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    I have never heard of any game developer doing their localization in-house, not in 1999, not in 2020. Every game I've worked on and every company I've ever talked to always outsources their localization. Localization companies specialize in it. There's no reason for even a mid-sized game dev studio to keep a loc staff on hand unless it's a single person doing coordination. And that single person is usually a production role, not a polyglot translator. Even localization companies often outsource one or more languages that their normal staff can't cover. Deadfire shipped in 10 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Korean (separate SKU), and Simplified Chinese. I have never seen an entirely in-house localization team that covers all of those languages. If they exist, I assume their per-word translation costs are phenomenally high. We do have fluent and native speakers at the studio occasionally play the game to spot check how things are going, but there are hundreds of thousands of words in our games. Even a native speaker working as a game developer does not have time (especially late in the project, when the loc'd versions are close to final) to play through the game entirely in their native language and write up the bugs that they find. I played the game for maybe 5 or 6 hours in German and caught a bunch of bugs that I sent back to the loc team. I also played the game for a couple of hours in French and caught a few bugs (my French is not great but the bugs were really obvious). That's a drop in the bucket, content-wise. And I'm fluent in German, not native. Something that macht Sinn to me might actually klingt falsch to a native speaker. Our audiences have always expected translations to ship "day-and-date" with the English versions. With this volume of text and this number of languages, I have yet to see a time- and cost-feasible solution for not only translating all of the text but comprehensively reviewing it in situ and sending it back for per-string spot-fixing before launch. I know people were disappointed by the German and Italian (at least) translations, but it's not like our company is doing something uniquely weird and stupid.
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    As some of the board regulars will be feeling soon no doubt...
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    Giving away Vampyr because I already have it and its a great game. Also giving away Call of Chtulhu because I already have it and its a horrible game.
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    Hey guys, hope life is treating y'all good I just wanted to pop back on here and spread some awareness for this audio and NPC redesign mod for New Vegas, made by the same guy that did NV-Redesigned. It's an extensive recast and re-recording of the audio for many many NPCs. I now a good handful of you still play the old game from time to time, so I thought you'd be interested. It's seriously like playing a new game!
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    Hello Tom! I know there are some issues with things not respawning due to the freezing time issue, so I'm not sure if that is the case in your game. There is also the issue of tier 2 weeds not respawning properly. Clay, Dandelions, Grass, and Quartzite should all respawn after 72 hours pass and then sleeping at a lean-to, but the Quartzite at the mite cave will not respawn. Sorry for a lack of presence on the forums as we are very short handed and are trying to get more help here soon. If you have any issues to report or feedback to provide, please let us know at support@obsidian.net as we will likely get to that sooner. Thanks for the awesome question Tom!
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    Hello everyone! We are preparing to push out patch 0.1.1 within a day or two, so be on the lookout as this update includes some changes and fixes that will enhance your gameplay. When it is fully released, you will be prompted to update your game before playing. Changes/fixes that you will see made to the game: MAJOR ISSUES Made changes to make finding, joining, and hosting games with friends more reliable. We adjusted the handling of joining game failure (the game is full, the game no longer exists, etc.). Added a way to allow players to resolve the issue of the game logging the player into the wrong Xbox Live account on PC. Fixed issues with Windows 7 and Windows 8 users crashing when attempting to login. Those users should be able to load into the game after updating. Fixed crash when saving or loading and the "Autosave Count" number in the options is set to 0. We have implemented a fix for players who were getting stuck on the welcome popup screen and unable to move past it. Fixed characters not being saved occasionally in save games. NOT RETROACTIVE: Unfortunately we are not able to bring back lost items, but hopefully this fix will prevent this from occurring in the future. If you still experience this after the update, please contact us directly at support@obsidian.net so we can gather information to continue our investigation. GAME Players will no longer be permanently stuck in spider webs after destroying them. Fixed BURG.L disappearing in some games if you attacked him and saved and loaded. RETROACTIVE: BURG.L will appear in the games he disappeared from, allowing