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  1. I recently fired up my POE again after a long break and noticed that with 2.0 patch the monsters generally don't even look in the direction of a "spank and tank" style tank that does no damage... Which was much to my chagrin as that is what my party was built around - Eder was a punching bag wearing nokia phone-level armor while the other 5 would swoon and faint if they so much as feel the wind of a weak fart. So my strategy was to send in Eder while he gets tickled, and my backline throws AOE without regard for him as he could take a beating and keep on ticking. So now I must restart (I wasn't far into the game anyway and I don't mind it) with a more balanced party and what I want to know is what is the ideal balance of stats for a backline caster? My party is as such: Frontline: PC Monk Paladin Ranger pet for backup Backline: Priest (support caster) Wizard Ranger Druid (mainly focused on AOE damage) How tanky does a backline caster need to be (and what weapons should he or she be using) to avoid the aforementioned swooning? As a follow up question, is two tanky melee (plus ranger pet) enough for the post 2.0 era?
  2. Hey all! Stopped playing a short while after release due to bugs and general incompatibility with my crappy computer. I'm coming back into the fray and loving the game! I'm currently in act 2 with a level 8 solo wizard. I have a fully upgraded fortress and my gear is as follows: - Sanguine Plate (Resistances) - Rotfinger Gloves (2 amazing foe debuffs) - Belt of Blunting (Resistance) - Gaun's Share (leeching) - Some turban looking hat that gives constitution - Lilith's Shawl (stealth and perception) Haven't found boots yet. I've done every task in defiance bay and every quest except cinders. Haven't touched the main quest and haven't left The Bay. I've been relatively successful in all encounters so far. The hardest thus far has been the forgotten. They essentially just plop you in the middle of a bridge with like 7 decently geared enemies with nowhere to bottleneck. It was a pain but I finally downed them after loading like 15 times. I'm also having trouble with the cinders drake. I found an awesome spot where him and all of his minions are trapped in a straight line at which point I pelt them with everything I have including summons. Problem is all of his drake and kobold minions will die and by the time he comes around I only have enough spells to get him down to badly injured. He hits like a truck and I would have no defences left at this point. The spells I'm using are pretty much chill fog, fan of flames, concelhaut's ciphon, bulward vs elements, hardened arcane veil, mirror image, essential phantom, rotfiner debuffs, expose vulnerabilities and my 3 figurines. If theres an amazing piece of gear I'm missing out on or possibly a good strategy or spell I'm not using, some advice would be great. Thank you so much!
  3. See topic. I'm contemplating a weird party, and I'm having some trouble on how exactly to split the attributes for a close-combat caster now that I can't dump Perception. Thoughts?
  4. Hi guys. Have any of you found any lvl 8 wizard spells? My wizard (Aloth) is now max level (14) and have gotten access to 8th lvl spells in his grimoire...however he doesn't know any and didn't get to choose any on levelup. Are there any in the game?
  5. Hello I have some questions about Wizard in general, and some tips for my kind of vision about my character. In general i want a Wizard, that stays mostly at secound or even third line, but deals much demage and here i have some questions. 1. What is the best (in you opinion) stat menagment for this kind of build, i know that probably Might, but im asking about more stat distrubution in general, for example if you where playing this kind of a wizard, how many might, intelect, resolve, dex you would you take ? 2. What type of armor would you guys recomend for this type of character ? Im personaly thinking about something between Robe and Breastplate, im not asking of course about protecion and speed reduction only, but also about possible enchantments good for Wizard, from what i seen in wiki, Robes have best enchantments for Wizard ? Im right ? 3. I know that weapon is not most important thing about mage, especially at later levels. But at the begining weapon is possibly some times life saver (Becouse lack o spells), im personaly thinking about gun Blunderbuss, is taking this weapon for mage have any sense ? 4. If my build in general would be a mage in robe with blunderbuss what type of talents would you take ? 5. Skill question, I knew that takeing few point in athletics is a good idea, also lore seems to look good. My question is about Mechanics (in witch Wizard gets one) and survival, which is better in your opinion ? I personaly dont see my Wizard disarming traps, sneaking etc. If i take Athetics (4 point) Lore (10) and rest to Survival it whoud be good option ? Im asking not only about cold tactical calculation, but alsto about how many times those skills are used in dialog ? 6. Dream Team, what is your perfect team for a Wizard, expecionally Wizard with a Gun, and also how whoud you equip/ and develop rest of your team ?
