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  1. I voted for #2 since I don't expect I'll mind the wait and I'd rather you guys keep the extra money you'd have to spend on shipping to put towards the release party/making the expansion/sequel/whatever. I'll have the digital copy of the game to play, and I don't intend to/won't use the strategy guide to during my first run through anyway. That being said, I can already feel a nagging sense of doubt in my head that really makes me want to say #1 because I want that super sweet t-shirt... but regardless - I can deal with waiting a bit longer. On a completely different note: Are there any plan
  2. In the event that you did level up and select your spells: You also have to go into your inventory, right click on your grimoire item, and then add the 2nd and 3rd level spells to the grimoire. They don't automatically get added to it, so they won't be available to cast unless you add them in this way.
  3. I really wanted to wait until I had more time to play, but seeing as how I've only managed to get 2 hours in this week between everything else I'm doing and it doesn't look like I'm going to have more time until next week... I'm gunna put it up now while it's still sorta fresh and actually relevant to the build I was on. I fully expect that some, if not all, of these are either already known, intended, or will be argued against by others for reasons. Note that I did play on Expert mode, in case it matters. I apologize for not using the template, but I didn't really see the need since it's mos
  4. Looking great, guys! So much hype. That screenshot of the hut is just amazing. The VFX video looks pretty great too, so neat to see the environmental effects like that. There is a "spray" effect on the right side that feels a little over exaggerated to me given how fast the water appears to be moving, though. Any chance that there will be more videos like this to show off things like... grass blowing in the wind, or possibly things directly relating to weather effects?
  5. My only thoughts on this subject are that *IF* a console version of P:E is to happen, none of the currently collected funds are diverted to make such a thing happen. The 4.1 million that was raised were to make P:E the PC game.
  6. Hearing Josh talk about it reminded me of the Vitality/Wound point variant system from D&D 3.5. Never played with that rule set, but always thought it'd be interesting. As for whether it should be tied to 1 stat or several... I think that would depend on how in depth/complex their character creator ends up being. If they're going with a Str/Dex/Con/Int/Wis/Cha type system close to what was used in the IE games, then tying it to the stat that indicates your physical fitness would make sense. If they go for a more skill point style character creation like Blades of Exile used, they could
  7. I totally wish I could have pledged more... but I couldn't realistically do so. I'm probably in a bad spot as it is, but some of those addons were really alluring... Not that I *needed* the addons to pledge more, they were just the deciding factor in a "can I afford this?" battle.
  8. Just wanna give my three cheers to everyone at Obsidian. I was pretty sketchy about the idea of kickstarting a project since I had never done so before P:E, and most of my recent pre-orders and game purchases all all left me pretty disappointed with things in general... Yet I knew from the moment I heard the music in the first kickstarter video that I needed to put some money down on the kickstarter, even if it was only for the sound track. I must have replayed that video 30+ times that day just so I could keep hearing the music. My skepticism about kickstarter quickly died and turned into
  9. honestly I'm kind of stuck, I'd love the physical goodies as well....I don't know what to do. And yes I'd instantly jump on a $175 - $180 tier that removed this dilemma. Me too. Hell, I'd jump on a 175-180$ tier that was just 140$ + Expansion. While Wasteland 2 is a nice bonus and all, I'm okay with not getting it right now.
  10. I'm gunna be another one tossing my hat in the ring for getting the expansion as an add-on. I'm already at the 140$ tier + international shipping. I'd gladly throw another 20-40$ at the kickstarter for an expansion now, as I'll most likely be buying it later anyway... but I can't afford the jump to the next non-digital tier.
  11. I can understand the concern, but I'm not terribly worried right now. The kickstarter hasn't even finished yet, and I imagine (or I should hope that) they've already done a lot of discussion and planning to make sure the additions are all viable, easy* to implement, and mesh well with what they already have completed before throwing out these stretch goals. *I use easy as a relative term and mean it more as a "we already have a plan for how this will fit in and affect things if we get there" kind of easy, rather than intending to imply that adding a bunch of content is actually easy.
  12. I'm not really opposed to Cooldowns or Vancian, I simply would like to see the game do away with the idea of "rest after every battle" as is sounds like their idea is. The one thing I will say is that if they do go with cooldowns: The cooldowns should not be able to be beaten by resting, as it would make the whole mechanic change pointless... unless they also intend to add a cooldown on resting (at which point, they don't even really need to add the cooldown to abilities in the first place). I do think an exhaustion type mechanic as has probably been explained to death by this point wo
  13. This reminds me of Fallout and its 150 days limit. Having a mix of "Take your time" quests and "Tic tac tic tac" quests would be great in Project Eternity, but I'm not sure a dedicated mode would be much praised. Maybe Obsidian will use "the restless forces that follow and haunt [us] wherever [we] go" to create a similar dynamic without setting a specific countdown. Anyway, the time frame mention makes me wonder if there will be a particular time management in Project Eternity or if the good old 24hours / 7days / 12months / 4seasons will still be used as graduations... Every attemp
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