players to interact with him again. Restoring save games that have lost progression state (ex. Oak Tree Lab doors no longer opening for players, Mysterious Machine not allowing players to hit buttons to finish the quest, time being frozen, etc.) RETROACTIVE: After updating the game, players should be able to load into their game and continue to progress. Should this issue happen again, logging out of the save and then loading back in should resolve the issue and allow you to continue playing. Fixed an issue with endless larva spawning over time. Larva were also spawning each time a spike trap was built. This update will not remove the larva that has already spawned into games, but the larva respawn rate has been fixed. Fixed issue where all item durability in your inventory incorrectly shows "full" when loading back into a game as a client. We implemented a fix for an issue where games that were saved before Raw Science started spawning prevented Raw Science from appearing later. It also included an update for a problem with Raw Science spawning after analyzing and having additional players collecting it on join. Due to this, players may notice that the starting Raw Science they previously collected has respawned. Fixed crashes when loading a saved game dealing with ant colonies. Removed kill Mosquito Burg.L quest NOT RETROACTIVE: Players will need to speak with BURG.L to abandon this quest. Then, during the next in-game day, you will be able to talk to BURG.L again to accept a new quest. Fixed spider webs not freeing stuck players when destroyed Found the cause behind the issue where attempting to cook/dry an item slot with no item in it would crash the game. Found a fix for the occasional crash caused by dew drops that have items stuck in them. It also included a fix for dew drops exploding and causing a major FPS drops on clients. Fixed issue where clients dragging items from one slot in a storage basket to another would not reflect on the host causing item desync. Disabled storage baskets and smoothie stations from being able to be interacted with by multiple players at the same time until other desync issues we are working on are resolved. Block Tutorial now only plays once. Tuned Wolf Spider hearing and investigation AI to creep on the player less frequently. UI UI changes made to the SCA.B OS screen. Fixed trail markers not showing up on the map, and an additional fix added to prevent the game crashing if you tried to navigate them in the legend. Reduced screen edge shimmer on Xbox One and Xbox One S under load. Thank you for your reports and your continued support while we further develop the game! We are working to push out updates to enhance your gaming experience continually. If you continue to encounter any of these issues after updating the game or stumble across a new issue, please reach out to us directly at support@obsidian.net for a quicker response, or search the forums here to find a thread with your issue in it to add to that thread.. When you contact us, please include the following: 1. Platform (Xbox Console, PC Game Pass, PC Steam). 2. Multiplayer or Single Player Game (if multiplayer, can you let us know how many players in total in the game, and their platforms if you know this) 3. Description of issue. 4. Last thing you did in the game before the issue occurred, if applicable Thank you again, and have fun out in the backyard!
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    OK, I know I told Gromnir no more memes.... that pledge lasted just 17 hours
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    ^ I think you are reading too much into it. The release date got pushed back a month, make of that what you will. Also, DOG PETTING CONFIRMED!
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    Guys, move the political discussion to off-topic. Thanks.
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    So I built a base by the pond next to the juice box and I finally expanded to 2 dew collectors but now neither collector works at all. Normally they spawn dew every morning. I also noticed the dew that spawns inside of soda cans no longer spawns? I've also noticed acorns not respawning the next day again.
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    man i am on the weird side of internet today
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    I believe you mean "The Return of the Living Dead", "Night of the Living Dead" is the '68 original.
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    Seeing "Aedyran Galawain" in the trailer reminded me of the Cinders of Faith side quest in Pillars 1. Fyrga offered us a glimpse into how the some of the Dyrwood viewed Magran; concerned with martial excellence and strategic prowess, strong but not brutal, etc. Ostensibly, this perspective is a meme (I'm using technical definition of the word here) that has evolved from, but is still based on the regions Aedyran roots. All this to say that I think a statue of Magran depicted as a young, vibrant woman in full armor is the reason that most of us saw a majestic human with a wolf and immediately recognized it as Galawain. Aedyran gods are going to be a lot more buttoned up than the versions we saw in Deadfire. Also, what morhilane said regarding Berath/The Pallid Knight above
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    They may call him Merciless, but we all know less is more!