  6. Hey all, I was thinking of doing a casual replay through the game with a caster group, basically the characters we usually use as support and back-line, but rather, build a few of them through the main character and hires (I don't care for the characters in the game that you can meet and get to join you) for a party of 5 to 6. The goal to play through Hard. POTN is not friendly to "casual playing" for me at this time. But Hard is fun, while being casual. I like hordes of enemies (except enemy Druids packs!). I'm looking at the Chanter, Wizard and Priest. The beauty is, all characters can be made into decent enough DPS dealers via ranged attacks (not so much with melee DPS I find, unless doing Rogue, Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, etc). And while some characters are better at DPS than others (Cipher, Rogue...) at range, via ranged or magic, I'm looking to make a little more "rounded" support characters maybe, that are fun and have utility, but also can be indirect damage dealers. I was doing a few tests with some level 7 hires, to see what could be expected by then, which is later game. While my fighters with Defender (and supporting improvement talents), Weapon & Shield and Superior Deflection can get into the 120+ Deflection area with high Perception & Resolve, I'm finding that a Chanter, Wizard and Priest with a high PER & RES build, along with supporting talents, and using their spells or chants to increase (even if indirectly, forcing -10 or -20 accuracy to targets is quite similar to increasing your Deflection if I recall correctly?), are achieving starting Deflections in the mid-80's with equipment. So significantly less. Granted, the Wizard can bolster this significantly instantly but only for a short time. Chanters can be in the mid-90's and just over 100, with their songs and other abilities through dropping enemy accuracy. Priests just have so much utility with heals and buffs that the loss in Deflection can be made up, in a way, with a heal here and there. All of these characters, however, also have one thing in common and that's that while they can be built to be off-tanks (a wall of off-tanks), with a lot of defensive properties, they can all have offensive abilities that are AOE or summons. So an off-tank Chanter with Frighten & Rime & Frost, summoning Phantoms and/or Ogres and dropping Paralyzing cones. Alternatively, the Movement & Will & Fort songs with Paralyzing cones, because it gets to that invocation fast, and two of these doing massive paralyzing zones back to back is just super destructive and tanky (two Chanters doing this with alternating first phrase songs, with Paralyzing cones). Maybe an off-tank Wizard, with Chill Fog, Bewildering Spec, Blackened Sight, Slicken, Displaced Image, Confusion, and then a nice Fireball, Fan of Flames, Noxious Burst, etc. Nearly too many to name honestly. Condition off-tank, with AOE DPS. One of these maybe. And then a straight offensive Wizard too, built around DPS and not just the support stuff. Finally a Priest, with Armor of Faith, Divine Terror, Withdraw, Repulsing Seal, Instill Doubt, Pillar, CoP, with Pillar of Fire & Cleansing Flame. Also a condition off-tank, with AOE stuff, but also some heals and support stuff. Only one though. That's 5 characters if I do two chanters, two wizards (one off-tank, one AOE DPS), and one Priest. I'm thinking to round it out, either a Ciper with high Mechanics for locks & traps. Or just try to do a 5 man party. If I had to add one more character, it would be something DPS oriented. Anyone done something like this? I know it's low on overall average damage output. I'm curious if it will manage through normal/hard, casually playing, with a bunch of basically support characters. Just looking for another experience beyond a min/max tank + ranged DPS party that I've already done that just walks through the game in essentially