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Found 6 results

  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *** WORK IN PROGRESS *** WHAT THIS IS NOW <-------------------------- in comparison to:- -----------------------------> WHAT IIT COULD BECOME ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ < WHAT THIS IS NOW > 1) INFORMATION: (TY@thelee) - Lots: From Simple Facts to Deep Theory 2) ORGANIZATION: (Not so much {yet}) - Area For Improvement - It's one long discussion - A Linked Table of Contents will solve 3) TECHNOLOGY RESOURCES: (new & few) *** WORKING *** - Mods n' Things (for Download): - {Target} in [Ranged] range: custom conditional. (TY@Noqn) - CUSTOM AI SCRIPTS (for Download): - Single-class Lifegiver Druid 4) LEARNING AIDS: (new & few)} - Visual Aids: I started making a few, like: - Self-Only Spells & Target Type - Conditionals & Sequences: Two Distinct Procedural Strategies 5) MISC. - Even a Short Story! (which illustrates the self-only scripting dilema) * Glitch In the Matrix: A Tale of TWO IMMYS ---------------------------------------------------- TOP OF ORIGINAL POST ------------------------------------------------- Hi all, I'm loving this game so far (lvl 18 on my first playthrough on veteran/full party), and I'm loving the AI scripting also. To me it's like a game within the game. I've been having great success with it in a variety of contexts, but there are a few more advanced things I'm not having luck with. Can anyone let me know, how do you approach the following issues? If there is no direct setting for these things, do any of you clever scripters have work-arounds? Although some of these can be solved with mods I'm sure, some are procedural so would also be an issue with any mod as well (2 & 3 in particular). In general, I'm still getting achievements, so I'm scared to use mods. However, I'd also be interested to know how to set an AI mod up so it won't disable achievements (if possible), and if so, what you guys recommend in that regard. Thanks in advance, Virtual_Swayy P.S. I'd like to be able to ask additional scripting questions without making a new post. If you are into AI scripting, please feel free to follow this post even if you don't have a comment on these particular issues (I'm sure I'll have more questions to add as I advance my knowledge; it's guaranteed LOL). [EDIT: Scroll down a few comments and there are ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS POSTED FARTHER DOWN IN THE THREAD} ---------------------------- AI QUESTIONS: 1) Distance: Can i prioritize farthest, but in (ranged weapon) range? - (ex. arquebus shot to the farthest target that can be shot without moving) 2) In a block with multiple target types how does it interpret {target} conditional - (ex. target health {not} < 50% in a block with [1) smoke/invis > 2) shoot arquebus]) - Step one should be Smoke/SELF if > SELF {not} < 50,% but how does it (if at all) interpret the next command? * Will step two be shoot ENEMY if > ENEMY {not} below 50%? Or... * Will step two be shoot ENEMY if > SELF {not} below 50%? - e.g. Does each step in the block "RE-interpret" the conditional (or does step 1 set conditions for the entire block?) 3) Red hand's 2 shot before reload: (For the purposes of the AI "attack" command)Is it one attack or two? - (ex. If I do 1) atk > 2) atk, with red hand in a single block, will it: * (1)Shoot/(2)Shoot > End of Block > RELOAD or... * (1)Shoot/Shoot > RELOAD > (2) Shoot/Shoot > End of Block [EDIT: after reading/testing the comments below, I've realized 2) & 3) above are based on my incorrect assumption that blocks execute sequentially. That being said... two things: A) @thelee's analysis below reveals that question 2) is still relevant and can lead to some unexpected behavior, even when a block only chooses one action to execute in a multiple target type block (rather than executing actions sequentially) and B) The issue with Red Hand in question 3) is still relevant, although "end of block" in my example doesn't make sense, because each action would (should) be in its own block.] 4) Can I force a target change with no other changes? Meaning the same trigger conditions excluding current target? - (ex. to spread a fortitude debuff to one target per swing) * e.g. I was thinking something like (Sworn Enemy > prioritize {not) sworn enemy) [but I can't {negate} priorities can I?] 5) Movement/positioning in general seems a bit clumsy (at least at my current level of knowledge). Any ideas here would be appreciated. - (ex. moving into <2m range for an arquebus backstab/assassination without using a melee attack) Also, curious about how to deal with ascended casting, but I already posted that question here:
