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    Empty words from Epic. They're practically owned by China and have no platforms for people to speak out.
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    A hipster sued a newspaper for using his picture in an article called "Why all hipsters look the same". Later was revealed that the hipster on the picture was a different person.
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    https://wccftech.com/greenberg-pleasantly-surprised-by-how-much-innovation-content-is-coming-from-the-new-studios/ "At Obsidian, there’s the team working on The Outer Worlds, a team that’s working on Pillars, and a team working on another secret thing."
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    Here is a picture of them when they were older Pretty cool looking
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    Same here in Sweden, one would think that blinker fluid is more expensive than gasoline.
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    Someone had to go with the "average Obsidianite"... Gets me a free way to regain sanity through...entertainment This was initial character creation, game hung after it so I had to start over, current character is Middle-Aged rather than Adult, everything else remained the same though.
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    I guess its more about not feeding China government with money, maybe some morals - if you expect any from corporations...
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    I have a couple of complaints about Deadfire but I'm too lazy to detail all of them. I will cite merely two, and probably not the most irritating two. First, can Aloth not target one enemy with a handful of his mates in the target area? I like boarding battles, but the AI is idiotic. Now, for the impetus behind this post: I like Maia. Honestly, she's not only a cool NPC but also a useful companion in battle. That reposition and shoot is awesome. Essentially two attacks every round for most battles. However, "forecastle" is pronounced "FOLK-SiL." Come on, damn it. She's a sailor! Meanwhile, I finished *a lot* of the game and it's simply brilliant. I really loved the first game, but the alacrity with which the population jettisoned the gods was simply amazing. The new game addresses that really well. Bringing back Eothas is simply brilliant. I'm not using spoirel tags for that because 1, the game has been out forever and 2, Eothas' return is a fundamental part of the game from teh outset. I like the fact that the most 'politically correct' solution *not* always works best. This is truly a phenomenal game. Seriously, any game that steals sleep so I can keep ahead of project deadlines has something going for it. It's addictive in every sense, both good and bad. EDIT: not at my best, but I added a word that makes all the diffrerence to the meaning.
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    You gotta tip your hat first.
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    Not "news" per se, but a nice vid all the same!
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    I had to ask Adam Brenneke on Twitter if this is his new baby.
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    Dak Prescott's level of play (not style, mind you, but level) reminds me a lot of Kirk Cousins': he and his team will destroy and pile up great stats against lesser teams, but there's a sickening tendency for them to fold in the worst ways against good teams or in season-breaking situations. The key, it seems then, is to ideally never find yourself in those kinds of situations, but that's not really how football works. It especially becomes harder once you actually pay them real money and the quality of their supporting cast starts to drop, and then you start adding in key injuries occurring as the season progresses. ...Uh-oh. In contrast, look no further than the Packers walloping the Cowboys a number of times throughout the years in critical games even while the talent and injury disparity between the two teams has often been absolutely nuts (that 2016 playoff game we had absolutely no business even playing in, never mind winning - we were broken on so many levels that year and that game). I don't pretend to understand how it keeps happening, but it does. Maybe it's time for a coaching change.
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    I dunno, stealing tech, sabotages, kidnapping, infiltration, info gathering, assassinations, riots...
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    Sorry. My brain hasn’t been working for couple days now.
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    Pillars of Eternity 2 is ****in amazing, I HOPE for a third.
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    As for lack of marketing, I would agree if they were going for a different audience. I think they're going for fans of Obsidian RPGs, and I think all of those are aware of TOW. As for releasing on the same day as COD, so what? Completely different games with completely different target audiences.
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    David Tenant reading Vampire Stories for Halloween Although probably not the fan base for it here.. but you never know who might want ot pass it on.
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    Must be preparing for a career in politics.
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    I don't think fanboys will ever cease to exist. I used to be a bit like that for Sega Megadrive and PS1 when I was a kid... then I turned 13 and stopped.