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    Anyone who says anything positive about the Bounty Hunter storyline in TOR is dead to me. I wanted to shoot people for money, not be a reality show contestant chasing around morons, then inviting them to my ship because my companions think the dude being obnoxious means he's useful.
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    Great piece from Vox on policing: We train police to be warriors — and then send them out to be social workers They hit an number of points Gromnir has made and one of my big ones: turn down the pressure on the cops. Take some of this petty BS off their plate. Traffic enforcement is a big one. They all seem to agree how dangerous it is. Random tag checks while in public. I'd put an end to that too. They are busy enough they don't need to go looking for trouble. Interactions between the police and the public are dangerous. We need fewer of them. Welfare checks could easily be done by "social workers". Ditto noise complaints, etc. Traffic enforcement can be done by camera or not at all. But you know municipalities will never give traffic enforcement up. Because the fines are free money to them. And there is nothing the government values more than it's goddamned money. Far more than the lives of it's police and it's citizens.
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    I did have a joke about trickle down economics. But 99% of you will never get it.
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    Realized our sprint planning sessions should be a human rights violation. 30 issues to review and we spend 5 minutes per issue..
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    I don't know if anyone feels this way, but the health reset feels really unfair sometimes. I was hiding in a can fighting three spiders, popping in and out shooting them with my bow. I eventually realized they were resetting every time I went back into the can. I even got one stuck in the can after it followed me in. I unloaded about 50 arrows, then started stabbing it. It's health reset after I moved around the can to try and stab it's legs which were protruding through. I understand that the enemy bug are supposed to be difficult, but they become near impossible when they require so much damage to kill AND reset their health if you try to recuperate. I was really looking forward to this game and enjoy a lot of the other aspects, but right now the combat is just way too punishing and my attacks feel ridiculously weak.
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    I play as Hoops.. I make custom LEGO figures for a living, hard life i know lol.. So of course, I had to make Grounded figures! Hoops was obviously first up, so here she is. Comments, good and bad welcomed! Who should be next?
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    Thought I'd try my hand at another one of these. I call this a 5.0 build because it incorporates a lot of metagaming-related stuff that as a community we only really figured out 5.0 or so. Basic build outline: stats Nature Godlike, 18 might/8 con/15 dex/10 perception/19 + 1 intellect (old vailia)/7 resolve. Hardcore min-maxers can tank con and resolve more to increase dex and perception. Classes: helwalker + magran Level-by-level guide (with free spells in brackets, optional picks with asterisk): Swift Strikes | Restore [Fan of Flames] Lesser Wounds* Interdiction* Dance with Death | Iconic Project [Spiritual Weapon] Long Stride Clarity of Agony* Swift Flurry | Watchful Presence [Ray of Fire] Two Weapon Style* Blade Turning* Duality of Mortality | Scion of Flame [Shining Beacon] Enduring Dance Spell Shaping The Long Pain* | Revive the Fallen [Fire Shield] Champion's Boon Rapid Casting Uncanny Luck | Salvation of Time [Pillar of Holy Fire] Tough Turning Wheel* Accurate Empower | Rain of Holy Fire [Torrent of Flame] Penetrating Empower Gear Weapon slot 1: Magran's Core | Weyc's Wand (soulbound to monk, not priest) Weapon slot 2: Chromoprismatic Staff Other items: Ring of Focused Flame, Sonorous Ring, Least Unstable Coil, Necklace of Power, Vithrack Slippers, Firethrower's Gloves, The Maker's Own Power Pet: Otto Starcat! Possible alternatives - Flame Naga or Nemnok or Ooblit. Misc In the alchemy lab in the top-left corner of the map, boost your might permanently. How the build plays For most of the game this is just a glass cannon nuker that uses Dance with Death's generous up to +15 accuracy, Helwalker's up to +10 might (passive stacking) and up to +10 intellect (active, not stacking), and Priest of Magran's nukes to destroy things. Swift strikes and Nature godlike gives you +1 passive PL, and you accumulate various things that make all your fire (and