  2. Hi, I want to change the limit for the amount of custom adventurers you can hire (currently set to 8 in vanilla). I found the script that sets this value and I am able to read it with some free software that can decompile it, but I am unable to change the value and save or recompile the script to make the adjustment I want to make in game. Is this at all possible? If so, how do I do it? (PS: sorry if this is a noob question, I'm new to modding scripts)
  3. I'm wondering if the Scripts fields can be used to directly add a command to the game, like we do using the console or if that function is disabled cuz no-one ability have this field compiled. My purpose is add an ability/status effect that add disposition points, so surfing inside the game docs i found that about script could i add that to an ability? And which is the correct syntax? Because reading the docs i'm a little confused about ChangeStrenghtComponent . Which is the parameter to refer about it? Average, Major? Cuz i wanna add just few points not a whole disposition rank. Thnks in advance Void DispositionAddPoints(Guid, Guid) DispositionComponent ChangeStrengthComponent EDIT I found the StrenghtComponent, but an answer about scripts in ability components is always welcome EDIT 2 Something like that? Could it works? "Scripts": [{ "$type": "OEIFormats.FlowCharts.ScriptCallData, OEIFormats", "Data": { "FullName": "Void DispositionAddPoints(Guid, Guid)", "Parameters": ["c7d9588c-bc62-4c0c-a2e3-76a970e7b7d4", "54772c0d-cf3f-4589-8cab-9f3601d575c2"], "UnrealCall": "", "FunctionHash": 0, "ParameterHash": 0 }
  4. Hello, yesterday i was trying to make some working scripts for my characters in order to make the fights little easier to handle but i had some issues. 1) My scripts dont work most of the time when i have autoattack behaviour set on anything else but aggressive. And thats a bit of a problem. I have a script to selfbuff my spellblade with defensive spells and then second script which should start spamming cripling strike on enemies (using dual blunderbuss). But i prefer if my character would stay still and shoot only if something is in range (i will possition my character manualy) instead of charging far away like a madman. When i had autoattack behaviour on defend self or defensive, my character stood still and didnt even selfbuff (i have setup selfbuff when i dont have the respective inspirations on me), the moment i put autoattack behaviour on agressive all starts working and this seems very strange to me.
  5. First time posting, love reading all the theorycrafting that people do here. I love the added AI scripts PoE II and I had experience with a similar system in FF12's gambit system. However, I'm not that smart when it comes to setting up some great AI scripts as I often get confused by the differences between some conditionals. I'd love to hear some good set-ups or tips that people use for their custom AI scripts. I know it's difference for every class and purpose so feel free to share anything for any kind of character. I just started the game with Shattered Pillar Monk as MC. At level 4 my simple setup is. Self: Health Under 50% -> Second Wind (Might change this to lower with a priest in my team) Self: Has Affliction -> Clarity of Agony - Cooldown 20 seconds Self: Engaged By Anyone (NOT) -> Dance of Death Self: Engaged By Multiple Enemies -> Force of Anguish (Lowest Fortitude priority) Visage of Death's Herald (Lowest Will priority) Always True: Swift Strikes -> Cooldown 11 seconds How about you guys?
  6. One of my major loves about the Baldurs Gate and Icewind Dale games was having different AI scripts available to customize how each character was controlled by the computer, but also with how those scripts would suspend for a period or adapt if the player told that character to do something. Many of the newer games, such as Neverwinter Nights and Neverwinter Nights 2, did not seem have that same level of AI. I won't lie. I'm not super huge on having to micromanage or give orders to my party members every round in combat, but I do like being able to tell my party members to do something from time to time, and have them do it before going back to to their AI. I want to be able to have my party prioritize a target until that target is dead. I found a lot of the time in Neverwinter Nights 2 that the AI would be trying to change targets every 2 or 3 rounds, despite me actually telling them to attack someone. I guess my point here is: Please make sure to do party AI right. Have AI in the game to take over when the player isn't directly telling the party what to do, but allow player commands to trump out AI commands. Whether AI is done using a script system such as what was used in Baldurs Gate in the past, with a user defined priority system where they can use dropdown boxes to set up something like "When <ally HP> is <below> <50%>, use <skill>", or some entirely new system to determine how the AI should react in a given situation, frustrating Party AI can definitely ruin a game for someone like me. Please take the time to do party AI correctly.
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