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General feedback after short session.



I really wanted to wait until I had more time to play, but seeing as how I've only managed to get 2 hours in this week between everything else I'm doing and it doesn't look like I'm going to have more time until next week... I'm gunna put it up now while it's still sorta fresh and actually relevant to the build I was on. I fully expect that some, if not all, of these are either already known, intended, or will be argued against by others for reasons. Note that I did play on Expert mode, in case it matters.

I apologize for not using the template, but I didn't really see the need since it's mostly feedback and not really a list of bugs.

----Feedback begins----
Fullscreen, not windowed, on dual monitors. Cursor is not kept to the game view, making mouse scrolling virtually impossible. Pretty annoying, so would be nice to see fixed if possible.

Camping supplies - Super cool, I like this. Generally a fan of limited use items in general. Hammer and Chisel type items are pretty cool too. Please keep consumable items for stuff like this around, even if it ends up being an gameplay selectable, like Trial of Iron or Expert mode (assuming it's not just a feature of expert mode in general)

Maybe don't factor in the Culture stat bonuses during stat building. Seems strange to set up your character with minimum 10 in everything, but end up with a 9 because your background was being counted before you got to that step of character creation.

BGM/Area music volume feels too low, would be nice to see it turned up/be able to turn it up.

Big Head Mode - Nice. If this is just a joke option, can it be an actual feature? Please?

Maybe add a more obvious spellbook management system. Having to go into the inventory and right click the grimoire to open the menu seemed unintuitive at first. Not sure how this would work for/with multiple grimoires. Could maybe be added to character sheet. Also, if spell slots are available in the equipped grimoire when the user levels up and selects a new spell, potentially add that spell straight to their Grimoire. Minor convenience issue, but sucks to level up and then find out you don't have that spell in your book during combat, especially considering wizards are basically casting like Sorcerors. Alternatively, add an additional screen during the wizard (and other prepared casting classes, if there are any) level up allowing them to manage the spells in their currently equipped grimoire.
I feel like hover tooltips for items could be a big addition to the game when browsing the store, or even having quick item descriptions in the text box with the item name. Having to right click every thing to see what it does feels irritating, especially when items in your inventory will display quick tooltips when moused over.

Had a game start where the BB Wizard didn't have a spell book, and the BB priest didn't have weapons. Had started game on hard, got wrecked by some beetles, started new on Easy. Not yet reproduced.

Prices on some item descriptions displayed wrong in the right-click description. Not sure if this was intended to be like "Base" cost that can be affected by local economies or not, but seems strange to have Minor Stamina potions to be 300cp in the store when the description says 200cp.

Text in character creation can be difficult to read. Doesn't seem dark enough against the paper texture background.

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