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  1. Thanks celliott, if I get a GTX card, have you got any idea how powerful it needs to be in order to run the game at 2560x1440? a very new one or would an older card do? cheers, Simon
  2. celliott, here you go: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/15186159/5013c0d13e51414c8a3854d4b43526bf%207659133%20Encampment.zip thanks! -s
  3. Ickis99: Thanks, I tried these ideas and none of them works unfortunately. Worth a try though cheers! Celliott: The Quadro is the only one I have unfortunately, I got it since I do graphics on this computer more than play games, thought it'd be good for both...I might get a gforce aswell but I dont know how well they would work together... I did manage to quickly get into the game itself and make a savegame but I cant seem to upload it here for some reason... thanks, Simon
  4. Hi! here follows a brief description of my problem: After starting the game the monitor enters "sleep mode" after a few minutes (sometimes 4 min, sometimes 5 or 6 min). I have a Dell U2713HM monitor and a wacom cintiq22HD as secondary monitor. I have disabled all energy saving settings and screen saver in Windows. Updated the driver for the Quadro 2000 gfx card. Updated driver for monitor. Tried disabling the secondary monitor through Nvidia control panel and switched it off. The monitor (the dell) displays the same message that it would do if I turn my computer off but leave the monitor on. The music from the game is still playing so it doesnt seem to have crashed. Any ideas what I can do? Im also attaching a jpg depiciting a message similar to the monitor power saving message that I get. I dont have a savegame to attach since I haven't gotten that far in yet. all the best, Simon karlsimon_DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
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