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  1. So seeing how PoE2 has been announced and smashed its goals for crowdfunding I felt like opening up the game again and finishing a playthrough since at launch I got 3/4ths of the way through the game than ran into a game breaking bug. I start playing the game and 1 hour in after I get the first 2 main companions and delve into the town dungeon I realize a lot of the really annoying issues I had with this game are still here, is there a community patch or something that fixes the pathfinding or the fact that ill be in the middle of a fight and my companion is just watching me get my face smashed in and not doing anything but enjoying the scenery, I gotta say I kick started this game and seeing how these issues still persist when this game was released 2 years ago I think ill pass on the crowd funding this time, this seriously disappointed me coming back into the game.
  2. Delete this topic, the issue might be related to another bug I found out about browsing the other bug reports.
  3. So on the 12th floor below your Stronghold something happened to my characters where they all moved extremely slow to the point that one of them couldn't even move while in scout mode. Tried resting to get rid of it didn't work. I really hope that these bugs get fixed, it drives the want to play right out the window. I would upload a save file except I have no idea which save file it is since the save file naming is so ridiculous.
  4. Well figure ill just throw this in here to point out why I feel the game really isn't all that indepth, this is a total list of all the class skills you have to choose from for the monk. Swift Strike Torment's Reach Turning Wheel Long Stride Force of Anguish Stunning Blow Clarity of Agony Soul Mirror Crucible of Suffering Rooting Pain Duality of Mortal Presense Enervating Blows Flagellant's Path Lesser Wounds Mortification of the Soul Lightning Strikes so a total of 16 choices, compared to a paladins 28 choices.
  5. I do believe Cipher is actually the one class I would of really enjoyed because it has more depth than other classes, I believe Cipher is the only class that really stood out in this game.
  6. Offended? No, my overall issue has nothing to do with the monk itself. Just the games overall lack of progression and depth. They tried to reinvent the monk, ok no problem but back it up. This is part of text that is in the game, "Monks belong to a variety of fighting orders that have sprung up in Ixamitl and the Eastern Reach over the past few centuries." Why did they not include you selecting a specific order in the game, like they did for paladins/clerics. That would of provided more depth but you are left with no order.
  7. I wouldn't but its a viable build, but the basic idea of a monk is totally different than the monk in this game. Personally I think they should of just renamed the monk as bruiser since it would make more sense. Monks are graceful fighters and the wound mechanic totally changes that. Also the whole rogues do bonus dmg to status effected enemies is a specific type of feat. I am talking about abilities that combine as a secondary affect rather than the primary affect.
  8. Fighters have the ability to crit because of their strength, rogues have their ability to crit from precise attacks. Anyway I am just going to stop with this discussion because its obvious that my mind-frame is cemented on rogues being a specific way and you are more accepting on different builds.
  9. Ill give you varied, but deep and rich I have to disagree. There are no skills that can combine with other classes skills, besides lowering certain resists. Deep to me means that an ability can be used for something other than what the developers specify its used for. For example in Divinity Original Sin you can use the rain spell to amplify electric damage/abilities.
  10. Yes you are correct, but thats part of my point. The game is so simplified that accuracy is based on leveling up and feats that you take, no stats affect acc. Stats affect deflection but for the monk you can go 2 builds, Str/Dex/Con or Dex/Per/Res.
  11. Why not? Because you would be gimping your party if you did. My issue is because heavy armor limits how someone can move, in mobility and how they would attack. To give an example do you really believe that someone wearing full plate would be able to utilize the shadowing beyond ability in game? It isn't just D&D, look at Divinity Original Sin the classes are more in depth in that game than this. My mind set is that of D&D because of the fact that theres a lot of CRPGs based on DnD rulesets but using the excuse of its better than a ruleset that was designed almost 40 years ago is giving them way to much leeway than they deserve. They have a lot more stuff to get ideas for classes from. Theres no excuse for such simplified stats and classes. Just to give examples, for the ranger have the pet level up with you rather than it being static.
