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  1. I'm playing through PoE for the first time, and I'm really enjoying it. I've first played it years ago, but never quite got to the end of the game. This time I have a 6 ranger custom party. Right now I'm doing the White March expansion, and so far it's been great. I've recently found the unique bow "Sabra Marie", which is a very nice weapon, so I stuck an elemental lash enchantment on it and gave it to one of my rangers. But since I did that, I've been experiencing some very irritating behaviors during combat. Here's the thing: Sabra Marie has an enchantment that confuses enemies on a
  2. Josh Sawyer has posted a few images about the new (optional) custom AI system on Twitter. I think it looks good and will look forward to tinkering with it.
  3. Hey guys, Would anyone else like the ability to make discovered traps incorporate into the path finding, so that your characters can't accidentally set off traps they've already been discovered? (Or make this a setting we could turn on at least?) This seems like it shouldn't be too hard to implement, and it would be quite helpful imo.
  4. Hello everyone! I would like to share my thoughts and to read other opinions on several topics: 1) Player AI scripting system. For some reason people like to simplify everything, including AI settings, but that's not always good. Hopefully PoE 2 has passed 2kk USD and we have a chance to get masterpiece AI. It's so intriguing what kind of player AI scripting will we get in PoE 2, cause I don't like PoE 1 AI script system at all, but it's still better than no AI. For me the best, fascinating and almost ideal AI scheme is implemented in - Dragon Age: Origins. It's so awesome w
  5. Hi Guys, Wasn't this feature already in the original Pillars of Eternity ? If not, it was in Tyranny right ? Where you could tell any of your 3 companions (Verse, Lantry, KIS, for ex.), how to react in combat in certain circumstances. (Like : Protect, Full Aggro, etc) If not... what is this Player AI Scripting for Companions ? What does it bring to Obsidian for Pillars II ? Thank you
  6. I got my hands on the White March 1 & 2 at last (very good expansions, btw, especially the 2nd) and playing the game again after so long, something occured to me that I didn't notice (or didn't care for some reason?) at the first time: humanoid opponents behave like midless beasts when it comes to initiate combat. What I mean: I was walking around some military encampment, trying to find a way to slip in and a lonesome guard notices me an my party of 6 high level, heavily armed adventurers. What does th he do? Charges at us in melee and, naturally, dies in seconds. And I though "what a
  7. Description: In battle, my main character which is a level 3 Moon Godlike Chanter, refuses to automatically use summon invocations regardless of AI setting and having enough chants saved up. His AI is set to Summoner, per rest is checked even though it's probably not applicable, and attack mode is set to Defensive. I have also tested with per rest toggled off, and attack mode set to Aggressive. I have both of the level 1 summon invocations (skeletons and phantom), and I can cast them manually even though the AI has never once attempted to do so. I'm running 3.03 version of the game thr
  8. I haven't played this game since release, got to the giant Dragon at the end/optional boss and stopped playing. Lost my save and playing it again on PotD and was curious what you guys would recommend as the best AI Tank. Right now I'm playing as a Cipher, my Main Tank is a Paladin AI I made through the Inn Paladin Tank http://imgur.com/S8ZAs9r and as a side mention, this is what my Cipher looks like http://imgur.com/ihCcxMF All of the recommendations for classes on this part of the forums are for player characters and the majority of research I've done for the game is all out
  9. Ranger Pet AI seems to be completely non-functional. I don't play a ranger, but Sagani's fox Itumaak stands inert until I command him. If his target drops, he does nothing until commanded to again. Reseting the AI to passive and back to Aggressive does not work, kicking Sagani out of the party and re-inviting her does not work.
  10. Anyone every notice, once you use a chanter's summon ability, the enemies instantly stop attacking your party and go directly for the summons? It almost feels as if this breaks combat.