a few evocation-keyworded) abilities more powerful. Where this build really comes into play is late game, and is why you're not a wizard. Rain of Holy Fire, empowered, plus Weyc's Wand plus Least Unstable Coil = +3 PL (that you extend with Salvation of Time) and almost certainly every single tier 3 inspiration in the game. As far as I can tell, multiclassed wizards can't do this - they need Missile Salvo or Meteor Swarm to pull off the same Least Unstable Coil interaction (there may be another spell that might be able to trigger this interaction that I haven't tested). Priests get salvation of time that they can spam forever if needed thanks to Brilliant, and wizards are limited to a Wall of Draining that has been somewhat nerfed (though there are items you can use to make it consistent, like Jester's Cap). Between Magran's Core, Nature Godlike, Weyc's Wand (again, very important to not soul-bound it to a priest, despite priests getting a unique effect... it's not as good as the default effect), and possibly Otto Starcat and Stone of Power, you get +8 PL to your fire spells, up to +9 PL for Fan of Flames, Ray of Fire, and Torrent of Flame since they are evocation as well. That's an astounding +8 acc, +2 PEN, +40% damage (multiplicative!), +40% duration (multiplicative!). This is on top of any inherent PL scaling you already have, the +75% damage bonus from maxing out might at 35 (18 + 10 helwalker + 5 might inspiration + 1 maker's own power + 1 alchemy lab), +15 accuracy from dance with death, +10 accuracy from ring of focused flame, and a +100% duration bonus from having 30 intellect (20 base + 10 from duality of mortality). Not to mention that compared to a "normal" caster you have an additional +2 PEN on all your spells from either Champion's Boon or a Least Unstable Coil-triggered Energized inspiration. Against fire immune or fire absorbing enemies, you can fall back to be more of a conventional monk using Long Pain to attack safely from a distance and keeping your allies alive with heals. Iconic Projection is a decent heal that happens to also hurt enemies using frost damage, and Watchful Presence effectively gives everyone a death prevention shield with an automatic huge heal (all that PL scaling and might makes for a huge heal instead of death). All the bonus PL you get that is not fire-keyword-limited (from weyc's wand, nature godlike, and necklace of power) will supercharge your monk fists to do tons of damage. Because you have so much intellect, you can probably frequently use spellshaping to shrink your spell aoes for an additional +1 PL with minimal loss in coverage of enemies affected! Possible party members A chanter's old siec chanter will also work with spells cast, making the firedancer able to heal themselves for enormous amounts from spell casts. With shield cracks, a firedancer might be able to get even more damage out due to overpenetration. A paladin with shared flames can buff the firedancer with a +15% fire damage lash on their spells (which means multiplicative, which can also be stretched with salvation of time!). Complement with exalted focus for more damage, though be warned that only the 5% hit to crit will be useful since the +5 will be suppressed by your superior dance with death buff. Possible alternatives If someone discovers a wizard spell at tier 7 or lower that also triggers least unstable coil multiple times, a wizard (especially an evoker or blood mage) could be a viable replacement for the priest half. The only spell I haven't thought to try that might do this is Concelhaut's Crushing Doom. Druids can also do this with good aiming of Twin Stones, Venombloom, and I believe Returning Storm and Relentless Storm. Only problem is that in terms of pure fire damage output I find even a priest can do better than a druid, plus priests (and wizards) have an in-built way of stretching out the duration of Least Unstable Coil and the Weyc's Wand buff. But druids might have a better backup plan against fire immune or fire absorbing enemies compared to an all-in priest of magran. this build is optimized for RTwP, for turn-based mode you'd probalby want to drop dex in favor of perception. Ooblit might be more important so that you hit critical rounding breakpoints to have enough time to wreck as much as you can. edit: early on, when you have fewer spells, i recommend a) resting in the wild mare for +1 spell cast, or bathing in the bathhouse for a similar bonus and b) using quarterstaff, pike, or a ranged weapon so that your dance with death can accumulate you to high accuracy and might in relative safety.
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    Managed to fix my save! If you have the hunted quest, go abandon it and it should fix the problem!