auto-attack mode and wins each fight no problem. My main concern is late game and the end-game, where they will be hit with a lot of afflictions, conditions, and high damage attacks. I'm not sure how they will perform there. And of course, I'm not sure how it will fare against the last battle. Thoughts on making it work? Thoughts on why it won't work and I'm wasting my time? ********** Either that, or I'm considering a DPS Barbarian as Main character, along with 2 chanters & 3 wizards (chanters as off-tanks with support songs & summons; wizards with all DPS setup and a few condition spells to support if tanks are overwhelmed). ********** Very best,
  7. Hey all, I'm curious if anyone has used a caster in some form, or many, through the course of the game (I've played through, spoilers are not a problem for me), using a lot of conditions, rather than just pure DPS. For example, is there utility in things like mass prone, mass blindness along with things like confuse late game, from a Wizard? I ask because I'm considering yet another play through, but this time, using a bunch of melee DPS characters, no real pure tanks, using a mix of fighters, rogues and barbarians with a wizard as support, with the ability to do lots of prone spells, blind spells, confuse, etc. Obviously meant for just a fun casual play through, not looking to be optimal, just seeing if it could work at all. I'm not sure how useful prone/blind/confuse is through the whole game when you put it in the context of a bunch of melee DPS characters. Thoughts? Very best,
  8. Hi All, I wanted to make a list of spells affected by elemental talents for Wizards, Druids and Priests to plan my next builds. I think it could be a good idea to share it. If you see anything that isn't true or something missing, don't hesitate to correct me. ??? means that I'm not sure. I also assumed summons are not affected by Elemental talents. Wizard Spells : Fire : Fan of Flames (Lvl 1) Combusting Wounds ??? (Lvl 2) Ray of Fire (Lvl 2) Rolling Flame (Lvl 2) Fireball (Lvl 3) Flame Shield (Lvl 4) Wall of Flame (Lvl 4) Torrent of Flame (Lvl 5) Corrode : Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon (Lvl 2) Necrotic Lance (Lvl 2) Concelhaut's Draining Touch (Lvl 3) Noxious Burst (Lvl 3) Death Ring (Lvl 6) Ice : Chill Fog (Lvl 1) Kakaloth's Sunless Grasp (Lvl 1) Blast of Frost (Lvl 5) Ninagauth Bitter Mooring (Lvl 5) Ninagauth Freezing Pillar (Lvl 6) Lightning : Jolting Touch (Lvl 1) Crackling Blot (Lvl 3) Chain Lightning (Lvl 5) Special : Kakaloth's Minor Blight (Lvl 3) : summon a wand with a random element. Druid Spells : Fire : Sunbeam (Lvl 1) Burst of Summer Flame (Lvl 2) Firebrand (Lvl 2) Boiling Spray (Lvl 4) Firebug (Lvl 5) Sunlance (partial) (Lvl 6) Corrode : Autumn's decay (Lvl 2) Rot Skulls (Lvl 6) Ice : Winter Wind (Lvl 1) Blizzard (Lvl 2) Hail Storm (partial) (Lvl 4) Lightning : Dancing Bolts (Lvl 1) Returning Storm (Lvl 3) Relentless Storm (Lvl 5) Nature's Terror (Lvl 5) Priest Spells Fire : Divine Mark (Lvl 2) Searing Seal (Lvl 4) Shining Beacon (Lvl 4) Pillar of Holy Fire (Lvl 5) Cleansing Flame (Lvl 6) Lightning : Warding Seal (Lvl 3) Spark the soul of the Righteous ??? (Lvl 6) And that's all for the priest ! Apparently, PoE gods like fire. EDITED ON 30/05/15
  9. Greetings everyone, As we all know, patch 1.05 is right around the corner and most of us are aware that means the melee wizard build will be in bloom. Thanks to the input from many theorycrafters across many threads, I have a decent build in mind that I would like to start today, or at least have my character created. Does anyone know if the class changes will be retroactive? If I build my wizard now and get the ball rolling, will the changes impact my character once 1.05 goes live? Otherwise I'll wait on building this character until the patch is officially launched (hopefully later this week). Thank you in advance!
