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    Greetings employees of Halcyon, We want to take this opportunity to thank the incredible team behind The Outer Worlds. It is because of their hard work and dedication to this project that we received the Best Narrative, Best Performance - Ashly Burch, Best RPG, and Game of the Year nominations at The Game Awards. To all of those who voted for us in The Game Awards, you are all fantastic and we are so grateful for your support. The reception to The Outer Worlds has been unbelievable to see, and even just being nominated means a lot. However, the journey isn't over yet as we are excited to announce that we will be expanding the story through DLC next year! Details will be made available at a later date. Now we would like to allow our game directors, Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, to share a message with you all: We just wanted to personally thank our team for doing a wonderful job and our fans for their tremendous support. And Tim would like to say what an honor it was to work with me. – Leonard Whatever, Leonard. Now that we’ve finished, I expect that certain photographs will be destroyed, as per our agreement. – Tim
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    Edit Nov. 15: Greetings fellow spacers, We want to inform you that Patch will not be ready until Monday, November 18th. We apologize for this inconvenience as we tried to get this out to you this week, but due to some unfortunate circumstances the patch will not be ready until early next week. Again we are sorry to have to push this update back. We appreciate your patience and understanding regarding this delay. ________________________ Greetings fellow spacers, At this time, we would like to let you all know that we are looking at releasing a patch next week to implement some changes and bug fixes. This patch is currently in the testing phase and as long as no other issues occur during this time, we hope to release it to you all sometime next week. Please be aware that this can change, but we are working hard to make this timeline and things are looking good thus far. Resolved Issues: • The crashing issue in Tartarus • Increase Font Size - Conversations/Subtitles • Muffled sound effects occur at random times for players on the PS4 • Companions dying and failing companion quests on modes other than Supernova • Unable to finish "Radio Free Monarch" • Trophy "Not the Best Choice" fails to unlock properly If you do not see your particular issue or suggestion listed above, please understand that we are continually reviewing and working on items that you are sharing with us. We will continue to work on updates and patches to see how we can make your gaming experience the best it possibly can be. To continue to report issues and share suggestions, please visit our The Outer Worlds: Technical Support forums and search to see if a fellow player has already made a thread about it. If you find a thread with your issue or suggestion, feel free to comment in that thread with any details you would like to share. If you cannot find a thread with your issue or suggestion, please start a new thread detailing the issue/suggestion and then please contact our publishing partner, Private Division, at their website here. Doing so will help ensure that your specific issue or suggestion is in their queue, which allows us to prioritize requests to provide the fastest possible turnaround time. Thank you all for your patience and understanding, and we are so grateful to have you all here with us.
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    Greetings everyone, We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to report issues and suggestions for the The Outer Worlds. We are working on compiling everything to share with the team for review. At this time I would like to share with you a list of the more common issues and suggestions we are seeing reported. List of common issues and suggestions: Various game crashes Font size increase Center reticle FOV adjustment Multiple quest indicators on map Custom waypoints Ability to disable kill cams Disable companion attack cinematics PC remapping support Item comparison ability while looting Adding inventory filters/sorting abilities Changing the appearance of Pristine equipment Adding weight and limit information in vendors Adding survival meters to the consumables page Stronger outlines for workbenches Auto-run ability Weapon not staying holstered during dialogue Widescreen support Toggle headbob Separate aiming sensitivities Toggle chromatic aberration Companions dying and failing companion quests on modes other than Supernova The team is currently investing these and other reported instances. We will update you once we know more regarding our next steps. Thank you, and please continue to let us know if you have any other issues or suggestions to report. Edit: Thank you for the new posts, we appreciate the additional reports as they are helping us tremendously. I do want to let you know that you may also email our publishing partner, Private Division, at support@privatedivision.com. This will help ensure that your specific issue or suggestion is in their queue which allows us to prioritize requests in order to provide the fastest possible turn around time. We apologize again and thank you all for your patience while we work on these issues.
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    Avowed Obsidian Entertainment's next epic, first-person RPG set in the fantasy world of Eora.
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    I have been enjoying the game a lot but i hit a soft lock on one of the main quests. The quest is called "Radio Free Monarch", the step i'm on is "Speak with Nyoka at Stellar Bay". The issue that I'm having is that I talked to her and went through her dialogue and she told me to get her some Caffenoid. So I got all the way through the dialogue and i told her i'd get it for her but the quest step didn't change and even figuring out where the caffenoid was and stealing it didn't progress the quest either. I also only have one option now when i speak with her. "Actually - nevermind. I'll catch you later. (Leave Conversation) Is there any way someone could help me out or possibly fix this issue. I am enjoying this game so much and would hate for people to not like it because of a game breaking bug like this. Thanks in advance. Edit 1: I think i figured out the problem. When you go through Nyokas dialogue, at the end you get two options. One is to agree with her request and get the Caffenoid. The other is to say that you'll consider it. Both options make you leave the conversation immediately after choosing the option. If you choose the second option where you say you'll consider it, the quest doesn't progress obviously because you didn't agree to help her. But when you try to talk with her again there is no dialogue option to say that you've changed you're mind and have decided to help her. So in order to fix this they would just need to add an option that lets you agree to help her after you choose the "I'll consider it" option the first time you talk to her. So if anyone from the dev team sees this please fix this. Thanks in advance, again.
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    That's just like ... your opinion man. But I'm sure everyone here is greatful for your critique. However, my opinion is that it's the best Fallout like game since Fallout New Vegas. My opinion is that the writing is brillant. My opinion is that Obsidian is not known for mediocrity but for some of my favourite games ever.