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    Ok, I’ll make this a straightforward feedback and opinion post... Played now for 40+ hours between the demo and this pre-release. I’m a veteran of larger survival games, so my views are based on that experience. This game has so much potential, but it seems even in it’s early state, there are core design decisions that lend itself to a entry level (easy) survival game and that’s all. - There isn’t much here. The story literally takes you 15 minutes to complete if you follow the queues. Then you do dailies to waste your time on building components that shouldn’t require this much effort to get. You don’t get grass floors by default? Cmon... Even as early access, I would have expected at least a full quest line that takes you through the Initial story, at least 10 hours of content for the $30 price tag. You don’t need community feedback from early access to tell the story YOU want to tell. - Where is the threat? Playing on Whoa difficulty, the only pressing thing is the annoying eat/drink cycle. You can outrun or dodge most insects, and spiders path the same routes if you watch them from high up, easily avoided if farming resources. Tunnels and caves? What do I need there to enhance my base or self after one visit? And even if I make my own dangers...I can just Load a prior Save and be fine again....what? (Covered more below) - Bases have zero risk if you place them anywhere above the ground. It doesn’t even need to be high up, a root of the oak tree or on the soda cans is good enough to avoid all danger. What’s the point of the game past the story if your bases have no threat? Why build re-enforced walls? The game has no longevity if it’s not about protecting your base and your possessions. - Retrieving your dead body backpack is far too easy. If you even die In the hardest difficulty, I would expect your backpack to be guarded or even looted by territorial insects. Why did they care to confront or kill you in the first place if they didn’t find you a threat to their territory? And wouldn’t they be interested in your stuff? Food, drink, components for their own nests/homes...all in your backpack. - A survival game with a manual save system? Again...where is the danger or consequences of your survival decisions if you can just load up a past save? The Save option in the menu should be removed and Auto- Save should trigger internally off system events, including death. That way you can’t go back to avoid a bad result or decision. Save and Load = no threat or consequences for your actions. - The enemies. How is it that with all the great AI you have for these insects, all I have to do to avoid their attack is jump on a rock and watch them leave or spear them to death at the right angles? And how is it that I can kill a Spider by spearing them through my partially completed grass wall and yet the spider doesn’t damage the wall at all? Simply build a small hut, 2x2 and leave some of the walls partially done. Then spear through the translucent blue parts...dead spider. Again, I thought these insects were supposed to pose a threat to your base? If there is no threat in a survival game, there is no longevity and it turns into a creative base building lego game. - Dev, please play with a controller and tell me what the purpose of the hotbar is at the bottom of the screen? You can’t quick swap or interact with any of the slots on the fly. The action bar should be removed imo. Also, control flow in the menus and crafting is just off. I spent a lot of time remapping most my controller buttons through the options to try and get to something close to other survival crafting game interfaces that do it correctly. Managing inventory by moving single items(No stack move or pull), no split stacks, armor that stays in your backpack even when its equipped, tools mixed in with weapons in crafting, crafting station that has no storage of it’s own or that can pull from a chest connected to it, etc etc. - Great looking game, nice visuals...until you look into the distance...well, i guess it’s distant. Why is the house and any structure over 20yds away fuzzy and blurry on console? Are we saying we can’t render these assets on Xbox One X? Find that hard to believe given there are plenty of larger survival games on the Unreal Engine render far more. - The HUD needs options to turn off elements. Too much clutter with constant ‘hand popups’ on every environment item. But I already posted A full detail on that In a separate thread. Harsh post somewhat, sure. But all too often game preview or ‘early access’ often becomes an excuse to deliver subpar, inferior games and still charge a significant price for a game that isn’t worth in it’s current state. Early access seems to somehow give a ‘pass’ for developers to deliver no story, broken systems, and bad design....all with the excuse of ‘it’s still early access’. I wouldn’t say Grounded falls in most these categories, but first impressions mean alot. We play early access games, and most the time we play the game through the early access development cycle, become bored or frustrated and never come back to the actual release of the game because of the bad taste the game left us during early access. Just hope a MS 1st party, AAA dev like Obsidian doesn’t end up with the same result.
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    Because the CCP make rotten turds seem apetizing? Because they're facist murderous filth that ruins peoples lives, imprisons people in "reeducation camps" to just name a few things, chuvak.
