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    So Mirror's Edge with swords? Oh, and I've just released my latest pet project.
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    Your princess will most likely not be in this one, but have fun storming it non the less.
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    Welcome to the forum, Rihanna. So tomorrow is my 41st birthday, and I think I crammed in enough major achievements in year 40 to level up safely. It was a good year.
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    Here's the newest trailer for Spiders' latest RPG that inevitably will fall well short of its ambitions and be janky as ****, and that I'll play and wind up enjoying anyway. I'm so going to murder the **** out of the tree-hugger natives and Manifest Destiny my way across the New World.
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    If it has the look and feel of D:OS I or II I'm out.
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    Background music sounds like something from System Shock 2.
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    I started playing Ion Fury. Very quickly I was met with the indisputable fact that I am completely **** at old skool shooters (or any shooters, for that matter). I'm playing on the 2nd of 4 difficulties and I'm getting super murdered, but I refuse to play on baby's first shooter difficulty, because my ego can't handle that. With enough practice I will hopefully become slightly less **** at the game. Despite having my ass handed to me repeatedly, I'm having fun with the game. It's a decidedly mid 90s shooter where you play as Female Duke Nukem and progress through labyrinthine levels full of alternate paths, secret areas, and really ****ish places for enemies to come out of and horribly murder you while your character cracks wise. It's the Duke Nukem 3D sequel we never got. What's that you say? Something about there already having been a Duke Nukem 3D sequel? With all due respect, sir or madam, I don't know what you are talking about and you might be off your rocker. Lalalalala I can't hear you.
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    Someone once stole my identity. They returned it eventually.
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    I'm more surprised due to the fact of what happened to the AH-66 Bannerlord in glorified beta in March 2020 (haha, right)
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    *snort* we stole Gromnir's identity in 2005... and you have no idea how exhausting it is posting like this just to keep up the charade. HA! Good Fun!
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    But on a more serious note https://www.siliconera.com/2019/08/19/yakuza-3s-ps4-remaster-might-get-a-western-announcement-at-gamescom-2019/ West might get Yakuza 3 Remaster announcement soon
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    The most surprising thing about this statement, is that there still exist entities known as Anthem players
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    If Morrison is becoming the definitive Dragon Age experience, they are probably letting you romance the boss fights.
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    A bit of that as well, but I guess the somewhat lighter tone wasn't that much of a repellent. I suspect that the lighter tone (not goofy, but lighter than PoE) was established because of feedback from PoE and because the D:OS games have it and they were/are a big success. Again, no quote on or proof for that. Anyway - I presume what @kanisatha meant - and what I mean - is that many "hardcore" CRPG players prefer a "Lord of the Rings" setting over a "Pirates of the Carribean" setting. I use those books/movies because they show a much bigger picture than I could paint just with a few words. In PoE we also had a post-medieval, renaissance-ish world in the background, but it wasn't very obvious because the game took place in the Dyrwood... which is, culturally speaking, very different and fairly "behind" compared to some of the more advanced nations (Old Vaillia, Rauatai and so on). Basically in PoE it's just the guns that remind you of it. That and some rare Vaillian haute couture... The rest is gritty, quite dark, kind of backwards and medieval: the architecture, the common people, the items - even the tone is dark like the dark times (besides Edér, Hiravias, Zahua and Aloth sometimes). I mean Durance alone puts the whole setting back for at least a hundred years for the player. In Deadfire all that stuff (overall presentation, architecture, clothing, even the weather) is obviously fitting the more "modern" and light setting of Pirates! (Arrrr!). There are some cool things mixed in to loosen it up, but you can't know that by simply looking at screenies and stuff at the storefront. So - if you are not into that then you might be put off even before purchasing it. You can immediately see from screenshots and videos about the game what the setting is. This may influence your decision to give it a try. Lots of gamers really have to think about on what they want to spend their money. Lots of them are young and don't earn their own money - and if they do then it's probably not enough that they just can spend 40-50 bucks just to see if the game is nice despite that non-preferred setting. I would argue that if there are second thougths about the overall setting then that's bad for such game (which is not cheap compared to many others you might want to try). That's just my highly subjective and speculative theory though.
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    Lead producer of next Dragon Age game leaves BioWare Second lead prod to quit in a week.
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    Short URLs (youtu.be) aren't automatically embedded by the forum software. You need to paste the long address:
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    I have a 20 year old truck with 267k miles on it. Parts are actually pretty easy to find and replace.
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    I went from a sedan to a crossover/SUV because as my wife likes to say, I gave up on life.
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    4.9%! Youre going to need to drink about 20 of them.
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    If the drone combat mode has you killing 80% innocent civilians, we'll know it's a true simulator.
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    Hey, that'd be a unique path to victory. Seduce the villain!
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    Might just be a case of him trying to leave in a courteous manner.
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    Right. It's an obscure mechanic and good to know. That's by the way thr reason why Driving Roar (Barbarian) is so good as well: it counts as PL 1 ability since its just an upgrade of the Yell - but it has the highest ability level at the same time. But maybe Divine Immolation is not worth 1 ability point if you don't actually heal anything. Although depends... 4 ACC and 1 PEN are hard to get with just 1 PL from Prestige. Even if you don't heal anybody. On the other hand the PL from Prestige works on all of your abilities, not just SI. Difficult decision...
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    I do every quest. I don't repeat heroics or grind mobs, at least until I'm at the cap for alliance crates and command levels, but I've never been able to skip content. I should probably clarify, I don't skip content that's not gated by Ops and/or PVP. I play MMOs like ever expanding single player games. E: come to think of it, I think that's why I never got into WOW. My friends wanted to rush to the end game and I wanted to explore the maps and read the story, at least the first time through, and do all the quests. That's how I ended up in LOTRO, I wanted a game that was more about the journey. I'm weird that way
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    ^ I tried hard seltzer about a month back, it was ok. I concluded that it would be a good drink if my aim was to get hammered and urinate a lot, on account of the fact that, while it didn't taste particularly good, it also didn't taste bad, and it was really easy drinking. Whereas the beer I usually drink tastes great, but is fairly robust and filling and something I generally can't drink quickly or a ton of, at least not at my age, not that I'd want to (different story 20 years ago ). I could easily see myself plowing through a 12-pack of hard seltzer without so much as batting an eye... Then regretting my life choices shortly thereafter.
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    That sucks, TN For some reason my mother-in-law decided that the best place for all our grilling utensils was in the oven and that it was for the best to not tell us. Yeah, the whole house smells like burnt rubber now. My wife is livid and this isn't even the first brain scratcher that she's done in her 3 months here.
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