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  1. Sounds like it could have something to do with the games resolution or refresh rate. Try different options at PoEs graphic Settings. Also try enabling/disabling the Fullscreen Option. You could also try lowering the Monitor refresh rate in Windows 7, if that doesn´t help.
  2. Did you keep multiple savegames in case something like this happens? I always keep a Minimum of 10 Savegames especially in complex RPG because sometime the saves get messed up.
  3. I just wanted to add my personal experience in this matter after i finally found the time to play PoE 1.06. I had about 80 hours of playtime and i have to say that until this point PoE was one of the best RPGs i have ever played. A few hours later i reached Twin Elms and hit the level cap shortly after. And the same thing happened like several times before with capped games. Every piece of motivation i had to solve any sidequests, talk to NPCs or exploring new areas, died down to a minimum. Right now i´m considering if i wait for the expansion to see if the included cap raise will fix this fatal design flaw (i know most people have no problem with this but for me it´s a punch to the face from the developers), if i use a mod to raise the cap or if i just force my self to play a game that´s just not fun to play anymore and get it over with. There are so many Gameplay options you can choose in this game if you want to. But the level cap? No, that one is forced upon you. And the argument that it would be too easy this way or it break the balance is also weird because then you would also have to remove the lower difficulty settings because everything lower than hard is a walk in the park anyway.
  4. I had the same problem but it was only a bug in the Journal. After i got the entry that i got on the bad side of all 3 factions i could still go to the knights, get the approval from Clyver (or whatever his name was) and get back to Lady Webb to tell her. After that i could go to the hearing with the knights approval.
  5. it´s interesting that i remember it the other way around. I played many RPGs before i encountered Baldurs Gate and it was the first time i encountered a Level Cap (actually it was BG2, i never finished the first part). I never had them in one of the Might & Magic oder Wizardry Games for example. And Kotor 2 was indeed a dream coming true. No problems with being an unstoppable Killing Machine. I mean, you´re a Jedi, it should not be possible to be put down by some filthy Tusken Raiders
  6. Thanks for your feedback. I personally prefer having an overpowered character over the level cap. Somehow it never lowered my motivation if the fights are too easy since i have earned it ^^. My favourite game of all time is also a Obsidian game, Neverwinter Nights 2 and it´s still great fun even after a dozen playthroughs. The cap in NWN2 is 20 and i usually hit it very late in the game so it doesn´t bother me. And the XP surplus moves over to Mask of the Betrayer if you continue your joruney there, so it isn´t a real cap for me. That would definitely help. In New Vegas, where i suffered from a complete loss of interest after the cap, i pretty much had the strongest armor and weapons available. I´m eager to see what kind of high level equipment you can get in PoE.
  7. I know what you mean.That´s exactly what happened to me in Fallout: New Vegas. It was great fun to explore new locations and gain new perks even though you are already overpowered. But after hitting the cap, i just went straight to main Quest to finish it. Not even the extraordinary Skyrim kept me much longer after i had my Skills at 100. What a pity. I really hope a higher Cap is on the list for Patch 1.06.
  8. So, what is your experience with the game if you reach the Level Cap of 12 pretty early? In my case it usally means i somehow lose most of my motivation to explore the game further and complete the rest of the sidequests. It´s no problem if you Need to finish 90% of the game to reach it but i heared rumors you can reach it after having barely finished 50% of the sidequests and optional Content. I´m really hyped for this game and i´m still waiting for more patches to enjoy a bug-free adventure but i´m really worried that the Level cap destroys an otherwise supreme rpg.
  9. Congratulations on the Patch 1.05 Release. The main menu now keeps you informed on patches? That means a 1.06 Patch is mandatory, right? ^^ I think i will still delay a bit more so i can enjoy a bug-free Adventure
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