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    That's why I was curious about what part of the Russia thing Gfted1 meant and thanks to him for clarifying. Did they actually change any votes themselves? Nope. Did they try to heavily influence the outcome of the election? Yes. Can we measure how successful that effort was? Not really, no. Did the Trump campaign "collude" with Russia? Insufficient evidence to bring conspiracy charges. Did they try to? Yes. Is that nothing? In my mind no, it's not nothing. PS I refuse to type nothing before the last name of the 15th chief justice of the US
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    Adding "Woedica's crap dialogue" so that players do understand the lore and story better IS polishing the game. This was done based on feedback of the community who said that it's easy to miss certain points of the story. I think it's one of the best patched additions to the game - after the additional subclasses. There was so much polishing with Deadfire going on after release that I find it rather silly to harp on that specific aspect. This statement - as the rest - is only your opinion. The same as the assumption that one could make a RTwP game as Deadfire a lot less messy and create something that is on par with TB combat when it comes to tactical depth with just more polishing, knowledge and skill. I don't know if there's a company out there which has more experience and more skill with RTwP implementations than Obsidian has, let alone the funds and the willingness to attempt a RTwP game - just to prove your assumtion. Pillars of Eternity - as an IP - is not bound to any specific mode or ruleset as we can see: else we wouldn't have the Tabletop Version which uses - no surprise - a turn based ruleset which is classless and very different from the two CRPGs. Should they continue to bring and improve RTwP if they decide to make a successor (a third isometric, party based Pillars RPB with the Watcher)? I do think so. It would be very weird if they didn't. Does that mean it shouldn't come with both combat modes? No. If we learned anything from the introduction of TB mode it is that now Deadfire game appeals to a lot more potential customers: We saw a surge in sales numbers as soon as TB mode was introduced. If Obsidian would make a PoE3 with the same/similar engine and ruleset and not leave TB mode in - they would bid adieu to a big chunk of customers in spe. Why would they do that? That would most likely be economically stupid. And I'd rather have a realized PoE3 with good RTwP/TB mode than a non-existent PoE3 with perfect RTwP mode. I'm trying to be objective. Again: I don't play TB mode with Deadfire. I started this ride on RTwP and am not willing to change that. But that doesn't mean that TB mode is bad or that people who prefer it are dumb, millenials, console gamers (which intrinsically seems to mean they are bad players) who like to press x - or whatever kind of subjective and prejudiced pablum gets brought forth to make TB and the players who like it look somehow inferior (to prove which point exactly?). Just because one likes cake doesn't mean that pie is the inferior pastry people who like pie are epicurean savages cake would appeal to more pie lovers if it just was done better and had more icing every new pastry in the shop should be cake or at least there has to be more cake in the shop as a general rule one can't like pie as well It's just liking cake then, nothing else.
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    No, it probably means one of the devs that is working on Encased RPG used to work at Larian and another dev used to work at Iron Tower. Anyway, this looks like every single crowdfunded RPG. It could be good, I hope it is. I don't touch early access, I have no intentions of paying to beta test somebody's game. As far as I'm concerned, Encased RPG is not out yet. I guess the nice thing about early access is that there are plenty of impatient suckers devoted enthusiasts out there that will buy this unfinished game and play it now, so by the time this game comes out for realsies, 3 years from now, or whatever, there will be plenty of data out there with which I can make an informed purchasing decision.
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    I am d†cking about Black isle games right now and have a sneaking suspicion people just miss the incredible fromage of Baldurgate, because while you can play Deadfire's classes in different and varied ways, and some combinations are noticeably more powerful than others, there are no class/item combo that'll turn you into a Minor God of Cheating while BG2 has tons of these. Not gonna deny, there is certain charm in, say, waltzing into some lich's crypt wearing Sanctuary and robbing him blind while he just stands there, but I still prefer Deadfire's approach. I am human therefore will always choose the path of least resistance, and if the game gives me "LOL in your face, beholder" shield then of course I'm going to use it instead of buffing up to wazoo and kiting that thing around in hard way. Deadfire's (POE1's too) "no win button" policy, however, makes me exercise my imagination and I need that in my old age as it unfortunately deteriorates. Oh, and I jumped back into some old saves of Kingmaker to try out that turn-based mod. It's quite good really, and I can finally see and understand how stuff like Magus class works, but hoo boy does the mod put the spotlight on overabundance of trash encounters. (And I would sooner sign up for cleaning public toilets in the city with epidemic dysentery than play through that dreadful endgame house again).
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    Ye i agree Boeroer. i find POE 1 and 2 more accessible than d&d / pathfinder. i never played tabletop d&d so playing a game based on pathfinder to me seems really convoluted compared to POE. I played pathfinder a for a little while and it makes me appreciate POEs straight forward attributes, more balanced systems, and commitment to no trap builds.
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    I find it quite problematic, yes. Not only because of lesser Turning Wheel or Iron Wheel bonus but also because you can't spam Whispers of the Wind then or follow Whispers with Resonant Touch like other Monk classes can. WotW already costs 5 wounds... The Shattered Pillar got nerfed so that only non-ability attack generate wounds. Yet his wound max wasn't raised then. For me it's the weakest Monk class currently. I personally like Forbidden Fist a lot - but you need to build it rather special in order to be great (max RES, stack reduction of hostile effects). Helwalker and Nalpascas are safe picks. Nalpasca with Hylea's Talons, a drug and Enduring Dance can spam Whispers of the Wind with nearly no pause. Helwalker does more damage but is more risky. With some regeneration gear it's not too bad though.
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    I played him several times and cannot see why he should miss more often than any other caster. Also mortars target reflex which is extremely easy to debuff, especially with a CC Wizard in the Party. Very few fights are boss fights. And for them you should always bring a Morning Star, a CON and an MIG affliction and then Psychovampiric Shield + Disintegration. Very nice against most bosses.