  10. And I think the Magic Missile spell is a good example of what I don't like about magic in Eternity. (For those who don't know, Magic Missile is a D&D level 1 spell that most wizards or sorcerers start out with). The Magic Missile spell was awesome in the old IE games because it scaled with your level--the higher your level, the more missiles you could shoot, the more missiles you could shoot the more damage you could do. It was great. That made the Magic Missile spell useful even at high-levels. It was also a great visual indicator of character growth. When I hit level 2 in Baldur's Gate, for example, I don't feel like I'm getting stronger because I can do slightly more damage and have slightly better stats--I feel stronger because instead of shooting out one dinky missile, I shoot two. And then hours later when my wizard is blasting 10 missiles from each fingertip--that feels truly badass. Which brings me to Pillars of Eternity. None of the magic (that I've seen so far) scales with the player, so low-level spells very quickly lose relevance. There are also no visual or mechanical changes to the spells... and that's really disappointing to me. I love Pillars of Eternity, don't get me wrong: it's almost everything I'd hoped it would be. But I always play a wizard/sorcerer character in games like this, so it's disappointing to see that Pillars of Eternity is yet another in a long list of CRPGs that simply fails to (even try to) reach the same level as the old IE games.
  11. -Essential Phantom will have the Spellbind item uses fully charged. For example, if you have a restore light glove and used 2 of the 3 uses, your Phantom will also have 3 uses when summoned. Otherwise, far as I can tell, there's nothing else usable, figurines in quick slots won't work for example. -To use the above, simply click on the phantom and the spellbind item use should appear above the character portraits toward the left side. -Weapons with spellbind on them will not work as well, only worn items. -It does get effected by group buffs, but individual ones like Eldritch Aim even cast before it has no effect. Additionally, talents Weapon Focus: Adventurer, Dangerous Implements, Heart of Storm, don't seem to effect it. -The Essential Phantom seems to have a +3 accuracy spell in effect on it, so Priest and Paladin spells (auras) will only override it. Otherwise, I was testing a Moon God-like PC and Aloth Wood elf, but the gap was 3 accuracy not 5, and dropped the paladin zealous focus to do this testing. -It seems to have a much higher accuracy and always targets reflex/shock. Additionally it has more Health and defenses. The health pool is roughly x4. I suspect it has a super modifier for health/endurance but can't do math too well. Defenses are a little wonky, I can't figure out any patterns besides it has more. -The damage of the summon is unaffected by might it seems. Aloth or my PC dealt the same with the summons in play. -It has the same damage reduction as the caster. (Kinda funny to use plate for example and have it block a doorway). -Couldn't tell if recovery time of its attacks was effected by the heavier armor though. -Racials like Moon God like do not seem to work off it.
  12. I'm about to embark on my second playthrough of this wonderful game, and I've decided that I want to fully explore the wizard class. I did have Aloth with me last time, but honestly I never used him all that much (my cipher main basically just butchered everything). I have the following questions for all of you experienced wizard-players: 1. How useful do you find Blast and Penetrating Blast late game? The damage seems low, and you get per-encounter spells. I do not like Dangerous Implements so I won't be using that one. 2. Do Blast + Penetrating Blast work with the blights you can summon? That could make it worthwhile. 3. I assume Distant Advantage works with spells. But what about Mob Justice? Does it work with spells, and does it stack with Distant Advantage. Any input is appreciated
  13. So, how far i would get in hard mode with party of 2 fighter as tanks (10/10/10/19/10/19, kinda ballanced), priest, cipher, wizard and chanter.Fighter with shields, and casters with guns. What do you suggest as dps?Is chanter worth just for reload speed aura?I got cipher and priest using pistol and arbuegus and is pretty good.Should i make chanter as off tank when some mob pass my fighters? I played party with 4 melee dps, and i ofted dont have room for them to properly place on target.
