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  1. Hey guys ! Since I'm new to genre, and the PoE franchise an I would like to have some guidance from the start What are some good builds for story characters, like Eder, Aloth and rest of the crew ? In terms of spells, some good weapon combinations, skills (mechanics, lore, etc) and everything else that might be important ?
  2. Hey guys ! as a newcomer to the series and someone new to pillars of eternity, I have some questions - Since I'm only playing on normal (since not searching for anything challenging) what are the fundamental things that will help me complete the game ? I'm around 3 hours in. All enemies from sidequests and further story steps just crush me. My party is currently Eder, Aloth and my Druid. I feel kind of lost and everything starts to get confusing. What should I do/know ? Perhaps mechanics/combat tip/party re-arrangement, or buying gear ? - I found some guides on this subforum : ht
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