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  1. Right now I'm having a really difficult time dealing with enemies. My Paladin Tank usually gets two shot before she can even heal herself or use Last Stand, in fact, the Tank companion you get at the first town last longer then she does. She's using a Hatchet/Shield and is in Medium Armor and pretty much get wrecked every encounter. Maybe I'm not good at CRPG's or something, I pause almost every other second and focus enemies down but normal named enemies or "bosses" usually destroy my team. Like right now I'm on the second level of the Temple in the first town and the ghost just facer
  2. I haven't played this game since release, got to the giant Dragon at the end/optional boss and stopped playing. Lost my save and playing it again on PotD and was curious what you guys would recommend as the best AI Tank. Right now I'm playing as a Cipher, my Main Tank is a Paladin AI I made through the Inn Paladin Tank http://imgur.com/S8ZAs9r and as a side mention, this is what my Cipher looks like http://imgur.com/ihCcxMF All of the recommendations for classes on this part of the forums are for player characters and the majority of research I've done for the game is all out
  3. Im actually curious about this too. Just started playing again from a long absence, playing on PotD myself just arrived in the first town. The Builds in the Sticky are mostly all outdated with all the updates that have happened.
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