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    You are comparing applres to oranges. Pallid Knight doesn't represent Berath in Huana tradition. A valid comparison would be Rikuh and Kohopa&Tangaloa - not sexy either, unless you are into Eels. I suppose Huana are more into primal/watery themes, rather then marketable hotties. I did find it rather strange that Ondra used her Huana aspect when talking to you. Most of them used something that watcher (and you as the player) would be familiar with, rather then their local counterparts. My wild guess is, that that is because Ondra didn't a have defined aspect carrying over from PoE1, and often her representation pops up throughout the game, the artists just stick with what you will know, instead of coming up with something else entirely. It would be cool, however, if when starting a game with a Watcher with Deadfire background you would talk to two Giant Eels instead of the Pallid Knight . Overall, it would be cool if Gods would use different aspects when talking to Watchers from different cultures... but that would be difficult to pull off with full visual representation. I liked PoE1 pure text discription more anyway.
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    Loading up the camper, truck, and of course Sunny & Bella for four days of camping, fishing, and canine hijinks at Chemin-A-Haut State Park in Louisiana. Tropical Storm Nestor may f--k this all up however. Watching....
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    It should get its own spell in a unique grimoire.
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    I'm playing the "waiting in queue on Destiny 2" game. Apparently there's lots of free players who are only slightly less new than me. And also the moon is haunted.
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    Said some days ago that I wasn't sure what or how good this team actually was - well, there you go. Pretenders until further notice!
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    Lost my Kyra when I tried switching it out with another character. Now all her cards and items are all gone. Is there anyway I can get my character back? I guess it was because it was the same name as another character. Please help ><
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    My try. Probably not the best one but this is just my first try on this
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    I've been running basically this build since 1.1 dropped, but with a focus on summoning (as a replacement for my Shieldbearer/Beckoner from before 1.1). It is great; you are right that once you get Exalted Endurance at level 10 to pair with Ancient Memory, your healing is awesome. I have some suggestions for gear and race: - Might really helps this build, so using Coastal Amaua for the +2 might (and the Might affliction resistance) is a great fit. The +2 might gauntlets from the peddler in the Brass Citadel are helpful too. - You want all the +healing gear: there is a belt, a necklace, and boots. And the +healing pet (which I gave up to use the Baldur difficulty-scaling mod). - This works especially well with the no-rest strategy detailed here, because of the +50% healing boost you get from the Blessing of the Dawnstars in Port Maje (don't get it before you are ready to never rest again). That is a build-making buff; by far the most important thing you can get for this build. - I also added the concept of getting as many party-boosting buffs on gear as possible: the Baubles of the Fin, the Companion's Prelude upgrade to the chanter saber that boosts action speed for companions, Pallegina's armor until you find something better. The chanter saber also has an upgrade that refunds an empower point when you use it on an invocation, so you can use an empowered Fingers of Daylight once each fight even if you are doing a no-rest run (it doubles the number of beams shot out) to further take advantage of the healing theme and boosts you have. - I just found the perfect late-game armor for the build: the Blackened Plate Armor. The Life in Death upgrade gives you yet another healing aura that does basically the same amount of healing again as each of your other two (from Ancient Memory and Exalted Endurance), because it also benefits from might and the +healing gear and buff, as well as intelligence boosting the aura range. It only gets to that full amount of healing when the character being healed is low health, but even when they are high health it does some. You can add to that the Usher's Visage aura, which debuffs armor and causes raw damage (also benefits from Might). - The shield from the Dark Cupboard with the healing aura doesn't really add much to this build, since that healing doesn't benefit from might and the +healing gear the way the Blackened Plate armor's aura does. My Blackened Plate and Exalted Endurance auras are each at about 9 hp per 3 seconds, Ancient Memory at about 3 per second, for a total of about 9 hp per second. The Dark Cupboard shield only does 1 per 6 seconds, or 1 per 3 seconds at night when upgraded. That doesn't amount to much. So I use the shield from Crookspur that has an aura that gives +1 armor. EDIT: I was wrong! The Dark Cupboard shield does benefit from might and healing boosts; I can get it up to 2 hp per 6 seconds or 2 per 3 at night. I still think I prefer the +1 armor, but the healing shield fits the build concept better. When you add all that up, you have the ultimate party leader and supporter: summons, lots of party-support auras, tons of healing both passive and active, and you look like a badass because you are an aumaua with a huge shield. Add the mod that allows facial hair on Aumaua and pick the biggest, most bristling beard available. I'm loving it. I'm using the Baldur the Difficulty-Scaling pig mod and the Deadly Deadfire mod, and this character is completely carrying my party despite doing basically no damage himself. I can outlast anyone, despite not having any healing on anyone else in the party. It works better the more melee characters you have, so that they are all within aura range. I can usually keep Maia in aura range, but it is tricky sometimes.
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    Liked Wael. Because Wael gotta Wael. Disliked Woedica. She reminds me of a crabby great-aunt that insisted she single-handedly supported the family back when and demands you obey her out of gratitude. When in reality, she did #$%^-all and just made everything up.
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