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  1. Funny thing, I'm also building a story for a Death Godlike that was raised in Deadfire Archipelago. Her name is Scarlet! Also abandoned by her parents and forced to a life of crime before a certain event changed her life. I have not decided yet what was that event exactly. The difference is that she's a barbarian. Great story though, I really liked the Paladin twist.
  2. I was surprised not to find a huge thread containing the backstory of every Watcher you've created, so I'm starting it. I mean, yes, you used to be a raider from Deadfire Archipelago but why did you become one? Why did you leave your old life? Why are you traveling? Did you have any friends? A love, maybe? Who are you really and what made you the person you are today? It would be nice if you included an image of your character as well as their initial stats. Since this isn't related to character building but more to story telling I decided to post it here. If the mods think this is the wr
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