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    Greetings fellow spacers, Patch 1.2 has been released! The next time you log onto The Outer Worlds you should be prompted to update your game. This patch is available for players on all platforms and is required in order to fix specific issues within the game. Changes/fixes that are included in this patch are as follows: Top Community Requests: Updated the "Large Text Mode" setting to apply to Examinables Added "Chromatic Aberration" setting to all platforms Added "Controller Aiming Sensitivity" setting to all platforms Added "Head Bobbing" setting to all platforms Added "Field of View" setting to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms Fixed weapons unholstering when interacting with the environment Fixed additional cases of companion quests being marked as Botched incorrectly Audio: Fixed multiple characters from talking over each other when the player dies Fixed audio cutting out when scrolling on the map Fixed NPCs continuing to have dialog after they have died Companions: Fixed some of Felix's belongings appearing on the Unreliable even when he wasn't recruited Fixed Vicar Max being available as a companion even if he was killed in Edgewater Fixed consumable durations not being affected by Max's "Tuned In" Perk and the "Beverage Service Technician" Aptitude Fixed enemies not always animating correctly when hit by Max's companion ability Fixed companion Perks being reset when the player respecs Added a notification for when companions gain Perks from quests Fixed companions calling the player's attacks ineffective, even if they were dealing appropriate damage Fixed lit areas of companions' armor being unlit after they were knocked out Fixed companion outlines not appearing after changing their armor Design: Fixed the "Battle Hardened" Perk not stacking correctly with the Inspiration 40 Skill unlock Fixed the Determination 100 Skill Unlock not applying to both companions Fixed the "Precision" Perk not applying to companions in some cases Fixed the Determination 40 Skill unlock not applying to both companions in some cases Fixed the SuperNova Hunger debuff not applying in certain situations Fixed description text for the Ambidextrine status effect Fixed duration for the Ambidextrine status effect Fixed the "Steady Hand" Perk stacking incorrectly Fixed non-drug consumables not stacking correctly Fixed automechanicals being susceptible to the Poison debuff Fixed the Burn status effect from Mantipillar attacks lasting forever in some cases Fixed the "Bleed" and "Sugary Drink" status effects not working with one another Fixed the "Leader" status effect missing a description when applied to a companion Fixed the Inspiration 80 skill unlock stacking incorrectly Fixed the "Caffeine Drink" status effect not applying when the "Permanent Concussion" Flaw was active Fixed the effects of the "Robophobia" Flaw not clearing in certain conditions Fixed "Pack Mule" Perks not applying while on the Unreliable Fixed the "Revenge" Perk not increasing damage Fixed misleading text in the description of Thinking Cap-let items Fixed "Adelaide's Gardening Shears" not applying the Bleed effect on targets Fixed the Prismatic Hammer not benefiting from several melee Skills and Perks Fixed the Prismatic Hammer not benefiting from Critical Hits Increased damage of Handguns Quests: Fixed "A Family Matter" not updating properly if Tucker Needham was killed in Stellar Bay Fixed "The Amateur Alchemist" not progressing if the player intimidated Vaughn Fixed an optional objective in "BOLT With His Name" being blocked if the player exited a terminal at a specific point Fixed "Comes Now the Power" not updating properly if the Deserters returned to Edgewater under specific conditions Fixed "The Doom That Came To Roseway" being blocked if Anton left Roseway before getting his research back Fixed "Friendship's Due" not updating correctly if the player spoke to Harlow without meeting specific requirements Fixed "Friendship's Due" not updating correctly if the player killed Trask before speaking to Harlow Fixed "Solution Vital" not updating properly if Captain Irion's medical automechanical was killed Fixed Dr. Chartrand attacking the player after she agrees to help them Fixed issues with manti-creature spawning during Nyoka's companion quest if the player left the area and returned in the middle of the fight Settings: Fixed the "Look Up" and "Look Down" keybindings being swapped Added "Foliage" graphics setting for PC platform Added "Enable Cinematic Kill Camera" setting UI: Fixed player response nodes being numbered when using a gamepad Updated Vendor UI to show carry weight and encumbrance limit Updated item tooltips to better indicate Pristine items Added item sorting options to the Companion and Workbench screens Added SuperNova survival meters to the Consumables screen Fixed the companion damage bonus from the Inspiration skill not appearing correctly in the UI Fixed two-handed melee weapons not showing the correct DPS value Fixed plus signs appearing next to Skills that cannot directly gain points Fixed quest objectives disappearing from the Quest Tracker after certain quest updates Fixed the "Sublight Sniper Rifle" unique Dead-Eye not being marked as unique Fixed the Vendor screen from becoming misaligned when selling many items at once Fixed the effects of the "Paranoid" Flaw not displaying correctly Fixed encumbrance limit not updating correctly when applying a Backpack armor mod Fixed certain lootable NPC corpses not highlighting correctly Fixed the "Compare" option incorrectly being available on the Companion screen Fixed the effects of the "Adrena-Time Crash" debuff not displaying correctly Fixed Adreno not being automatically equipped to the Emergency Medical Inhaler Fixed the "Leader" status effect missing from the player Updated description of "Field of View" setting and moved it to the Graphics screen Fixed a missing button icon in the Quick Melee tutorial General: Fixed a crash involving mind-controlled enemies Fixed a soft lock when trying to interact with the Meditative Aid after attacking the hermit Updated description of "Everybody Likes Me" and "Destroyer of Worlds" Achievements/Trophies to reduce confusion Fixed the player's weapon becoming invisible when trying to attack while using the inhaler with the weapon holstered Fixed facial animations not playing in certain conditions Fixed NPCs continuing to climb beyond the end of a ladder on the Unreliable if the player started a conversation while they were climbing Fixed not being able to open the Ledger if the player has unspent Skill points and two NPCs are conversing Fixed Raptidon Collosi being able to knock targets hundreds of meters Fixed Julius Moreau missing voice-over on a line of dialog Fixed not being able to hit enemies with ranged weapons from point-blank range Fixed various issues when trying to fire a ranged weapon and use quick-melee simultaneously Fixed modded Flamethrowers being able to damage targets through walls Fixed Raptidon Matriarch being invulnerable to Flamethrower damage during certain animations Fixed beam weapons being able to lock on to underground targets Fixed the reload animation playing too fast when exiting Tactical Time Dilation Fixed a missing collision issue in Amber Heights Fixed a spot in the Byzantium Tunnels that allowed the player to fall out of the map Fixed not unlocking the Cascadia landing pad fast travel point in certain circumstances Fixed collision issue in Edgewater junkyard Fixed grass showing through the floor in Fallbrook Fixed low-resolution blood textures in Labyrinth Fixed a temporary asset being visible in Monarch Fixed collision issues in Monarch Fixed flickering geometry in Stellar Bay Fixed rare cases of characters falling through the world as it was loading Fixed "Hemlock's Eyepatch" unique item being weightless Fixed rare instances of player response options not being available after loading a save Fixed an issue resulting in duplicate items appearing Fixed consumable durations not updating correctly after saving and loading Updated credits to correct a title, added two focus tester names, and added a developer that was uncredited Fixed instances of missing text when playing in non-English languages Fixed German localization issues Fixed Japanese localization issues Fixed various text errors To continue to report issues you come across and to share suggestions for the game, please visit the Technical Support forums for The Outer Worlds and search to see if a fellow player has already made a thread about it to help reduce duplicate threads. If you find a thread that matches your issue or suggestion, then please feel free to leave a comment and include any details you would like to share. If you are not able to find a similar thread, then please share it with us on our forums and then visit our publishing partner, Private Division, and share this issue with them through their support website. This will help ensure that your specific issue or suggestion is in their queue and will allow us to prioritize requests to provide the fastest possible turnaround time. You all are the best community we could have asked for. Thank you for being awesome!
