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  1. 1- Weird... Just weird! If you close it and open it again, does it remain the same? 2- It crashes sometimes for me also when I enter Gilded Vale inn... I just reload and everything's good... Save often would be my guess! It happened... I'd say... So, 2 times to about 40...
  2. Ah, its Windows 7 i think mate I reread your original post, and I understand a little more... I can tell you that, I am stuck too at that quest because when I finish it, everybody attacks me! It's a known bug, unfixable by IE (duh) and I will have to wait for version 1.05... But like you said, it's a workaround, not a fix... But I hope you can get your hands on the mod...
  3. Well, I retested it (to be sure) and nexus works fine... True, I already have an account... What OS and version do you want?
  4. Unforunately, Nexus do not allow account creation for those who use Tor (and presumably other online privacy tools). Now that is their perogative, but it does confirm the post title as correct - mods on Nexus not being freely available. And their method of pushing premium accounts is really just as sleazy (though not illegal) as the behaviour of some "free" download sites. Not Obsidian's fault, but a plea for any modmakers out there - please provide mirrors using sites that don't require accounts. Also some of the BG2 modding forums should be willing to provide hosting. Yeah you do have
  5. Well, just to say that I too experienced that bug (my first "breaking" one) but I am very glad Obsidian's on the fix! Thanks guys!
  6. Huge problem with this is my raid 0 SSDs are not my windows drive. PoE saves games to my windows drive. Just create a symbolic folder! (So, move the game to your ssd drive and link a symbolic folder to it). My friend configured his steam folder to run on another drive... so tested and true!
  7. I would agree with the custom map marker! To leaves notes and stuff... Cannot open a door? Mark it! And when you return, later, you just go back there!
  8. Ok, main thing here is that since the AI can be turned off, you don't want it? Then don't use it! Simple! I'm talking here for the people, like myself, who don't want to control all six characters like dead puppets (or simply puppets I guess... Never saw a live one anyway!)! Second thing... As I stated before, yes, I do use the pause (and that, a lot) but having to micro manage everything and every move is a pain in the... you know! Third: I wonder, with all the power it should need (referring to the start of your post), how my pentium 1ghz was able to run Baldur's Gate with 6 tot
  9. That will be great...or maybe someone can mod it in if you are thinking about the way you can set different party members to do different things (warriors to attack on sight/thiefs to detect traps at all times etc...). As for basic AI...it is already here. If your companions/party members are engaged by the enemy/you manually tell them to attack they will go and search (and auto attack) other enemies once the initial one is dead. It is very basic one mind you. They will just use the auto attack and no abilities (which can be good). I actually have the opposite problem - I want to turn off
  10. Well, BG also had a lot of micromanagement... And, the pause is a great thing! However, there was a modded AI I used (still used it with BGEE (BP series if I remember right... There was a beta version for EE also). I modded it myself, since some actions where not what I wanted... The AI didn't control EVERY action of the companion, but it controlled the main ones... And, now, because abilities are regenerating after each combat (well, most of them), you could even use the script to cast an ability once each 5 or 6 seconds or so... Good thing!!!
  11. That would be cool actually (and I hope the expansion would be release far sooner! Like, next week or so!!! hihihi... )
  12. Good game, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape style... Love it! However, for me, the thing missing is party AI... Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2, had it (and I'm sure the others had too), and it was even moddable... And, to say the truth, I loved it cause I could take the AI and make it my own... like I wanted it to be... (DA: Origins had a ok one, but not as moddable!). Now, there's not even an AI... And it's bad in my opinion... It's like playing a D&D game and controlling all six characters at the same time... uurrgg... Never tried it, and I hope I never will! (
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