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    one way the trump administration is getting away with this nonsense, other than too many Americans turning a blind eye to such excesses, is the fact that extreme few people has been charged. the arrests is a terror tactic, bold and unapologetic, but w/o charges, the basis for a civil rights claim for those whisked away in vans w/o warrants or probable cause is functional eliminated. the feds don't have authority to do what they is doing, but w/o charges to create a cause o' action, the Courts can't stop the fed police from continuing their naked villainy people are being imprisoned (dictionary definition) w/o there being a real threat o' prison. is not as if trump is coming up with these schemes. oh sure, trump is demanding his justice department make a show o' force, but william barr is the guy who is actualizing this crap and weaponizing legislation which is only tangential related to what is being done. the portland protesters is not, save for perhaps in the tortured imagination o' vol, serious attempting to overthrow the government o' the United States of America. nevertheless, william barr is using insurrection laws to arrest and Not charge people as a way o' displaying the tough on crime stance trump wants to project. get rid o' trump in november elections is increasing vital given the extremes william barr is going to to enable the corrupt and tyrannical whims o' the President. HA! Good Fun!
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    I play as Hoops.. I make custom LEGO figures for a living, hard life i know lol.. So of course, I had to make Grounded figures! Hoops was obviously first up, so here she is. Comments, good and bad welcomed! Who should be next?
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    Installed a new bathroom faucet today. You dont even need to use plumbers putty or teflon tape any more!
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    The point isn't that these apps aren't intrusive, the point is that there is no separation between Chinese business and the CCP. Also this false equivalency is bull since if we compare China to the US every US app is banned in China or is required to comply with their totalitarian censorious nature. But if you want to keep giving a foreign hostile entity your data, why don't you call them every once in a while with your WhatsApp
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