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    We've released Fallout et tu v1.0 today. The Fallout 1 to Fallout 2 engine conversion is now (core-) feature complete. That means, every Fo1 feature that was missing in Fo2 (red dots on worldmap, "Tell me About"-button, and lots of under-the-hood stuff) has been re-implemented by us. The changelog since the last update 1 month ago has become gigantic. Personally I didn't expect we'd be fixing so many issues in such a short time. Most of these are either vanilla Fo1 bugs/issues, or stuff introduced by the Fixt mod. Anyways. If interested, follow this link: https://github.com/rotators/Fo1in2/releases/tag/v1.0.1700 or this link: https://nma-fallout.com/threads/fallout-et-tu-release-v1-0.218045/page-18#post-4360863
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    Hello hello everyone! I am super excited that you found me, and I am really happy to be here with you all! I'll be on here more often now, so feel free to drop me a comment or whatnot, and I'll be reading all your threads and posts and talking and helping where I can!
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    Hi everyone, I have just finishined the first complete version (1.0) of my own mod which will aim at making the game more balanced. My main objectives are the following : - Make all abilities/subclasses worth including in a build, - Ensure that Tier VIII and Tier IX are interesting enough to go Single Class, - Correct a couple of weird mechanics to make them more consistent with generic rules. I plan to deliver it on Nexus Mod a bit later probably within a couple of weeks. Important notes ; - This mod is designed for RtwP. I "think" most of its content should work for TB, but I haven't tested it, - This mod is in English only. It will work with any language setup though, but modified texts will appear in English, - This mod has been designed and tested with the content of PoE2 Community Patch (I own no rights on CP, but I wanted to promote it). - This mod will apply to any newly created character. For existing ones : The files, version 1.0 : The ones with most of the changes, mostly buffs or minor corrections : BalancePolishingModBuffs 1.0.zip The ones with nerfs for a couple of broken features (such as preventing Salvation of Time abuse, or Troubadour nerf). They will be described in red in the notes below. You may not want to use this package. BalancePolishingModNerfs 1.0.zip The one with Summon Rebalance, with a lot of tweaks (buffs and nerfs) delivered as a stand-alone package : BalancePolishingSummonRebalance 1.0.zip Installation instructions, In order to get the intended experience : Detailed list of changes : I didn't include the full explainations in this thread, but feel free to read them in the "Project for a Balance Mod" thread. Most of the descriptions should be up-to-date, but there might have been a couple of changes. Therefore, the release thread should be considered as the reference. Discussion References per topic : 1) Class changes : A) Fighter Inspired Discipline : 3 Discipline -> 2 Discipline Power Strike & Inspired Strike : 4 Discipline -> 3 Discipline 6s Stun -> 10s Stun 6s Staggered -> 10s Staggered Inspired Discipline only : +200% damages -> +300% Take the Hit : 4s Recovery -> 0s Recovery Into the Fray & Upgrades : 2 Discipline -> 1 Discipline 10 – 14 damages -> 5 – 10 damages Mule Kick : Most upgrades use the PL of the original ability. A PL 3 upgrade of a PL 1 ability used by a PL5 character will for example get a scaling of +4. There was a glitch that counted Mule Kick as PL3 instead of PL1, so I corrected it for ruleset consistency. This basically gives Mule Kick +2 PL. Toughened Fury :25% proc chance, as announced by CP (CP implemented only 20%) B) Paladin Light of Pure Zeal : 5 Zeal -> 4 Zeal Exorcism : 4 Zeal -> 3 Zeal Healing Chain (complete rework) : 2 Zeal Range 5m + 4m Jump Friendly Target + 50 Bounce (yes, 50) Heal 10 health per bounce (no reduction per bounce) Can bounce several time on the same target (0,3s delay) Hastening Exhortation & Upgrades : 2 Zeal -> 1 Zeal - Hastening Exhortation : Nimble for 15s- Zealous Exhortation : Swift for 15s- Hastening Command: Nimble and Strong for 15s Liberating Exhortation & Upgrades : 2 Zeal -> 1 Zeal 20s Duration -> 15s Reinforcing Exhortation & Upgrades : 2 Zeal -> 1 Zeal 12s Duration -> 10s Glorious beacon & Upgrades : 3s/4s Cast -> 0,5s/4,5s Cast 1,5m AoE -> 2,5m AoE 8s Duration -> 12s Duration (for all effects, including upgrades) Sacred immolation & Upgrades : 4 Zeal -> 3 Zeal 32 raw damages per tick -> 20 damages (I overrode the 3,5m radius from Community Patch) Wrath of the Fives Suns (Pallegina special ability) : Penetration : 7->12 Penetration properly scale with PL (currently it does not) Damages : 5-7 -> 5->15 (x5 Projectiles) EDIT : 2 Zeal -> 1 Zeal Greater Lay on Hands : 8s Duration -> 10s Duration Hands of Light : 8s Duration -> 15s Duration C) Chanter Also refer to Summon Rebalance for changes specifically about summons. Troubadour : Brisk Recitation phrase take 4s instead of 3s. Set to Their Purpose, They All Knew Their Part : 6 Phrases -> 5 Phrases (as unupgraded version) (this was justified when it provided Brillant...) Far from Defeated, His Heart Filled with Joy : 6 Phrases -> 5 Phrases (as unupgraded version) +3 Phrases -> +2 Phrases Far from Defeated, His Heart Filled with Joy and Their Companion Braved the Horde Alone are now considered Offensive instead of Non-Offensive (important for Skald) ...Each Kill Fed His Fury : Contrary to the ability it is upgraded from, this ability provides mere +5 stats boost instead of inspirations. As it seemed really random, I replaced the stat boost by actual Strong, Fit and Steadfast Inspirations. Boil Their Flesh From Skin to Bone & Upgrade : Secondary Cones replaced by simple 2,5m radius AoE. This enables the Acid Explosion to be properly centered on the victim. ( I learned that the secondary Cones originated from the caster instead of from the actual victim. This changes also correct this glitch) His Laughter Rang Through the Halls : 8s Daze -> 30s Interrupt on Hit -> Interrupt on Graze His Heart Did Fill With the Light of the Dawn : +1 Ressource -> +2 Ressources Does not affect the caster anymore. D) Rangers Sharpshooter : +20% Range with all ranged weapons Hobbling Shot : Hobbled for 10s->15s Heal Companion & Upgrade : 2 Bonds -> 1 Bond Cast time : 3s/4s -> 0,5s/4,5s Range 4m -> 10m Note : I didn't follow Community Patch change for this