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  1. I have to say I wouldn't mind seeing Pillars and Tyranny go to PS4 too....just preordered Tyranny for PC on GOG today and backed Pillars on KS so I'd love to see them expand to new audiences.....we've seen Torment, Wasteland 2, and Divinity Original Sin go to consoles so surely Obsidian can make this leap too.....and now inXile is pitching Wasteland 3 as a simultaneous launch on all platforms kind of thing....if they can do it sure Obsidian can, they are a much better studio than inXile or Larian.
  2. I don't think the Cypher are powerful enough......not by a long shot. They should be able to kill anything with a single thought, any enemy capable of the smallest amount of intelligence should either run or surrender instantly upon realizing they are at odds with a Cypher. Cyphers should only need to worry about stronger Cyphers. WIzards should only have to worry about Cyphers and stronger Wizards. Everything else is whatever. The cyphers shouldn't so much be a class or even a difficulty level.....they should be pure story mode because by all rights with their abilities they should be all-powerful.
  3. Anyone thought of reporting this as a bug? Seems to me like the maximum security is plain broken and probably should prevent escapes.
  4. I guess it depends how mod friendly this game is.....I haven't been looking for mods yet, is this something that will have hundreds of mods?
  5. I still can't help but wonder WTF Obsidian were thinking when they decided to call those things wolves and cats......those are most definitely not Wolves or Cats.....I don't know what they are but they're definitely not wolves or cats ok!! I know what wolves look like and I know what cats look like.....those are not it. Now presumably they need help so I'll post some pictures for Obsidian's sake. Wolves look like this: Cats look like this: We humans have an entire thing dedicated only to cat pictures...it's called the internet.
  6. Can people just let this freaking thing go already? It's minor crap. Nobody cares......people probably should have just have just shut up about it in the first place and let it be but no apparently some people got butthurt and started creating words to whine about it so Obsidian discussed a change with the creator so it's done. It doesn't matter, nobody cares either way even if I would have preferred that Obsidian had said f___ political correctness we don't care how much you whine, this isn't about you so go take your butthurt elsewhere.
  7. You got to remember that games like Original Sin and the others that have been out for a very long time ruled the top sales spot for a long time(something crazy like over a month) and even now are still selling solid. In comparison to Original Sin I am absolutely certain that PoE is doing a lot better and in the long term will come out on top of all the titles you mentioned by far.
  8. Kind of a shame the maps didn't turn out nicer but it's not a big deal.....I'll live. The biggest physical tier of all that I'm super hyped for is that of Torment: Tides of Numenera where I've got all the novellas and a bunch of other stuff besides the physical CE itself.....that one is looking like it's shaping up to be the best game ever.
  9. Yes and no, Great graphics, seriously, here we got something above BGs, rest... meh There are insanly great ideas in this game, sadly they have been insanely bad designed. Bad Design? I don't see any issues except maybe there could be more reactivity to the player's race but it's not reasonable to expect more since having some 8 versions of a ton of dialogue plus all the potential branching would literally be impossible to implement. This is fine, about as good as could be expected given the time and budget they had to make the game. Fortunately it's insanely successful so hopefully Obsidian's future is secure to make future games on whatever timelines and budgets they desire without worries.
  10. We don't need figures to know the game is absolutely killing it at retail and that's amazing because it's topping all the sales charts that matter. Larian performed similarly with Divinity Original Sin and their attitude at the moment is a bright one in confidence their future is secure......I have no doubt PoE will do a lot better at retail....hell, the game now occupies numbers 1, 2 and 4 in GOG's top selling products and that is amazing. I can't wait to see Obsidian be fully in charge of their fate and future and to continue delivering insanely amazing CRPGs forever. Even billions/trillions of years from now when our star burns out and humanity will have moved out to other places there should still be an independent Obsidian making amazing games.
  11. There was supposed to be a day one patch but it got delayed a little bit....and I mean "little bit" in the most literal sense of the word seeing how Obsidian is intending to launch it this week....so let's just be calm and patient and wait for it. Are things going to be perfect after the patch? No, but that doesn't matter at all right now because this game is insanely amazing.
  12. Well that's interesting - cookbook showed up on gog now (before was only in the backer portal for me) - so did the documentary but it says "coming soon" and is currently 0MB - thanks The documentary and novella have not been released yet so if you have access to these, they should currently show on GOG as "coming soon" and 0 mb, like yours does. The Novella I wouldn't hold my breath for.....I get the sense that Chris Avellone is out of his depth with all the Kickstarters he has pending work for......Wasteland 2 launched September 19 2014 and it has a novel that Chris is supposed to be writing for it as well......it's been "coming soon" for over 6 months now so yeah.....we might see these things sometime before the year 2115.....if they won't still be "coming soon" that is.
  13. OMG thank you so much!!! I just clicked on that link and it took me directly to my shelf and as you said it changed to +4 DLC and the other items now show up. Thank you very much.
  14. That's what it was for me. Allright, thanks guys. I shot an email to GOG support about this and hopefully it gets fixed.
  15. PoE is absolutely great but what I'd love even more would be if they could obtain the IP for Planescape and do a full on sequel to Planescape Torment. A game that works the way the upcoming Torment: Tides of Numenera will work where combat is a fairly rare and even then often optional where everything is all about the story and the lore and deep philosophical and psychological topics.....THAT would be the absolute best thing ever.
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