you quickly determine that the irregularly shaped rock is made up of several distinct minerals, only some of which appear to be emitting light. The polycrystal is held in place by metal wires which dig directly into the mass on one end and the wood of the beam on the other. Aloth: "Curious... I don't detect a magical signature. These stones do not produce light by any means I'd be familiar with." He pauses. "But then, it's not exactly uncommon for us to encounter previously unrecorded forms of magic.
  11. Aloth dims his light as you ascend the stairs, then puts it out entirely, as you find the gun deck better-lit than you left it. You had taken them for decorations during your earlier investigations, but now realise that the irregular chunks of crystal attached to the beams across the deck in fact serve as a rudimentary source of light, akin to Ellie's gem. The deck is now illuminated enough for you to get a better sense of the size of the crew, most of whom appear to still be sleeping. As you could have guessed from the fact that the entire crew was earlier able to fit into the gun deck at onc
  12. The air has gotten noticeably chillier, enough so to make your breath just barely visible. The ship rocking more heavily now, too, causing the cannonballs stacked on the shelve to rattle bluntly. Ellie reaches to steady a small gem propped on the floor next to her in a rickety-looking metal frame. It's only as she cusps her hand around the gem that you realise that it's emitting a faint glow -- her work light, no doubt, although her eyes must be quite keen to make do with the diminutive radiance, easily usurped by the light of Aloth's making. The storm you saw approaching earlier seems to
  13. Ellie: The ogre's lips whiten as her mouth sharpens into a line. She looks more disappointed than angry. "Be that way, then. Come back tomorrow, and maybe we can try doing this again like grown-ups." She turns her attention away from you and furiously resumes polishing the cannonball she has kept in her hand throughout the conversation, obviously intent on not hearing anything further you have to say. > Alright, alright, I'm sorry. I won't pressure you again. > You're being much too touchy. Especially for an ogre pirate. > This conversation is over when I say it's over. > [g
  14. Ellie: She scowls. "I already told you not to take that tone with me. You can make friendly conversation, or you can make demands, but you can't do both. This is the last time I'm going to remind you to be polite. Or find someone else to talk to." > [Resolve] I guess I'm going to choose making demands: Tell me. Now. > Don't you take that tone with me, you filthy brute. You think you have a wealth of choice in conversational partners? You're not that interesting, and you sure as hell aren't that pretty, so just be grateful I'm talking to you at all. > I'm sorry I came on so hard.
  15. Ellie: The ogre curls a strand of her hair around her finger with jagged strokes. "Oh, it's just that I didn't realise as I was telling that story that it might cause trouble for the crew. I have a tendency to get carried away and maybe say things I'm not supposed to say." Her eyes lock with yours. "Not unlike your friend there, I'm gathering. So how about you allow me the benefit of doubt here, and I won't in turn inquire into your 'talents' and 'circumstances'?" > [Resolve] How about I won't, and you instead tell me what it is you're so obviously hiding. > What can you tell me abo
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