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  1. Hi guys. Have any of you found any lvl 8 wizard spells? My wizard (Aloth) is now max level (14) and have gotten access to 8th lvl spells in his grimoire...however he doesn't know any and didn't get to choose any on levelup. Are there any in the game?
  2. Well, there was a new dialog option related to it, when I returned to the chapel in town. The priest there wanted the journal, but I chose to keep it - but no further clues to what use it is.
  3. Where have you guys found them? I have 3: Greatsword, Estoc and Bow. The Estoc was in a niche at the Falls, the bow on a balcony in the guard tower at the White Forge - the greatsword I think I found as loot in an encounter in one of the areas outside the White Forge.
  4. Hi guys. Is it just me, or does this notebook suggest some hidden quest/treasure? But I can't seem to figure out what to do to with it. Anyone had any luck? By the way, I have com​pleted the "Regrets Worth Trading" quest already, so perhaps it had something to do with that?
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