one. Revive Companion & Upgrade : Revive with 50 health -> 100 health Vengeful Revival : +20% damage -> +30% Deadly Surprise : +100% damage -> +300% Bonded Fury : 3 Bonds -> 2 Bonds Cast time : 0,5s/4s -> 0,5s/0s Range : 6m -> 10m Twinned Shot : 2 Bonds -> 1 Bond Vengeful Grief : Duration 15s -> Infinite (note that DEX and MIG affliction still dispell the Inspirations you get) Heart Seeker : 4 Bonds -> 3 Bonds Shadowed Hunters : Pet's first bite after using the ability apply a 30s DoT effect (20 raw damages per 3s tick). Note that first pet attack doesn't break invisibility (this is true in the base game). Distracting Training : 6s -> 15s (not that this is the base duration. It will be lower in general because the ability use pet's Intellect) Pet Abilities Keyword :Added Beast Keyword to all pet abilities cast by the Ranger so they benefit from equipment with bonus to Beast abilities.Applied to Heal Companion, Revive Companion, Bonded Fury, Master's Call, Shadowed Hunters & their upgrades.Not applied to Takedown and Play Dead cause they are cast by pet themselves (and PL can be detrimental to Play Dead cause it rise its duration) E) Barbarian Mage Slayer : Removed the Spell Resistance entirely. Added -25% Hostile and Beneficial effect duration. Corpse Eater : Greatly buffed special food (and also replaced bonus MIG and malus INT by more varied effects) : - Kith Meat : -5 Diplomacy, -15% Damages received, +3 Corpse Eater PL - Corpse Loaf : -3 Diplomacy, +3 Health per 6s, +10 Fortitude, +4 Corpse Eater PL - Forbidden Pie : -3 Diplomacy, +4 Resolve, Mind Affliction Resistance, +5 Corpse Eater PL In addition, Kith Meat and Vessel Flesh can be bought from Vithrack and Imp vendors (Kith Meat price set to 100 gold) Instruments of Boundless Rage : 3 Rage -> 2 Rage Added Fire Keyword Heart of Fury : 4 Rage -> 3 Rage Savage Defiance & Upgrades : 15s -> 25s Stalwart Defiance : changed to Gain Concentration every 6s Leap & Panther's Leap : 6s Dazed -> 4s Stun Dragon Leap : 6s Dazed -> 6s Stun Panther's and Dragon Leap are now correctly tagged as Leap upgrades (which basically makes them scale as PL5 abilities -> effective +3PL) Carnage : Can now Crit (so can apply Blood Frenzy ) Accurate Carnage : +5 Accuracy -> +10 Accuracy Blood Surge : 25% Chance -> 50% Chance, but only apply to Hostile Targets (same change as Community Patch did for its Paladin equivalent) Blood Thirst : Cleaned the mess that causes it to proc twice on the same target and prevented it from being stackable with Crushing Blow. Now proc only once except sometimes when 2 targets are killed in a row (it applies twice then, cause Recovery is cleared before second target is killed, so you keep one charge) Barbaric Blow & upgrades : Removed the PR and Damages bonus to make the ability more focused. Now Barbaric Blow & Upgrades do : - 75% Hit to Crit chances - +75% Crit damages bonus (note : Crushing Blow do get this bonus, even if it does not get Crit Damages Bonus in the base game due to a bug) - +200% Carnage AoE (so roughly 2.5m radius instead of 1.5m) - Barbaric Smash : no refund, but cost reduced to 1 Rage - Crushing Blow : no recovery (not conditional anymore) Spirit Tornado : Spirit Tornado applies Stagger on any hit, not only Weapon Hits (as the unupgraded version) F) Wizard Conjurer : Summon Familiar cast time : 3s/4s -> 0.5s/0s (It's not very well known, but Familiars provide a +1 stacking and generic PL Bonus, as well as random +3 to one stat and a minor bonus.) Transmuter : Form of the Fearsome Brute changes : - Form of the Fearsome Brute Armor : +100% Recovery -> +20% Recovery - Form of the Fearsome Brute Fist : 13-25 damages, 6PR -> 18-24 damages, 7PR - Form of the Fearsome Brute duration : 30s -> 20s - Form of the Fearsome Brute duration : +1 Engagement -> +3 Note : these changes also apply to Form of the Fearsome Brute Potions Bewildering Spectacle : Cast time : 3s/4s -> 0.5s/3s Confusion : Added Interrupt on Hit AoE : 2.5m -> 5m Note : these changes also apply to Confusion Scrolls, Wael's priest and Trickster's versions. G) Cipher Wild Mind : Miscast : set to foe only, but damages lowered to 0.5 x Focus. Tenuous grasp : 0.5s/4s cast time -> 0.5s/2s Fractured Volition : Change Weakened for Enfeebled. Haunting Chain : Duration 20s -> 40s. Soul Ignition : Target Fortitude -> Target Will (due to Cipher's passive, this is a buff) 16 damages per tick -> 20 damages Duration : 15s -> 18s Mindweb : Now break after being damages 3 times. Note that this erases the changes from CP that were supposed to make Mindweb break after a Hit (but didn't work) H) Rogue Trickster : Sneak Attack 20% + 5%/PL -> 10% + 5%/PL Streefighter : Indirect nerf : Blunderbuss Modal : Distracted for 10s -> -10 Accuracy for 10s Smoke Veil : 2 Guile -> 1 Guile Shadow Step & Upgrade : 3 Guile -> 2 Guile Paralysis 6s -> 8s Shadowing Beyond & Upgrade : 3 Guile -> 2 Guile +50 Deflection that was weirdly cancelled on 1st or 2nd attack (without any explaination) -> +25 Deflection for whole duration Smoke Cloud & Upgrades : Interrupt on Hit -> Interrupt on Graze Finishing Blow & Eleminating Blow : +3% damages per % health lost from 50% -> +1.5% damages per % health lost from 100% Devastating Blow : +6% damages per % health lost from 50% -> +3% damages per % health lost from 100% I did not change the max value, but I made these abilities count from 100%. Sap : Hobbled for 30s -> Shaken for 30s Added impossibility to receive Concentration debuff on target for 30s. Perplexing Sap : Removed the weird Confusion on target's attack effect. Upgrade Skaken from changed Sap to Fighten. This version of Perplexing Sap is basically a Silencing attack, or a cheap source of Tier 2 Affliction for Resistant foe. Strike the Bell & Upgrades (complete rework) : - Still Full Attack that Interrupts on Graze, with +25% damages and +2 PR. - Now all versions adds a 15s Dazed effect - Melee 1 Hander adds a -25 Will debuff for 15s - Melee 2 Hander adds a -25 Fortitude debuff for 15s - Ranged Weapon adds a -25 Reflex debuff for 15s - All other effects removed. - The upgrades now allow their respective -25 defense debuff to last for the whole Combat (in a similar fashion as Gouging Strike) Confounding Strike : Start at -10 deflection malus, -2 per hit up to a total of -34 (doesn't stack with flanked) Fix the stacking not working from CP. Thanks @Frykas for pointing it. Persistent Distraction : - Deflection and AR malus doesn't stack with similar effect anymore, as for all others Distracted Afflictions. Thanks @Frykas