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  1. yeah it did kinda ruin the game for me, I kinda lost interest after that (that and the frustration of spending most time in the loading screens). I don't get why there is a level cap anyway; part of the enjoyment is improving the characters. It could definitely be handled better (on example would be to increase encounter difiiculty of future encounters based on party level). Seeing the xp reward after quest but not getting anything is definitely a bummer. I like the rpg aspect and the story, pretty much done all the quests but to me level cap is removing one part of that makes the game f
  2. is there an eta for the final 1.04 patch on gog ? would be great to be able to play again now the movement speed has been fixed :D
  3. Hoping you get the movement speed fixed soon, I am stuck in Od Nua level 11 waiting for the fix to keep playing :D
  4. I can't remember for Durance but for Pallegina it was clearly after a fight in Od Nua, level 10 against crystal spider and Vithrack (though I can't say for sure if it was from charm or from the spider AoE). She can't move in stealth anymore, equiping boots of speed barely make her movement playable until next fight then I have to unequip/equip again. The rest of the party is slowed but not as badly, only my monk seems ok and cross maps a good 20s faster than the rest.
  5. I have the same issue with loading time Also area transition takes at least 20s each time which kinda ruin the immersion when running quests, loading time is longer than actual time walking on a previously explored map, and it feel worse when it is only to get into a small house The worse experience with this for me was going to the knights to get the permission to visit the duke, went back to the Brackenbury just to say I got the invitation, then again to the castle: I spent more time in the loading screen than in the actual game
  6. I have the same problem, 1st Durance was slow now the all party but my monk are slowed. Pallegina can't even move in stealth mode. Durance slow has been for a while now, the rest of the party happened in Od Nua level 10 after being slowed by crystal spider AoE and charmed by Vithrack.
  7. Hello, AI stopped working, happens on Searing Falls. I have a feeling it happened while fighting the boss in the cave, I didn't realised it at first but I stopped taking damage during this fight. I thought it was odd considering the enemy. My companions are only NPC (Durance, Aloth, Eder, Kana, Sagani). Casted all available spell and also used summons (3 drakes, spider and the one from the horn). After that, the AI stopped attacking me (any fight, any map). E.g. I cleaned Pearlwood buff without taking any damage. I don't have a save from the earlier fight in the cave so I can't go back
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