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    Happy Birthday Bruce. This thread's reminding me of
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    Incidentally, this thing is releasing in four days' time.
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    I feel the OP is a tad more hardcore than the target demographic of this game. Its promoted as co-op, starring kids, in a backyard. That screams casual fun. Just sayin. i someone who hates survival games in general and doesnt play them, my friend and i are having an absolute BLAST playing this. i hope this remains accessible as it is for us carebears
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    Imperial Agent should be played last, because, a) best story, others might seem kinda lacking in comparison, b) after finishing other stories, you will likely ask yourself "Why and more importantly how a bunch of idiot space wizards with long term planning capabilities of an angry toddler (and tantrum prone like one as well) can make, let alone maintain an empire?" Well, Agent story asks those questions too, so you might be nodding in agreement along the plot. Disagree about Bounty Hunter and Jedi Consular though. Consular's story is kinda disjointed between Act 1 and 2 and the super uninspired voice acting does them disservice, but being a Jedi diplomat was fun, especially compared to that juvenile wish fulfillment fantasy that passes for the Jedi Knight's story. And I loved those catty diplomats who hanged around the ship and offered comments after every mission. (Also I find Shadow/Assassin DPS class very much fun to play). Bounty Hunter I will love always for their habit to disrespect space wizards and their hockey religions all the time. Even their ship looks like it's double flipping the bird:
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    Greetings all I would just like to begin by saying how much I've enjoyed this game. Base-building games are some of my favourites and I'm glad Obsidian has given us their take on this genre. On to the matter of discussion, I would like to suggest some ideas for improvement and bugs(haha) that I've picked up on during my sessions. I'll try my best not to repeat suggestions that I may have already seen on this forum. Fixes Items like grass planks and weed stems tend to disappear into the ground upon placing them down. Certain enemies like stinkbugs and bombardier beetles get frozen in place during combat, which leads to a rather dull, one-sided fight. Suggestions A method to purify water would be very useful since there seem to be more dirty water deposits readily available than clean water. The inventory system needs some adjusting. There should be dedicated slots for tools/gear that the player wishes to equip, that do not take up space in the backpack. If players wish to build multiple bases then they should have the option to copy the design of a structure that's already been built and paste it elsewhere. This will save some time since players will only need to find resources instead of placing another design, if they do not wish to do so. Tough enemies need balancing, this is not to say they should necessarily be made easy, but fair. Currently, the arachnids/insects that deal status effect damage on top of physical damage, like the wolf spider and bombardier beetle, are a pain to fight. This could be addressed by allowing the player to craft things that can counter them, like an antidote for venom or armor-piercing arrows for the spongey ladybug. It also feels a little unfair that enemies retreat when you start shooting arrows at them, and like a second later they retaliate with full HP. This makes ranged battles against tough insects very tedious because the only way to win is to hope that the enemy glitches and you can then unleash a one-sided beat down. There needs to be a longer window between the moment they retreat and the moment they start recovering HP, allowing the player to finish the job. We need more armour/weapon types that can combat tough enemies and just an overall increased effectiveness of the types that are available. Wolf spiders and ladybugs just feel so overpowered. Even when using the best armour/weapons currently in the game, you go down in two hits if you do a 1v1 against them. There should also be a means of upgrading tools/weapons/structures which will add to the only option that's currently available of having to find resources and craft a whole new set of items. The bow could be more effective. There should be separate keys for aiming it and shooting it, rather than a single action button. Seems kind of pointless that you can throw a bow at your enemy but have to use a single button to aim and shoot. It needs to have more range and perhaps deplete your stamina if aimed for long, but will allow for more precise and weighty shots.
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    Now there was a semi-viral tweet from Olivia Munn where she found her Psylocke sword at home and was practicing with it and went wrong... Someone decided to turn it into a lightsaber.
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    This is a very interesting take on why military members seldom "look the other way" on bad acts but police sometimes do. I can tell you from my own experience personal integrity and respect for the Marine Corps, your unit, and the chain of command being paramount to every thing else, even faith with your fellow Marines is drilled into you starting in boot camp. Why the US Military Usually Punishes Misconduct but Police Often Close Ranks
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