for pointing it. Deep Wounds :Now applies 20% fixed amount of weapon damages in 4 ticks (2s ticks) as announced by CP. CP implemented 3 ticks (3s ticks) for a total of 15%. I) Druid Also refer to Summon Rebalance for changes specifically about summons. Wall of Thorns : No actual changes, but this ability displayed a base PEN of 7 which was wrong : it is actually base PEN 9, so I corrected the display Nature's Terror : - Casting time changed from 4,5s/3s to 3s/3s. Sunlance : - Casting time changed from 4,5s/3s to 0,5s/4,5s. - Added Interrupt on Hit. Nature's Bounty : - Now its effects (20 health restored, +2 PER and MIG, +20% Action Speed for 30s) will apply directly instead of summoning potion. - AoE reduced 5m -> 2,5m to compensate that it now affects summons and everything. Entropy : - Added 3 Base Bounce (Base 4 Targets) - Number of procs raised from 3 to 5. - Charges are not consumed by Graze and Crit anymore - Removed Interrupt part Tornado : - AoE set to 10m radius. - Range set to 20m - Added a true "Interrupt on Graze" effect, which is consistent with the Vertical Launch part. - Casting Time tuned from 6s/2s to 4.5s/3s Touch of Death : - Set casting time to 0,5s/3s instead of 3s/3s. - Add a +25 Acc modifier for this spell. So if your accuracy is equal or greater than foe's Will, the kill is guaranteed. Wildstrike Frenzy : - Changed from Procs on Kills to Proc on Kills Fury Strom Blight Weapons : - Now properly count as weapons (generate focus, etc...) J) Priest Also refer to Summon Rebalance for changes specifically about summons. Divine Terror : - Duration 20s -> 30s Salvation of Time : Change to a lasting beneficial effects which adds 0.5s to every beneficial effects every 1s. That effectively halves their ellapsing speed of buffs (including SoT itself : it lasts 20s with a base duration of 10s). Basically still add 10s but : - Now benefits from PL and INT - Now applies to effects cast after it (especially useful for Vanishing Strikes...) - Useless to cast several times in a row - The most important : now a single effect cannot have its duration more than doubled. It is still a very good spell, even better than before, but it is now impossible to abuse by combining it with Brilliant, and all other buffs will also have to be re-cast again at some point. Hand of Berath : - 5PL -> -10PL - Now auto-hit. Revenge of Skaen : - Range 5m -> 10m - Added a -20 Accuracy effect in addition to Blind. The -20 Acc does not stack with -10 Acc from Blind but the idea was to create an effect that goes through Perception Resistance Blessing of Wael : - +5 All defenses -> +10 - Now works vs any kind of attacks (not just melee ones) - Now targets Will - Changed the Blind affliction (which was too redundant with Skaen's Revenge) for a random effect of -10 PER, INT or RES. Symbol of Berath : Added acid Keyword Gaun Spells : - Added Plant Keyword (bugfix from CP, not base game) Wael Confusion : - Added Illusion Keyword (bugfix from CP, not base game) K) Monk No changes but fixed the glitch from Community Patch that prevented Shattered Pillar to get max 10 wounds after picking lesser Wounds (note that Community Patch add-on also fixed it in parallel) 2) Summon Rebalance : Nerfs are hihjlighted in red, but are part of the same package. Weapon & Armor Scaling :The biggest change is now that all summons weapon and armor scale with level (as Animated Weapons, Summoned Weapons, Companion Pet's Weapons and a handful of other summons already do).They all follow the rules of the table in the link below (+1 PEN, +4 Acc, +15% damages for their weapons and +1AR at level 5, 9, 13 & 17) https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/227477-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire/faqs/76599/non-pl-scaling(Only exception are some of the Tier IX Summons because you get them after level 17. But most of them will have legendary quality weapons, or strong enough weapons anyway. ) Wizard & Monk : No Change Druid : Ondra's Whip, Watery Double, Lashing Vine : no changes. I think these abilities are balanced as they are (and they all scale at levels 5, 9, 13, 17 ).Summon Sporelings :Added Weapon & Armor scaling. All Blights Summons :Added Weapon & Armor scaling. Call to the Primordials :Added Weapon & Armor scaling. Reduced the number of oozes from 3 to 2. Reduced the duration from 30s to 20s. Bog Ooze removed from the list of potential summons, replaced by Lesser Bog Ooze (but with the added scaling, it's actually somewhat stronger).Fire Stag : (Weapons and armor already scaled) (minor) Change its fire shield so it procs on "damaged" as other fire shields, and not on Hit/Crit. Set Engagement limit to base. Adjust base damages to 13 - 19 with PEN 8 (equivalent of a sword with +2 PEN and fast attack rate).Explosion is now triggered by death instead of ability activation. That means Barring Death Door will prevent it from exploding and doing any damages. But when Fire stag is killed by foe, it explodes as if the ability was triggered. Fire stag can still kill itself to trigger the explosion. Explosion has been set to foe-only.Aspect of Galawain :(Weapons and armor already scaled) Adjusted base damages to 13 - 19 with PEN 8 (equivalent of a sword with +2 PEN and fast attack rate). (Wolf gets higher base damage, and Lion has bonus attack speed as previously). Adjusted armor : - base 5 AR -> base 8 AR, - 25% recovery -> 0% recovery. Bear gets +2 AR on top of this as previously. Added an Interrupt on Hit effect to its base attack. Priest :Spirtual Ally :Added Weapon & Armor scaling (its armor scales up to equivalent of legendary plate). Tune down duration to 25s because scaling weapons make him much better at high level and it was already a decent summon. Incarnates : Changed -5 PL for 35s into -1 PL (stacking if used multiple time) for 120s. This counts as a hostile effect and is decreased by Resolve and similar feat. Now for specific Incarnates : - Eothas : Equipment set to Legendary Quality. Replaced one of the priest incarnate by a copy of the first since it had an infinite recovery and could only act once. Duration reduced from 35s to 20s (triple summons would be too strong for 35s). - Berath : Equipment set to Legendary Quality Duration reduced from 35s to 25s (double summons would be too strong for 20s). - Magran : Weapon and shield set to Legendary Quality. Buffed to be a defensive juggernat : Set her CON to 25, RES to 25Armor changed to 14 AR without weakness apart Cold and its Recovery would be lowered from +67% to +34% (this value is the one from a Fighter with Armored Grace wearing a heavy armor). - Skaen : added +2 weapon PEN, +10 Acc, damages set from 14-20 to 18-25 (fast attack speed). +2 AR. (Basically similar to a scaling from Exceptionnal to Legendary.) - Wael : get scaling bonus (+4 PEN, + 16 Acc, +60% damages with weapons, +4 AR). I also gave him +10 CON so its health pool is more in line with other Single Incarnate, albeit still the frailest. I also added +5 DEX, +5 PER. - Rymrgand : No changes to this monster. Chanter : Skeletons : Added Weapon & Armor scaling. They start as poor so they have "exceptionnal" weapons at level 20. Note : "Many Lives..." phrase skeletons don't really scale anyway. Phantom : Added Weapon & Armor scaling. Phantom upgrade duration : 25s -> 60s. Wurms : Added Weapon & Armor scaling. Base Duration lowered from 25s to 18s. Upgrade cost : 4 phrases -> 3 phrases (I have already aligned all chanter upgraded invocations with the cost of their original ability) Wisps : Added Weapon & Armor scaling. Ogres : Added Weapon & Armor scaling. Set their active abilities to 1 per encounter. I didn't want them to be better than Drake at AoE or better than Wisp at Interrupting. Changed their "Down the Hatch" ability : it doesn't provide Tenacious and Robust anymore : this would have lead to too much AR and PEN if added with the scaling. Now "Down the Hatch" is renamed "Ogre Defiance" and only provides 10 health per 3s for 20s. Disoriented drawback has been removed. I added 2 PEN to their attack abilities to compensate for the loss of Tenacious. Drake : Added Weapon & Armor scaling. Duration 25s -> 35s. Added : Ground Immunity, Fear Aura and Dex Resistance that all other drakes have (Dragon Summon gets an improved version of Fear Aura). Knockdowns : - 2 per Encounter -> 3 per Encounter - Damages set to 15 - 25, base PEN set from 7 to 10. - Only affects Hostile Fire Breath : - 1 per Encounter -> 2 per Encounter - PEN set from 6 to 9 Dank Spore : Added Weapon scaling. AR already scaled, but I aligned it with other summons progression. Duration 25s -> 35s. Foul Thing explosion on death : - added 40 - 55 raw poison damages - set Sickened affliction to Infinite duration as announced by the ability. - only affects Hostile - corrected a bug that prevented the Sickened affliction from being displayed. Animated Weapons : Are currently already fully scaled. No change. Dragon : Will receive the benefit of full weapon / armor scaling. In addition to scaling, I'm going to change Dragon stats because they currently don't make sense, with a bottomless pit of health but lower AR and attack than the drake : - Armor 7->10(+4 from scaling) with resistance to Fire and Slash and vulnerability to pierce. (Based on the (scaled) version of the Drake, +1 AR) - Health 200 + 50/level -> 100 + 30/level - Attack : 16-22 CRU/PIER, 7 PEN, normal attack speed -> 20-26 CRU/PIER, 9 PEN, fast attack (+scaling) (this is based on the drake attack, but slightly improved). 3) Miscellanous Changes : Fire Godlike Fire AR : 2 -> 4 Martial Casting : 15% Action Speed -> 100% Action speed when casting summoned weapons. Quick Summoning : 15% Action Speed -> 25% Action speed when summoning. Adra Ban in shop :Added Adra Ban to Una's Shop, for 10000 gold per unit.Binding Block :+15 Accuracy -> +20 Lasting Empower :Corrected CP bug (duration increase applied to many stuff including non-empowered attacks), but I had to go back to base Game version. Bashing Shield : Now Bashing Shield (Magran's Blessing and Best Defense) Accuracy, PEN and Damages upon attacking increase according to the shield quality (example for excptionnal shield : +8 ACC, +2 PEN, +30%) Special thanks to @Noqn for implementing this very clean ruleset. Not applied to Tuotilo's Palm (its stats increase according to Transcendant Suffering / Monastic Unarmed Training as in the base game) Damages and PEN set to base 7-10 with base 7 PEN to match their scaling. Magran's Blessing Fire Shield slightly reduced to compensate for the scaling applied also to retaliations : - 5-7 damages for base Fire Shield - 8-12 damages for greater Fire Shield Last but not least, the expected Cuttlefish nerf !!! : +1 Crew Morale -> +0 Morale
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    Today is my daughter's 13th birthday. We live next to a parking lot, and it has been completely empty during the pandemic, so I ordered a 120 inch fabric screen for about $30. Then I put a raised frame up on the back fence, and people drove up to watch a movie that we played with a projector and a speaker system. It turned out pretty well! Drive-In Movies are coming abck in style.
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    Something from the famed Italian comic artist Milo Manara that hits home:
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    https://wrath.owlcatgames.com https://www.pcgamer.com/pathfinder-wrath-of-the-righteous-announced/
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    It's nice that they added the option of choosing from a larger pool of games, but most of them still don't interest me. I'm likely going to cancel my subscription when it runs out. Also, sorry for the rare updates.
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    If you explore and do the side quests companion quests and group standing quests its defo not short. Im on over 40 hours and im still not done.
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    Your entitled to your opinion. But it's definately a minority viewpoint. Obsidian are not known for mediocre ganes. Obsidian are known as one of the best RPG devs in the west. Something tells me more than likely your a very sad Bethesda fan. Who is so upset that Bethesda have gone so downhill that many don't want to support them anymore. TOW is so much better than Fallout 4. The RPG mechanics are better. And the slow Mo is far superior to Vats. But the biggest problem with Fallout is the writing. Obsidian writing is superb. Please Obsidian don't be like Fallout. TOW is far superior as an RPG. IMO the OP is either a PS fanboy or Bethesda Fanboy. What gives it away is the line that Obsidian are known for mediocrity. When that statement is totally false. Obsidian is synonymous with top drawer quality RPGs. Either he's Annoyed that from here on all Obsidian RPGs will be Xbox exclusive or he's annoyed that so much hate is being piped on Bethesda lately. And people are much happier with The Outer Worlds. 90% of reviews say it's better than Fallout.