  14. Ok, having played the game for quite a while now, something very odd reared it's head... and that only because I started playing around with something else than a wizard. The Wizards is the ONE class that has the worst starting stats and is one of three classes (Druid, Priest, Wizard) that has to manage a limited number of casts per rest. And while I like the spell learning and the grimoire, I find that the wizard is severely hampered by it. Compared to any other caster class he is limited to a maximum of four spells per level, while the priest and druid have access to their whole arsenal. And let's face it: Swapping grimoires in combat is not gonna happen, even with Quick Switch the downtime is fatal... at least in my book. The icing on the cake is that the wizard has usually to get really close for a lot of his spells to use. Another thing that I found lacking is Arcane Veil. Even upgraded it is not that helpful... unless the Wizard is build with high Perception and Resolve. You go either full defense or you neglect it entirely. The Druid on the other hand has usually a greater range with his low level spells. And he has access to all of his at any given time, among them also heals and decent spells to hamper his opponents. At level 2 he even gets a summonable blight, which cuts the druids risk to be scratched quite low. And on top of THAT he gets a spiritshift form that can be a bear with an innate DR 10. Butt naked and better protected than most on the battlefield. Overall, I'd had expected the Wizard to have a bit more oomph in exchange for all his shortcomings. Instead the Wizard got the short end of the stick. Yes, I know the wizard is still a decent class, but I still think that it is a class that is in odd spot. Don't get me wrong I love the wizard, but he needs a overhaul in my book. So why do I have the feeling right now that the Wizard is a watered down Druid in this game? Any oppinions on the matter at hand? Feel free to share. P.S.: I compared the Wizard to the Druid, because that is the closest class in terms of function to it.
  15. I just got the spell today, and I've used it a couple times to good effect. However, it DEFINITELY hits allies. I've knocked a few of my own party out with it. But from the spell text: The target is hit with a Stuck affliction and becomes an anchor for a frigid ray of energy from the wizard that does Freeze damage to enemies in its path. Is this actually how it's supposed to work? I'm going to remove it from my memorized spells for now--there's no way in the world to avoid hitting your own party with it without leaving the wizard out to hang.
  16. Greetings, all! How viable is a solo PotD Wizard? I assume you'll be sneaking a lot for exploration EXP to get your level up and generally avoiding fighting in the early game. When it comes to killing things, that... seems best left to an expert on the subject. What should people attempting this know beforehand?
  17. Making a melee Wizard for hard + expert. I could really need some help not to make any terrible mistakes. The following post is my logical train of thought for making it maximum viable. Could you give me any advice or tell me if some of my decision making here is off? Race It seems that fire godlike and moon godlike are the only good choices here. Which one would you consider better? With moon godlike, you heal endurance 3 times per encounter at 75/50/25% hp. Seems to favor: Might (+Damage and benefit from the +Healing) With fire godlike, 4DR at 50% health and below. However: With low base health, might not actually be that good? Seems to favor: Con ... Endurance and constitution The difference between 3 - 10 - 20 constitution is for a lvl7 Wizard (choosing mid-range level here): -21% - 0% - +30% @30+10 endurance per level: 79HP or 100hp or 130hp. With vital essence our endurance will be (at its peak): 179 - 200 - 230 ... Spell durations for a Melee wizard Parasitic staff: 30 seconds Eldritch Aim (+15 ACC): 10 seconds Spirit shield: 60 seconds Bulwark against elements (elemental DT): 60 seconds Infuse with vital essence (100end bonus): 15 seconds Alacrity of motion (1.5 attack speed, minor endurance drain): 15 seconds Displaced image (+20 deflection +20 reflex): 15 seconds Iron skin (+8DT): Duration is 10 received attacks Martial power (+20 con, dex, deflection, +20 to hit roll): 20 seconds As we can see, the absolute highest peak we can reach in one fight is: +20 to hit +20 deflection +20 dex +20 con +20 reflex, will, fortitude +8DT 100 end bonus 1.5 attack speed In conclusion, int should definitely be your main boosted stat to improved durations, due to limited rest. Do you agree? ... Weapon of choice Spears for +acc /w light shield for deflection bonus. Light shield has no +acc penalty. Estoc for DR bypass, will be good /w the 1.5 attack speed buff. Quarterstaff for extended reach and parasitic staff spell. Hatchet for deflection bonus. These seems to be the best options, thoughts? ... Talents + chance to hit is VITAL for a melee wiz due to low starting value. Weapon focus: Peasant grants +6acc to hatchet, spear and quarterstaff. This would definitely be the best choice unless you go Estoc? Cautious attack: 0.8 speed modifier for +10 deflection. With alacrity (1.5 bonus) this becomes 1.3 bonus with +10 deflection. A good choice no? Lesser and greater spell heuristics: Increases the casting time for all our buff spells. Can't go wrong with these I think? Superior deflection: +5 deflection ... ATTRIBUTES Constitution: Leave at 10 imo, because Wizards get the LEAST from boosting health. A melee wizard should focus on DR and deflection. Alternatively - If you go fire godlike, max Con. Might: If moon godlike, max. If not, 10-14 Dexterity: 10-12 Perception: 10-12 Intelligence: 18+ Resolve: 10-12 ...