  11. Hello all, Dropped into the game for a bit to check an old bug report, and I noticed the party AI had been implemented. Cool stuff. I especially like the fact that autoattack settings and class behavior are two separate settings. That said - why not go further? One of the fighter's scripts (for example) says something along the lines of "will use knock down always, will use X ability if surrounded by more than 2 enemies, and will use Y ability if below 50% endurance". This is really cool. But if those disparate pieces are there... why not offer the player the option to set their own, c
  12. So several months ago when I got PoE I got some great advice from players on making a character. I ended up giving up on the cipher simply due to the cheese factor of the class. It's not a bad class and I enjoy the "swordmage/arcane archer" archetype but it felt overpowered (I understand they've been nerfed now and have had their power level adjusted). After trying out the chanter and rogue I finally settled on the barbarian and had some fun. Made it the keep then got about 10 levels deep into the dungeon beneath the keep before I stopped playing and moved on to other games (re: my summer got
  13. Game Version: 2.00.0706 Description and Steps to Reproduce There is no character AI icon showing in the action bars. The character AI button on the character screen is clickable but does nothing. This is true for all characters and saved games. When I try to quit the game, I get the confirmation dialogue box, but the game does not quit. It will quit if I zone out of the area and back in, then select Quit again. This is true for all characters and saved games. When I try to create a new game, the screen is solid black after character creation. Otherwise, the game appeared to be functioning
  14. i have to say i for one am very pleased. i was a bit surprised at first at all the disengagements by the enemy, but i think it only makes sense for my opponents to go after the squishy big hitters. after all that's what i am doing, too pallegina (specced as a kind of off-tank/support/dd) seems to do decent en passant strikes and now i am glad i took her along instead of aloth. before she was kind of redundant in my setup. edér is still pretty great: one time i accidentally pulled another group and i would have wiped if it weren't for him. he finished off the last 4 mobs alone with th
  15. I've been running a Bleak Walker with the new AI packages activated within my party. I recently noticed that when the Paladin's AI (as applied to abilities, not auto-attack) is set to "Aggressive" and the paladin is sneaking, launching a first attack on an enemy automatically applies Flames Of Devotion to the attack, but not in the way it's supposed to. When you set the paladin to attack in a normal fashion from concealment, the blue flame effect of Flames of Devotion activates on the character immediately (which is unusual, since it appears normally only when the blow is struck) and the a
  16. Good game, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape style... Love it! However, for me, the thing missing is party AI... Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2, had it (and I'm sure the others had too), and it was even moddable... And, to say the truth, I loved it cause I could take the AI and make it my own... like I wanted it to be... (DA: Origins had a ok one, but not as moddable!). Now, there's not even an AI... And it's bad in my opinion... It's like playing a D&D game and controlling all six characters at the same time... uurrgg... Never tried it, and I hope I never will! (
  17. There's 2 issues with the current AI of enemies. The first issue is that if you attack a pack of enemies and run, some of the enemies will split up. The core of the group might stay behind while stranglers might follow. The second issue is if the enemy is slightly slower than the character aggroing them, they will disengage. When they disengage they start to walk back to their original position in slow speed. IF the player re-engages them at this moment, they will turn once again on the player and try to attack them. The engagement can either be an attack, or merely walking up to the e
  18. Hello, AI stopped working, happens on Searing Falls. I have a feeling it happened while fighting the boss in the cave, I didn't realised it at first but I stopped taking damage during this fight. I thought it was odd considering the enemy. My companions are only NPC (Durance, Aloth, Eder, Kana, Sagani). Casted all available spell and also used summons (3 drakes, spider and the one from the horn). After that, the AI stopped attacking me (any fight, any map). E.g. I cleaned Pearlwood buff without taking any damage. I don't have a save from the earlier fight in the cave so I can't go back
  19. The characters in my team pick a hostile and auto-attack it when their original target dies or whatever. It would be nice if the list of hostiles to pick a target from did not include my charmed/confused companions. I would rather the AI controlled companion stayed idle if the only targets it could pick were temporarily hostile friendlies (or neutrals ?) I don't mind the micro-managing but preventing this is an added hassle,.. beside it is immersion breaking when the enemies are dead and 5 of the team pile one the poor companion who is temporarily hostile.
  20. Devs-- Thanks for making this game. It brings back the texture and feeling of the games I loved so much, like BG2. However, it seems that you missed the opportunity to incorporate some of the best elements of games over the past 8-10 years, most notably advanced/highly customizable AI for the characters. While some players want to micromanage each NPC within each battle, many others do not wish to do so. As it stands, combat becomes laborious. Even (due perhaps to the work of modders) BG2 had highly customized AI options. PoA has none? Please consider a patch to remedy this. Th
  21. Hey, everyone. I just wanted to let you know that your Pillars of Eternity team is hard at work fixing up the game based on the bugs you have been reporting. I can't give you an exact date, but we would really like to release the patch next week, if possible. We have been focusing on save/load, pathfinding, AI, and class fixes. When we get the exacts nailed down we will let you guys know. Thanks for all of the hard work you guys have put into helping us with the beta. The extra eyes are invaluable!
  22. Hi, i am working in this project and it would be great to see the AI of Pillars of Ethernity enhanced, and some gameplay aspects or NPCs automatizable/trainable using the Singularity descentralized free IA project: http://forum.ethereum.org/discussion/882/congratulations-humanity-you-have-reached-singularity#latest I hope you like my Ethereum project.
  23. These are some brainstormed ideas in reply to another thread, I understand that Eternity is well underway production. See this more as inspiration for future IP's or future Eternity's. I touch a lot of subjects in a single thread here, the idea is consistent and as a whole simply different puzzle pieces to a larger picture. I call it Diamondman Mode (previously known as "HellMetal Mode" or "Strongman Mode", and reluctantly "Old-Meets-New Mode"), which I find appropriate. This is an idea to get the game as difficult, but manageable, as possible. Rogue-like-ish, and in my opinion an interesting
  24. So I was just thinking about this, what abilities are there that can serve the same purpose without having an animation for it? In Update 15 Tim Cain says that "grapple" won't be in the game because it is unnecessary resources. Is there a middle-ground here? I wouldn't, personally, mind if there is a grapple ability (for the Monk) in the game. Even if it is without animation. I draw most of my thoughts from League of Legends regarding this, where you press a button when you're close enough to an enemy and there's a "clanky" sound and then "Stun" (if you are within range of your opponen
  25. One of my major loves about the Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale games was having different AI scripts available to customize how each character was controlled by the computer, but also with how those scripts would suspend for a period or adapt if the player told that character to do something. Many of the newer games, such as Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2, did not seem have that same level of AI. I won't lie. I'm not super huge on having to micromanage or give orders to my party members every round in combat, but I do like being able to tell my party members to do something fro
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