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    Thank you for playing Grounded! Grounded is currently in Game Preview/Early Access, and as such, unfortunately has a few... bugs, pardon the pun. The team is working hard to update the game often and below are some workaround that may be helpful. If you find an issue that isn't listed here, or on the Technical Support forum, please Contact Us and include as much information as possible. MAJOR Known Issue: There is a known issue with Radeon R series graphics cards and Game Pass PC crashing related to a Direct X 12 error. Workaround: Unfortunately we do not have a resolution for this but we are looking into it and hope to have something soon. Known Issue: Game crashes while loading into the game. Workaround: We are currently looking into this issue and are currently working on it to get everyone into the game playing. Known Issue: Save files disappearing either after crashing, closing the game, or moving back to the main lobby. Workaround: We are currently looking into this issue. If you are experiencing this save file issue, please send us your save files, located in the following folders: C:\Users[USERNAME]\Saved Games\Grounded Windows 10 C:\Users[USERNAME]\Saved Games\Grounded Send to: support@obsidian.net Known Issue: PC players will sometimes crash or freeze while logging into the game. Workaround: Some players have reported that giving the game permissions in their anti-virus has allowed them to bypass this issue. We are continuing to investigate into this to find a resolution. Known Issue: Attempting to recycle certain items in the game will cause the game to crash, such as grass plank palettes, weed stem palettes, and dew collectors are some of the reported items. Workaround: You should be able to dismantle the item using an axe or hammer while we investigate and work to resolve this issue. Known Issue: Killing insects will cause the game to crash. Workaround: Talk to BURG.L and abandon the quest "Kill Mosquitoes" or "Kill Bugs", and this should stop you from crashing. Known Issue: Xbox One players are reporting controller delays while playing the game. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Some players on PC are reporting latency issues and high ping while playing multiplayer. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Steam client is not shutting down properly when closing out of the game. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: The feedback system is sometimes causing games to freeze or crash. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. GAME Known Issue: Sometimes respawning at your lean-to will cause you to spawn under the world. Workaround: Some players have reported that relogging helps them. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Ants are sometimes able to steal items from players and storage containers from a decent distance away. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Some insects are able to walk through building structures and even climb up to different building levels. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Insects that fall into the water do not drown. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Some players report that they are not able to properly place a sap collector. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Some players report that when they die, their backpacks fall under the world causing them to lose all of their items. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Players report that in multiplayer games, sometimes only the host can see berries. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Some players report that items will not stay in their storage containers. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Some players are having an issue where attempting to drink from the canteen gives them the error message "Can't Mix Liquids". Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Grubs appear to spawn on any surface, such as dried leaves near the Oak Tree. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Reports have been made where players are having difficulties placing blueprints when building their bases. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Players have reports that sometimes after chopping down a dandelion, they will be able to kick the stems and dandelion tufts up into the air. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Controls stop working when going into various menus Workaround: Some players have mentioned that if another controller is connected, it may be taking over some controls and that turning off the controller may fix the issue. Known Issue: Game settings not saving when reentering the game. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Some Xbox players report that having more than one controller turned on will sometimes cause them to no longer be able to properly interact with menus. Workaround: You can turn off one of the controllers and then restart your game in order to resolve this. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Mushroom gardens, dew containers, and drying racks are not working properly. Workaround: You can delete and rebuild in order to get them to work again, but they appear to be a one-time working item at this time. Otherwise we are investigated and hope to have a fix soon. Known Issue: Insects are spawning in walls or under the ground. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Slime Mold Sconces are not staying lit when reloading a saved game. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: When making smoothies, instead of using a single item in a stack, the smoothie station will use the entire stack. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Construction desync. Sometimes when a player, not the host, in a multiplayer game places a blueprint, it will show that it has been placed differently for the host and the player. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Players are reporting that ant eggs are not found in the game. Workaround: Some players report that killing off some ants will allow the ants to lay eggs again. Other than that, this issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Deleting part of a blueprint could ultimately delete the entire blueprint or some of the built base. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Tier 2 weeds are not respawning. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Some players are reporting that the repair tool is not functioning. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. UI Known Issue: Players report that their save files show a different difficulty setting than what they actually selected and were playing in. Workaround: This is a visual bug and starting up your save should put you in the correct difficulty you selected at the start. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Sometimes when shooting an arrow, the game will leave a duplicated arrow in front of the player. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Some players report that their Acorn Mask will sometimes change its look into a different design. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. AUDIO Known Issue: In-game voice chat is automatically set to "On activity" after restarting the game or joining a multiplayer game. Workaround: Changing the setting and changing it back should temporarily fix it. Known Issue: Voice controls in the game do not turn off. Workaround: Some players report that turning the option to "Always On" and then back to "Never" will fix this. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Game audio distorts for some players, adding static to the game or distorting the character voices. Workaround: Relogging into the game may help fix this. This issue is still being investigated. Known Issue: Some players are able to hear sounds from their friends' game while their friends are far away. Example: hearing ladybug noises while you don't see any but your friends are near one. Workaround: No known workaround at this time. This issue is still being investigated. COMMON QUESTIONS Known Issue: There are no language options other than English. Workaround: Unfortunately we do not yet have translations for the Game Preview / Early Access version of Grounded. We will be getting translation in during the remaining development of the game. We appreciate all of these reports, and we will keep you up to date on the progress. Also, at any time please feel free to reach out to us directly at support@obsidian.net
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    Picked a hell of a time to go into nursing. Started at the hospital right before things got hot and heavy here in the US. I've had to reuse PPE gowns and don't even ask about the masks. I question the county government mandating everyone wear a cloth petri dish over their noses and mouths, but I suppose they figure people will wear them properly *enough* that the benefits will outweigh the risks. I don't trust that, but then again I see healthcare workers wearing masks wrong all the time. My favorite was seeing two CNAs wheeling an iso patient down the hall. One wore the mask properly. One had a mask cover most of his mouth, more or less, but not his nose. The patient didn't have on a mask at all. Yep. That's all kinds of wrong. Even an N95 mask, which are under lock and key at this point, isn't really more effective than nothing unless its worn properly. Anyhow, it's not too bad where I live. Not a huge number of Covid-19 cases. Maybe famous last words, but I've been living on borrowed time for years, so... :shrug: I am worried about my wife, though. I want to thank you also, Keyrock. Keep moving those goods around the country. We'd all be screwed otherwise. Hell, I appreciate the folks at the local restaurants where I can pick up food. My wife has been doing the cooking for the first time in our marriage, and the learning curve has been steep for her.
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    Come now, it's not the Codex. We're more along the lines of pretentious pricks.