  18. I don't expect this game to be balanced league of legends style. I know there has always been unbalanced spells / abilities in IE games yet since they did so many good changes I wonder why was there no further insight into this mechanic. Just take a look at first level wizard spells. Fan of flames (40 -55) vs Reflex (+ 10 acc) [most of the time you can target a large group] Kalakoth's Sunless Grasp (19-28) and a -10 acc debuff. vs delfection ( + 10 acc) [ 1 target ] Minoletta Minor Missiles (30 -54) [1 target] vs deflection Discarding the -10 acc de buff which is minor anyway there is only one clear winner. Consider also that 2nd one has supper close range, you risk losing the wizard when casting. I know Fan of flames is theoretically more difficult to use but most of the time you won't have any problems. I don't see any logic in this design. Heavy aoe spells where you can target almost all enemies from an encounter should have lower damage than the spells that target 1 individual. Otherwise why bother? Spells that require the wizard to come close to the target should be greatly buffed so the risk / reward balance is satisfied. Edited: I forgot to add the the 2 latter spells are rolled vs deflection. Most of monsters have more deflection than reflex so they are harder to hit also. At least that's the case on PoD. I will repeat myself : I don't expect the devs to balance this game like league of legends but it doesn't make any sense to me.
  19. If you thought that high level wizards are overpowered in BG2, think again. Level 9 aloth can cast all the level 1 spells he wants in a fight and they replenish without rest for the next fight ! God mode activated - spam chill fog all around the map while not fighting, making that spell recharge yet leaving the AOE on ground. Start a fight and keep spamming, blinding, chilling, doing bazillion amount of damage to an area. Whoever said wizards are weak should repent ! the final judgment hasth cometh !
  20. hi, i'll go straight to the point: Aloth the wizard has third level and higher magics, but i can use only up to second level magics even if i learned third level ones (atm). I mean, the "icon" with the "III" near the "II" which shows second level magics isn't there. Why? Did i miss something? Also i can't use scrolls which need 2 erudition even if i have 7 erudition. wut
  21. Sorry but it's really really really terrible! You have to rest everytime you have been in combat just to regenerate your spells. So basically, you need to run around with 8000 campfire kits in your stash? You even run out of spells DURING combat!!! What kind of amateur wizard has to take a nap after casting 4 spells? Wtf, man? Why couldn't you just make the spell system work like Neverwinter Nights or something like that? What's the point of this? I did one hour of playing wizard and got so annoyed and tired of it that I rage-quit the game. Lame, lame, lame.
