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  1. This is fixed in the next patch, which may be released as soon as tomorrow or as late as Thursday.
  2. It started for me after the bounty fight with Sly Crydel. It's been a couple weeks so I can't remember the specifics of the encounter.
  3. I haven't seen any mention of a workaround fix yet. Am hoping this is one of the things they'll have a fix for in the first patch.
  4. Few other people (myself included) with this problem in this thread. I included a save with my post. I'm right with you, haven't touched the game since this started a couple nights back.
  5. Yeah, you're right, I just noticed that a number of my characters are moving at different movement speeds, just not to the extreme that my PC is.
  6. My PC now moves at a very slow jog. All other characters move at normal speed when they are selected, however if the main character is selected while moving party all other characters will move at a walk. Save and output files here.
  7. Maybe if we argue about this for a few more (hundred) threads someone will change their mind. All it takes is one person, and it will all have been worth it. Right?
  8. Not important. Want to wear your favourite outfit, even though you've levelled beyond it/found better? Go ahead, but be willing to sacrifice efficacy for it.
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