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    https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/189270621926/its-become-a-bit-of-a-meme-lately-that-obsidian I can understand where feeling comes from, and I think a lot of it has to do with the relative ages of people in leadership positions. Depending on the specific game we’re talking about, it’s a type of game that some of us have already iterated on 2, 3, or 4 times. And when it comes to things like dialogue structure and quest design, there’s even more structural commonality between our projects, regardless of the underlying genre or camera perspective. I’ve been a game developer for 20 years now. Regardless of my intelligence or creativity compared to a junior designer, I have seen enough quests move from idea to document to alpha implementation to beta to launch to have a pretty good sense about how certain approaches are going to go. There are some quest concepts or details that are - and I stress that I do not mean this pejoratively - naïve. The quest designer does not, and could not, understand the technical implications of what they are trying to do. When it comes to quest design (especially) a little bit of knowledge can be a very dangerous thing, because as with learning any discipline, it’s hard to comprehend how much you don’t know once you get the basics down. One of my favorite bicycle frame builders is Richard Sachs. He’s been essentially building the same type of brazed steel frames for over 45 years. I have one of his 1978 frames and it looks very similar to the frames he builds now. He’s one of the higher-profile living frame builders and he’s vocal about his opinions. In an interview, he recounted interacting with a talented young frame builder who had been working for a few years, built several dozen frames, and concluded he had pretty much learned everything there was to it. Sachs’ reaction was, “You don’t even know how to make the right kind of mistakes,” This is one thing for a craft like frame building, where it’s often (today) one person working alone as a hobbyist. It’s another thing in a big team environment like game development where 30-100 people are trying to work together on a big, interconnected project. More experienced leads tend to be more conservative and critical about design, not necessarily because of some ideological stance, but because we have seen things go very wrong and we want to prevent the kind of collateral damage we have seen play out in the past. Players remember quests like Beyond the Beef, and rightly so, because it’s a very fun quest with a lot of interesting ways to approach and resolve it. What players don’t remember, because they weren’t there, is how long Beyond the Beef took to complete, and the impact it had on the designers’ schedule and the project as a whole. And players don’t remember the cut content, some of it the product of months of a designer’s time, because it was hopelessly broken or inherently not fun to play through. When I write this, it’s not to put blame at on the quest designers. It’s my responsibility to review their work and to approve or disapprove it. On a game like F:NV, which was almost half-my-career-ago, I very often said, “I don’t think you should do that,” or “I wouldn’t do that,” with an explanation of why and some suggestions for alternative approaches. These days, I am more likely to say, “Don’t do that,” because I have seen 10 out of 12 soft warnings go ignored and yield some really tremendous headaches and heartaches. In contrast, when I see young teams (and by this I mean inexperienced developers with inexperienced leads) working, I am often pleasantly reminded of what naïveté can produce - as long as you have the time and money to burn through your mistakes. I talk with and visit a lot of teams at other companies, and there are some high profile developers I’ve visited where their design process is less of a process and more of an ad hoc “fling **** at the wall” experiment that goes on for 3-5 years. Sometimes the cost of this is just time, which is money. Sometimes the cost is polish. Sometimes the cost is burning out half a generation of young developers. Sometimes it’s all of these things. If you’ve never been at the helm when your project goes so over-budget that the company is in serious peril, this might not seem like a big deal. If you’ve never been in charge when the game comes out and gets slammed for being sloppy, buggy, and messy - when a reviewer straight-up says the team that worked massive overtime to get the game out “phoned it in” - this might not seem like a big deal. And if you haven’t watched the people on your team, people for whom you were responsible, get burned-out or laid off because of crunch, or stress, or a project cancelation, it also might not seem like a big deal. But if you have been in that position, it’s hard to see the consequences of inaction and not try to mitigate them, consciously or unconsciously, by pushing for more tried-and-true approaches to design. I’m not saying it’s an objectively good thing, but it is, I think, a natural reaction for leaders who see things go wrong over and over. Personally, I do hope we take more chances at Obsidian in the future, whether it’s on big projects or small ones. Some of this will involve putting less experienced people in leadership roles. Limiting the project scope itself also helps. Small projects and DLCs are easier to experiment with in good conscience because the impact on the company will probably be low if it fails. But when it comes to our big projects, our more experienced leads will have to be more open-minded about letting certain things wander a little bit. There are additional layers of experience and perspective that I will (hopefully) gain if I remain in the industry another 5, 10, 15 years. Hopefully that will allow me and other people working in leadership positions at the company to let people take more risks in good conscience. I want to help people make the right kinds of mistakes.
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    Greetings fellow spacers, We want to let you all know that our Patch has been released for all platforms! This is a hot fix patch to address some top community issues that have come in since the launch of the game. Resolved Issues for Patch Top Community Requests: The game crashing at a specific point when the player has reached Tartarus has been resolved Toggle to increase the font size (found in the UI tab under Settings). Increases font for conversation text, cinematic subtitles, bark subtitles, and terminal text. Audio Players will no longer experience muffled sounds when playing on the PlayStation 4 Design: The Prismatic Hammer has been rebalanced and no longer incorrectly uses the level multiplier as an exponent instead of a multiplier and will no longer do 10s of thousands of points of damage at a higher level. Now deals the damage it should have been dealing all along Quests Existing Botched companion quests will have their status reset to Active allowing the player to add them to a party when leaving the ship in order to un-botch the quests, unless the death occurred prior to unlocking the companion quest Fix for "Radio Free Monarch" where issues would happen when talking to Nayoka while having SAM in your party General: Edit: Foliage on the Xbox One X now is now closwer in parity with the foliage on PlayStation 4/Pro. This does not affect Xbox One base or S models. The achievement/trophy for "It's Not the Best Choice" will pop correctly To continue to report issues you come across and to share suggestions for the game, please visit the Technical Support forums for The Outer Worlds and search to see if a fellow player has already made a thread about it to help reduce duplicate threads. If you find a thread that matches your issue or suggestion, then please feel free to leave a comment and include any details you would like to share. If you are not able to find a similar thread, then please share it with us on our forums and then visit our publishing partner, Private Division, and share this issue with them through their support website. This will help ensure that your specific issue or suggestion is in their queue and will allow us to prioritize requests to provide the fastest possible turnaround time. Thank you all for your patience and understanding, and please continue to share with us anything you come across. You all are amazing, and we are very lucky to have you here with us.
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    Actually... after thinking about it some more. I think it's because they didn't have any women in boob plate armour on the front. The sales probably would have shot up if they had a few barely clothed elves on the adverts and posters and what not.
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    I do disagree: I think Bethesda's Fallout is the "cheap knockoff". Simply because Bethesda isn't smart. They do not do smart design, they do not write smart things. They themselves stated "You can either fill a large world with cheap content or make a small game with handcrafted stuff". This was true until CD Project Red showed them a pretty large middle finger. Bethesda-games do one thing right: Large, cheap worlds. It's McDonalds, sometimes I like it, but it's just "cheap, low-quality stuff, lots of it". Nothing the Bethesda-makers so far have said or done over the years made me think "Yeah, cool! That is smart!" If you want a piece of their actual abilities to plan, design and execute a game you need only to look at Fallout 76, the writing that lead to that fiasko has on the wall for all their previous titles, just they worked as moddable (!) single player titles, so we did not mind and got our fun out of them (I played Oblivion, Skyrm, Fallout 3 and 4 and enjoyed them for what they were - but always wished they were done smarter in basically all regards). Here's the actual issue: Even though they seem to look similar and are basically the same genre, Fallout 3/4 and The Outer Worlds are *very* different game with very different goals and basic ideas. Both studios want different things and do these "fairly well" when measured against their own goals (note that neither is actually perfect; Bethesda lacks in being smart, Obsidian often has lacked in funding to actually finish a large project and make it as good as it could be (Kotor2, anyone?)). So to be honest: I take "Obsidian-Fallout" over "Bethesda-Fallout" anytime. Simply because I like "smart" better than " incredibly lots". Do you know what I hope for? An Obsidian-Game made with the development effort and money that Bethesda could afford!
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    Have you tried one of these? It's made for rugs, but it should work well for beating ottomans too.
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    Just saw @Ethics Gradient post this on discord god damn Woedica lol
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    No elephants poached for a whole year in African park: https://www.fauna-flora.org/news/zero-no-elephants-poached-whole-year-african-park
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