  22. Hi everyone, i think this will be useful for many people. When selecting spells you need to consider two things. Damage Spells If it's elemental damage kind of spell you need to check the damage type. Corrode is the best damage type because VERY few creatures have corrode damage reduction. Second best is fire because it's effective against some of the really toughest creatures in the game and fire generally has more damage. Debuff Spells If it's a debuff you need to check the status effect it applies. The best effects are petrify, paralyze , confused, stun, blind, prone, sickened and in that order. You can get blind in spell levels 1 and 2, paralyze in level 2 and petrify in level 6. Sickened lowers fortitude, which makes the enemy weak against stuns such as fighter's and monk's. The effects that decrease will are mostly useful for your spells to hit. Decrease will and then cast a spell that attacks will. Simple. It might be good for let's say a dragon because higher level creatures will have large defences and your spells will graze or miss most of the time, unless you debuff their defences. That being said you need to have as many spells in your grimoire as possible because for example a freeze spell can be more effective on a fire based creature. For that you need to copy spells from another wizard's grimoire, and they are easy to find. The spells that you find on grimoires early on Once you have the grimoire, copying a spell only requires gold. I believe you get your first one in black meadow(or Magran's Fork, either one of them i cant recall) to the south east of the map. It contains: fan of flames, ghost blades, chill fog, minelotta's minor missiles, fetid caress, necrotic lance so dont take them on level up. Second grimoire i got (in Caed Nua) has fireball, concelhaut's corrosive siphon, bulwark against the enemies, thrust of tattered veils, spirit shield, chill fog, fan of flames. Recommended Spells My recommendations for all six levels are as follows: Level 1: Chill Fog: Really overpowered spell even later in the game. Blinds and does damage for a long period. Fan of Flames: It is good because it kills shades, shadows and phantoms, toughest creatures early on in the game. Slicken: Nice prone effect, duration aoe. Level 2: Curse of blackened sight: Similar to chill fog but it attacks Will, which is huge because you'll want to blind melee attackers and they have lower will! Rolling Flame: It can hit two times because it bounces off of walls! A little situational though. Necrotic Lance: Corrode damage. Fetid Caress: Paralyze on one enemy and sickened debuff in aoe. Level 3: Fireball: Good aoe fire damage. Noxious Burst: Corrode damage & sicken effect. Expose Vulnerabilities: Reduce DR and deflection. Useful for taking out big and tough creatures that have high defenses, for them DR and deflection are the only things that stand in your way. Level 4: Wall of Flame: If you can make a target stuck in a place you can kill him easily with this spell. For example you can block a whole enemy group with your tank on a doorway and just cast it on them. Same tactics apply to all the aoe spells with long durations. Such as level 1 spell chill fog. Confusion: It makes the enemy attack each other or just stand still. Useful on tough melee enemies because it attacks will and they have high fortitude and low will. Minoletta's Concussive Missiles: Sometimes you'll want to focus on one target, and this spell will do just that. 5 missiles that do crush damage in a very small aoe. Level 5: Malignant Cloud: One of the best aoe spells because it deals raw damage and lasts long. Make sure the enemy stays in the aoe and use it on enemies with high DR that you can't kill. Ninagauth's Bitter Mooring: A beam that does freeze damage on target and also between you and the target. Applies stuck effect. They cannot move for a while so you can cast it after malignant cloud or some other aoe. Wall of Force: Crush damage and does not hurt allies so it might be really useful in some fights where you just can't hit the enemy without hitting your allies. Level 6: Gaze of the adragan: Possibly the best spell in the game because it petrifies aoe and attacks fortitude, which means it'll work well on casters with low fortitude and high will, probably most dangerous enemies. Death Ring: Corrode damage and a chance to kill instantly. Arkemyr's Capricious Hex: It has a chance to paralyze (almost same thing as petrify) but it attacks will. So use it on tough melee creatures with low will. Chain Lightning: High electricity damage that jumps. I think it doesn't hit allies but i'm not sure.
  23. This is only theorycrafting but anyway; OK so lets get serious here, rods are pretty underwhelming compared to guns. Their single target damage isn't that great and even though Blast can penetrate DR, its damage is not as impressive as Carnage or any of your AoE spells or any other AoE something. So yes, I'm thinking, Wizard with a Gun. I mean lets get serious, in one hand a blunderbuss, in another a grimoire. Badass, am i rite? Since Guns do way more damage than sissy wands, it'll probably help the Wizard's damage output somewhat. Well the other thing is, that also frees up 2 talent slots, which can probably go into much more useful talents like Scion of Flame or Marksman. Any thoughts though?
  24. Hey all! So I'm a huge fan of the IE games where a clothie wearing plate is ludicrous. That's obviously not the way it works in this game and it's totally thrown me off who should be wearing what. Obviously melee tanks should have the heaviest and strongest armor regardless. What about the other classes? What type of armor should they be wearing? Priest healer? Wizard DPS? etc. Thanks guys! Pic Related....
