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  1. I have an update regarding this post, and I've also updated the thread in links to (once my posts get approved). I found a workaround that fixes PC Chanter AI Summoning. Unequip your pet slot, and the AI will start summoning correctly. I assume this means both are reading from the same variable, and changing either to use a different variable would fix things? Patch worthy?
  2. Wow. Ok, sorry for the double post, but I thought this deserved it's own. I found a workaround that fixes the summoning issues with Chanters. After an uncomfortable dentist visit, I got to thinking.. why is it that PC Chanters are bugged but other party members aren't? What's different? Then it came to me.. the pet slot. So I tested it by simply placing the Inn dog I had equipped into my normal inventory freeing up the pet slot, then entered a battle. Sure enough, suddenly my character is casting summons no problem. Both the Phantom and the Skeletons, randomly chosen between the 2.
  3. Here's hoping this suggestion isn't too late. I would really like to see Party AI involving spell/ability usage fixed. Many spells and abilities are unuseable to the party AI. Example, PC Chanters with Summoning AI enabled will not use any summon Invocations ever. From what I've read, multiple classes have these AI bugs and have been around a long time (2.0 and older, probably from when AI was added). Considering enemies and occaisionally non PC characters can use the spells and abilities correctly, one would hope this wouldn't be too difficult a fix or add? It would definitely increase
  4. Description: In battle, my main character which is a level 3 Moon Godlike Chanter, refuses to automatically use summon invocations regardless of AI setting and having enough chants saved up. His AI is set to Summoner, per rest is checked even though it's probably not applicable, and attack mode is set to Defensive. I have also tested with per rest toggled off, and attack mode set to Aggressive. I have both of the level 1 summon invocations (skeletons and phantom), and I can cast them manually even though the AI has never once attempted to do so. I'm running 3.03 version of the game thr
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