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  1. If you don't want to bother with the combat, you can also just select the charge option at the start to immediately board the enemy ship. You take some damage though, but that hasn't been a big deal for me so far.
  2. The blights are tougher than the damn titan itself. I pulled the titan away, then cleared out the blights later, and they gave me a much harder time. It doesn't help that when telling a party member to leave the sand AoE, my order would get canceled when the damage ticked and I'd have to keep repeating the move order...
  3. I'd love the option to pick a god without being a priest. With how important the gods are to Eora, it seems odd that you need to be a priest to be treated as worshipping one in game.
  4. I think it's a good idea to have some shared talents. They're generic enough that I don't think they should be limited to any specific class. I would like to see some class-specific improved version of these, however. Like the cipher gets a +15 will talent instead of +10, I think that could be expanded to more of the talents. For example, a better fortitude talent for fighters, reflex for rogue, and a better hp talent for barbarians? The weapon style talents seem to work for both melee and ranged, so if you're using an arquebus, you could pick up the two handed style for a damage bonus.
  5. I think this is actually the single biggest issue I have with the beta at the moment. I didn't make my main character a wizard, but one of my party member's is, and it just feels terribly ineffective. Even if the long cast spells had effects worth the duration (they don't right now), it wouldn't really be fun to play a wizard if you can only get 2 spells off in an encounter. The speed of wizards felt reasonable in PoE 1. Yeah there were some silly combinations you could pull off, but I don't think that means most wizard spells should have such a ponderous casting time for such marginal effect.
  6. Huh... I got the new portraits available, but the merchant isn't showing up. That's kind of weird. Reinstalling the Deadfire pack worked, it just seems weird that I was only getting some of the features. Also right now there's a hilarious glitch where if you select "bind soul" while shopping, you can bind the Crossbow to the merchant!
  7. Well, I don't think there's really a solution that makes everyone happy. PoE solved the biggest issue I personally had with the attribute systems of most games: a large number of stats that are useless for most builds. For example, let's say a system only has Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Strength increases damage with melee weapons, dexterity increases damage with ranged weapons, and intelligence increases damage with magic. Some people would have no problem with a system like that; it's simple, and straight to the point. I don't like systems like that because as a wizard, I could safely ignore 2 stats altogether which really limits build options. It also makes hybrid builds less powerful since you'd have to split your points across strength and intelligence if you wanted to use weapons and spells. On the other hand, we have the PoE system where stats are less well-defined, but makes an effort for each stat to be at least some degree of useful for each kind of character. For some people the system is great, for others it's bland and uninspiring. I think in the end it really just depends what each individual is looking for in a system... you can like it or dislike it without the PoE stat system being poorly designed. I guess with all this rambling, I'm just trying to say I understand why PoE's stats are built the way they are (and I think it's for the best), but also I understand why some people don't like it.
  8. Weird gun spark thing: https://twitter.com/jesawyer/status/928394240484286465?s=17
  9. I'm wondering how good an implement focused wizard/ranger (sharpshooter?) would be. Blast with driving flight could be fun.
  10. Maybe she can fire twice as far as long as the target is near her bird... sort of like the bird is her spotter or something.
  11. Huh, I didn't realize pathfinding was such a big issues on the game. I have nearly 200 hours logged and have actually never noticed any significant problems with it o_o As for my most requested feature: companions with a backbone! Characters like Eder, Pallagina, and Sagani shouldn't stay in your party if you go around murdering random people, for example.
  12. I think the most I've ever been (pleasantly) surprised by the game was when this completely random diving helmet you find ends up saving your character's life at the end of WM2. Up until it mentioned I grabbed the helmet, I thought for sure it would be the end of my character. My favorite encounter has to be the battle of Yenwood, where you fight to control your stronghold. The 3.0 update in general solved, like, 70% of the issues I had with the stronghold system. The end of the questline was phenomenal, and even if it wasn't particularly challenging, it was amazing seeing around 4 times more enemies on the screen than ever before. Most of the characters have great writing. Sagani and Eder in particular have made me smile on multiple occasions.
  13. Any advice on getting the blade unlocked without killing friendly NPCs? I think I've killed every deer in the game already, and I'm only at 300ish/1500
  14. Oh my god. A soulbound weapon whose upgrade requirement is killing backer NPCs. I imagine a number of people will be very happy with this.
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