  25. Hello Fellas, I have a problem about PoE character creation. This problem could be my particular problem but still may help you when my problem is solved. I opened the game with great enthusiasm it was a good feeling I like the graphics and etc. The nice sweet memories of Baldur's Gate appeared in my mind. I always play with wizard so I watched videos how they created their characters, what they choose etc. Then I created a character it was Coastal Aumaua Wizard. I thought 2 Might would be good for damage. Then I proceed to Attributes section. This is where my problem starts. Which One is the best combination? Here is my thoughts about creating a wizard. Sex: Here I choose male. I like to think that the main character is me and as if I'm living in the game. But I may have choosen female and name her as my girlfriend who broke up with me. Then walk every trap and die numerous times. What ever I choose male :D Race: Race was very hard for me to choose I thought best options might be: Coastal Aumaua (for +2 Might and Towering Physique), Pale Elf (for +1 intellect and Elemental Endurance) and Death Godlike (For +1 intellect / +1 Dexterity and Death's Usher). As a result I had chosen Coastal Aumaua because wizards stays back so I dont need Elemental Endurance, Also +2 Might is nice and always in effect so I dont prefer Death's Usher instead I prefer to damage every time not only under %25. Spells: Spirit Shield: Covers my weak points. Thrust of Tattered Veils: It's a nice spell fast, ranged, Damaging and Interrupting. Fleet Feet: Also this is for defence since my character is squishy I need to evade when someone reaches me. Ghost Blades: Well I need a ranged AoE Damage spell. Attributes: First I took back every point; I have 57 points... Might: Obvious that might is a must for wizards. I have +2 Racial Bonus here so I WILL USE IT. This will be 20 I'm sure this is a nice choice. +30% more damage and healing also +20 Fortitute. In addtion fits my role and race. Intellect: Also this is obvious that intelligence is a must for wizards. I pump this stat to 18. So I get +48% AoE, +40% Duration and +16 Will. Which are all nice for a wizard. Dexterity: Not much important as the first two but this attribute is also very important. To deal the damage and area that I obtained from first two stats I need to be fast. As I could remeber from DnD 3rd and 2nd Editions 15 Dexterity was considered high for opening more powerful feats and accomplishing quests that requires dexterity. However in DnD you should have an even number in order to get an bonus. So in this situation I will leave it as 15 because every penny counts in this system and I got: +15% Action Speed, +10 Reflex. I still have doubts but this is optimum I suppose. Put a mark here 16 may be better? Resolve: Like dexterity, resolve have the second class importance. Because we have to complete the spells and cast them without interrupted. Also resolve seems supportive for completing quests by talking. I wish I can give more but again I will give 15 points here. Which is considered high and gives me: +15 Concentration, +5 Deflection and +10 Will. Perception: This one have third degree importance. I just need this for questy talks and interrupt with my spells. How ever I have already spent many points so I can give only 6 here and get: -12 Interrupt, -4 Deflection and -8 Reflex. I feel sorry for negative interrupt but at least deflection and reflex values are compensated from other areas. Constitution: This is bad but I have to do this... 3 Points left here. However This one is the least required attribute for wizards. It gives me: -21% Endurance and Health, -14 Fortitude. I dont care about fortitute I already obtained enough from might. But I'm really sorry being so squishy... Culture: Of course "The Living Lands" I need more might. After every sacrifice to obtain this much might I will only buff it more. Living Lands gives me +1 Might. So my final Might Score Hits 21 Points and gives me +33% Damage and Healing, and +22 Fortitude. Background: I choose explorer because it gives +1 Lore which is very logical for a wizard and +1 Survival which is a futile effort after leaving my character with 3 points of Constitution. Well this is a "consolation prize" for my character yay... Appearance: Colors: I know it wont help but I prefer dark colors for camouflage. Also brown colors fits my armor. Skin: Gold one because it fits portrait picture. Hair: I'm a bald guy. At least in the portrait picture. Head Appearance: Facial Hair: None by default. Head: 1/3 Hair: 1/19 Portrait: They gave me no choice 2/66 is the only picture that I could choose. I had prepared appearange in accordant with this picture. Voice: I think noble or mystic are equally right for this character. I prefer noble. Name: Find something suitable. Please tell me about your opinions.
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