  12. I wasn't saying it does but fact is unless a monk/rogue is planning on rolling tank they will not get any of the deflection based stats, Per/Resolve. Like you said penalties on stealth, penalties on mobility, to me what you are talking about is just a fighter who is wielding daggers. A rogue wearing full plate will not having the mobility to pull off precise attacks which is what a rogue is. Precise deadly attacks. If thats the case than ok, I didn't roll a pally and a fighter. I didn't say I wanted it fully voiced, I just didn't want it having VO and no VO in the same conversation. It's annoying. Uhh no you didn't, and if you are talking about the new wounds mechanic, you have to consider what they dropped for it. The monks in the DnD universe had for one hand based weapons which there are none in this game, 2 they had specific orders which determined what type of monk they were, 3 they were wis based for their dmg rather than might spam like everything else. My mindset is based on 3 but regardless theres no excuse for it being so simplified.
  13. I shouldn't of used BG as the example, been to long since I have played it. Went back and looked over it and it does have less than PoE, I was thinking more along the lines of NWN. You missed the point, the slippery rogues and monks are no more because of how simplified the stats are now. It's all in might now. Big heavy armored tanks that just take the hits tend to have high deflect so if you consider deflection as dodge than the tanks wearing full plate mail now dodge more than the rogues. See what I am getting at? You are saying Gear restrictions are a lazy way of balancing difficulty? I really don't see that, I can't see a rogue being in full platemail. It just makes no sense to me. From everything I have heard about paladins is they are mediocre at best in damage compared to fighter or any other damage class. Its best just to have them go tank. I wasn't against giving them voice, I am against how theres no follow through with the voice. Its annoying when one part of a conversation is voiced and the next part isnt. I don't see how the character mechanics are way richer, explain to me how they are. The only mechanic I saw for the Monk was the new wounds mechanic other than that theres nothing. Rangers have the same as always a pet which is buggy and boring.
  14. Yea sure, but it doesn't show. I mean you collect taxes, but who are paying the taxes, I see no villages or NPCs minus the merchants and hired guards.
  15. I have been playing RPGs since BG, NWN, IWD and I enjoyed this game for the most part, I lost interest in it around lvl 10. Here are my issues with the game that made me lose interest. 1. Progression falls off pretty quickly - I thought about this and when I think about it you get to choose around 12 things through the whole game to alter your character except spell casters. At least in NWN and so on you had a robust amount of feats to choose from / skills that tbh mattered a whole lot more than this game, you could lvl up stats every 4 levels. I got tired of leveling up my monk and only having a single choice for what to level up. 2. Character builds don't differ much - With the stats how they are you can either go glass cannon/tank/rounded, the stat system in this game is fairly annoying as it makes class feel very much the same. You no longer have a dodging machine of a monk/rogue its all deflection and DR. When you can make the perfect tank by dropping Might and Dex to as low as they go and have an uber tank I find that pretty hilarious. The lack of gear restrictions make the game feel bland, like you don't have to work towards something to wear that kickass looking armor, which takes away from the feeling of accomplishment for me. 3. Eder and Pallegina - I do not understand why the developers made companions the wrong way since fighters are better at damage and paladins are better at tanking. 4. Stronghold - I found this awesome in the beginning, but that fell off quick. Your stronghold is the only road from Gilded Vale to Defiance Bay and you get like 2 visitors in a week. I think I had a total of 2 raids, 2 good visitors, 3 bad visitors, and 2 recruitables in the timeframe it took to fully upgrade my Stronghold. The adventure system is seriously just a pick a companions you don't want in your party and send them for a limited time on an always successful adventure for free stuff. The Stronghold makes me think of a simple facebook game. I personally think they could of used the time they dedicated to the stronghold on making the character system better. 5. Pathfinding - I have had to many moments where I will tell a unit to attack this specific mob and he will run back and forth behind my other front liners because he can't go straight through them, so I have to take the time to click move him in a circle around the fight happening to attack a mage in the back line. In just straight up navigation through zones though its spot on. 6. Rep with cities - I liked this part of the game but there were a few quests that made me go wahhh? Specifically the side quest where you have to get the cargo from the "looters" at the broken bridge, if you recover the cargo you get a negative impact on rep. 7. Voice Overs - I could personally care less about voice overs but don't do what you did here. Its annoying when sometimes your companions talk and other times they don't. What I wanted is everything main story related voiced and all companion dialog voiced. You already had the voice actors for them. Anyway for now that is all I can think of, my final thoughts on this is just that this game is worth what I paid for in comparison to certain 8 hour 60 dollar games out there. It still does make me think of a simplified version of the old RPG games though and sadly that takes away from people who really loved specializing their character/s.
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